Update on the Incredible Isaiah 53 Cluster

Several new long ELSs with short skips have been discovered within the Isaiah 53 cluster recently, including a new world record-longest Bible code and a code that is another addition to the Top 20 longest codes.

We have come to the conclusion that a team of researchers could spend many, many years in studying just the Isaiah 53 cluster, discovering and analyzing new data. A middle-aged person might spend the rest of his life on such a project without finishing it. There are literally millions of possibilities.

The new codes we have discovered relate strongly to the theme of the cluster, the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We began this most recent project searching the cluster for possible extensions to disciples’ names. The results were stunning. Of the 27 disciples names researched so far, 14 were extended by Nathan Jacobi, our Hebrew expert – a whopping 52%. Included in these was the longest ELS discovered to date, a 73-letter ELS which reads in English

    If the Friend of Evil will Thirst for the End of My Innocence, His Home is an Urn. Let Judas Have His Day. To Me, the Exalted One, They Fasted. Where are You? Its Content will be Written from My Mouth. Father, Indeed You will Raise the Dead Over There, skip 738.
One form of analysis involves examining the contexts of the scriptures where the letters of the ELS touch down. We found the contexts of this code, with a fairly low skip of +738, compelling, too. An article in the December issue describes them in detail.

Here are some of the other codes that we have found in our recent explorations:

    If Indeed All the Detail of This One is a String, Does Peter Detest the Burden of the Extra Ships? And Does My Throne Rest? So Spoke God's Poor, 47 letters, skip +148. New entry into the Top 20 longest codes ever discovered list.

    Being Naïve and Indirect, James (Jacob) Weakened. Or Will it Render Him a Truly Comic Actor to Her Voice with Me? 33 letters, skip +188.

    As a Poor Man, Judas' Heart is Soft and Light. Know That I Will Wait Until the Tooth in the Mouth Rejoices, 28 letters, skip –477.

    There God will Raise Everything to the Lion, God's Witness Being Matthew, 22 letters, skip +5.

    I Fought Suffering in God's Servant, and in God He Slept, 21 letters, skip –4.

    Have Obedience to God, Even if for a Day Only – Peter, 19 letters, skip +42.
Because most of these codes pass through the center of the cluster, we have modified the central matrix to show what it looks like after adding them to it. The matrix is based on the focal code, Gushing from above, Yeshua was My mighty Name, and the clouds rejoiced, skip -22, so it is laid out in rows of 22 letters.

It is truly astonishing how many letters in this matrix are used twice or more, as indicated by the last box on the list. Half of the letters in the focal code are used more than once by codes, which means they have been hit by crossings of other codes in the cluster, often more than twice. Crossed by other letters are seven letters of the focal code in sequence, numbers 4-11 counting from the bottom up. This continuity occurs only with these letters:

They spell “Jesus is exceedingly high” or “Exceedingly high is Jesus.” Coincidence? As the cluster is developed further, other letters in the focal code may also be crossed, but it is interesting at this point to see this occurrence.

Nestling right up to the focal code with the same skip in an adjacent column on the upper left is the ELS “Lamp (or light) of the Lord.” It shows up right next to the letters in the focal code that spell out the Hebrew for “the clouds rejoiced.”

Searching for Matthew

The recently discovered ELS “I Fought Suffering in God's Servant, and in God He Slept,” with its very short skip of +4, wraps itself around the central ELS. We found this ELS when we were searching a code for Matthew, but the three letters spelling Matthew were swallowed up by another, longer word. Here is the Hebrew for the final ELS, with the letters spelling Matthew highlighted:

Does this indicate that Matthew is involved in the ELS? We don’t really know. Was he, like Simon Peter, involved in “fighting suffering” in Jesus Christ during his arrest and trial? Again, we don’t know because the Bible is silent on Matthew’s activities during this time.

The code Have Obedience to God, Even if for a Day Only – Peter cuts at an angle from upper right to lower left through the focal code, crossing at the vav of “Yeshua.” The ELSs “Messiah” and “”Rejoices” also cross “Yeshua.”

There God Will Raise Everything to the Lion, God's Witness Being Matthew, 22 letters, skip +5, saws its way back and forth across the focal code in the lower part of the matrix. We assume that “there” refers to the cross of Calvary, and that the Lion refers to Jesus, who is described as the Lion of Judah in Revelation 5:5. God’s “raising everything to the Lion” seems to concern God’s act of focusing the attention of the universe on the sacrifice of His Son. All of life turns on what happened there nearly 20 centuries ago. Matthew’s gospel was addressed specifically to Jews and stressed the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy, and his account of the crucifixion was the most detailed, making him the most significant witness.

As we delve further into this incredible cluster of codes we will be publishing our findings here. Stay tuned.

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