The Passion According
to Bible Codes

The following fictional account of the final days of Christ is not intended to add anything to the gospel accounts. It is only designed to show how many aspects of the narratives are echoed in Bible codes (shown in bold colored type below) discovered to date. We present it for your reflection on the eve of Easter.

Most of these codes are in Isaiah 53 and Psalm 22, both of which are regarded by Christian scholars as prophecies about the suffering and death of Jesus. Because of so many uncertainties about codes in general, their content should never be considered to be nearly as reliable as the literal text of the Bible. This narrative was created by reviewing many code findings and asking ourselves, "who might have spoken the words of the code, and to whom."

Throughout this telling, codes that appear in the cluster centered in Isaiah 53 are shown in RED. Those in the Psalm 22 cluster in BLUE, from the Exodus 20 (the Ten Commandments chapter) cluster in GREEN, and the Proverbs 15 cluster in PURPLE. Where words appear in different codes, and no intervening text was inserted, they are separated by ellipsis points
( . . . ).

* * *

This is a rendering of the most Controversial story in history based on Bible Codes.

Drawing a Following

Jesus of Nazareth, a Carpenter who was born in Bethlehem, had been drawing large crowds because He was a Miraculous . . . Healer who was challenging the status quo and performing miracles, including raising Lazarus from the dead. His followers said that Jesus was encouraging them to, "Hurry to Pay Heed About Giving, for in It Hearing Will be Given to You."

Rabbis Troubled

Many Jewish priests were very troubled. It was rumored that His followers were saying that Jesus was "The Rabbi from the Glory of God" and that "Mary is the Mother of God." They were also making such radical claims as "Jesus is the Living God," "Jesus is Man and God" and "Jesus is God Almighty." And they were saying things like " And In His Name, As He Commanded, Jesus is the Way" and "My Messiah is Jesus."

Romans Concerned

Jerusalem in those days was well known as The Evil Roman City. Its rulers were quite concerned because crowds were shouting such things as "King Jesus, the Heart of the Nation," "Ruler in Israel, King of Kings" and "Jesus Reigns."

Peter's Warning, Judasí Betrayal

At the last supper, Jesus turned to Peter and warned him about denying that he ever had known Him. When Peter objected, John challenged him to, "Have Obedience to God, Even if for a Day Only, Peter." Later, Peter denied Jesus three times.

Greed, According to Matthew, Was the Rule in Jerusalem. It caused Judas, one of Jesusí disciples, to betray Him for Thirty . . . Pieces of Silver. Judas did this in spite of warnings he had received, such as "If the Friend of Evil Will Thirst for the End of Righteous Purity, His Home is an Urn. Let Judas Have His Day." He led Roman soldiers to the garden of Gethsemane on the Mount of Olives, where they captured Jesus. Of many in Jerusalem then, it was clear that They Wished Evil to Jesus the King.

Before the Sanhedrin

Caiaphas, the chief priest, questioned Jesus about who He thought He was. It had been reported to the Pharisees that He had said, "Gushing from Above, Jesus is My Mighty Name, and the Clouds Rejoiced." The chief priest asked Him if He was the Son of Elohim (God), and He said that He was. With this statement, He Offended the council. To them, this was Blasphemy. Some Levites cried out, "Jesus, Be Judged." The Sanhedrin turned Jesus over to the Roman procurator since they did not have the power to Execute Him.

Pilateís Questions

The Soldiers obeyed orders to Scourge Jesus, and did so mercilessly. Then they prepared a Purple . . . Robe and a Crown of thorns for Him. They mocked Him, saying, "Your God Jesus is Putting on a Crown."

Pilate questioned Jesus, but He would not answer regarding the charges against Him. The Guilt Offering, the Son of Man, Humbled Himself. Pilate presented two prisoners to the crowd, Jesus and Barabbas. John tried to recall whether one of the prophets had predicted, You Will Cry Out for the Blood of The Messiah. Pilate asked the crowd which prisoner should be released as a customary act of mercy by the Romans during the week of Passover. When he asked them if Jesus should be released, many shouted, "Let Him Be Crucified! " After Pilate accepted the decision of the crowd, many began to Mock Jesus, saying, "Chief Cornerstone Found Guilty."

The Crucifixion

He had so many Wounds (Stripes) from being Tortured that He was unable to carry His Cross up to Golgotha, where He was to be Crucified. So the Soldiers required Simon of Cyrene to carry His Cross. On the way many were Spitting at Jesus and striking Him.

Matthew followed the crowd up to Golgotha, and he saw another follower of Jesus who was greatly distressed. He comforted him on the way to the place of crucifixion. This man then turned and encouraged others, pointing to the place of crucifixion and saying, "There God will Raise Everything to the Lion, Godís Witness Being Matthew."

When the Soldiers . . . Crucified Jesus, there was a Thief on the Cross to His left and another on His right. Even after they drove in the nails, Jesus did not speak out against them. Jesus could have said, "May God judge the "Scoffers, Pluckers of my beard, Strikers, Piercers of My Feet, and Those Who Hated Me Without Cause ." But He simply said, "Father forgive them, for they know not what they do." (His sufferings are described in great detail in Psalm 22, which is headed with the title, "Deer of the Dawn," and in Isaiah 53.) Standing at the foot of the cross with Jesus' mother, Mary, John lifted His eyes to heaven and cried out, "Father, Indeed You will Raise the Dead Over There."

Suffering on the Cross

Many saw His Spirit on a Tree. Bystanders mocked those who wept at the feet of His Cross, saying, "Bemoan the Prince, Jesus the King." It was a Dreadful Day for Mary. She Weeps Much. When Jesus cried out that He was thirsty, someone soaked a Sponge in Vinegar and raised it to His lips. Some thought Jesus was crying out to Elijah, but He was quoting Psalm 22:1: "My God! [Eloi!] My God! Why have you forsaken me!"

The Death of Jesus

Finally, Jesus said, "It is Finished," and breathed His last. Soon after there was a great Earthquake. Simon the Cyrene, who had carried Jesusí cross, said, "I Fought Suffering in Godís Servant, and in God He Slept."

Ridicule from Scoffers

The next day, after Jesusí body had been sealed in a tomb, scoffers were saying, "It is Finished. And Where is the Resurrection of Jesus of Blessed Memory? For Whom are the Twelve? After all, didnít some of His disciples deny they ever knew Him? No doubt, Every Eye is Looking for a True Messiah. But What is the False Messiah? Your God is Jesus. Well, look at Golgotha, Where His Reputation Came From. And Brother of the Gospel, Where Has the Manna Spread?"

The Resurrection

"Rejoice!" He Said, With Fire From His Soul, and He Arose on the third day. The stone over the door to Jesusí tomb was rolled away, and Jesus left. Soon Mary Magdalene came to the tomb, weeping. She saw two angels. One of them said to her, "The Messiah is Jesus. Who are You Mourning For? Set the Wakeful in Motion.*"

Disciples Doubt Mary Magdalene

She ran and found the disciples and said, "I went to the tomb. It was empty. An angel told me about The Resurrection of Jesus. He is Risen Indeed. Then I saw Jesus, alive and whole, and I thought, 'The Father of Destiny Will Make You Rejoice. Who is Yeshua? Our Master Over Death.'" Upset by the evident skepticism of the disciples, she rebuked them, saying, "You should Exalt God, Who Will Shine Upon the Risen Savior."

Doubting Thomas

Jesus appeared to some of His disciples and they believed. Jesus told them that Thomas would not be able to hide his disbelief. He said, "He Will Know the Turmoil of Resurrection. I Will Carry This Declaration," and He showed them the Scars in His hands and His side. When Thomas saw Jesus, he expressed his disbelief, but then he saw Jesusí scars and exclaimed, "Jesus is Man and God."

The Ascension

Jesus later appeared to hundreds of His followers. He remained for forty days with His followers. Then the disciples witnessed The Ascension of Jesus, the Lofty One, to Him. Some of them exclaimed, "Father, the Ascension of Jesus is Heavenly." In the days and weeks that followed many boldly proclaimed that they had seen The Ascension of Jesus. And Light Persevered for Them.

Jewish-Christian Schism

Some of Jesusí followers urged a departure from having to observe Jewish customs and laws, saying, "And Command That We Skip Everything but the Gem of Ascension. Long Live the Ascension Coming from God." They asserted that Only Jesus is the Life, the Memorial Stone, and that Jesus is the Only Savior. The Jewish priests rebuked them, saying "Was not The Ascension of Jesus the Death of the Witness? You must continue to follow the laws of Moses."

The Diaspora

In 70 A.D. the Romans destroyed the Temple and expelled the Jews from Judea. A Roman soldier scoffed at the Jews while they were being driven from their homeland, saying, "And Where Are They? The Sanhedrin is Finished."

Over the centuries Jews have reminded those who said that they believe that Jesus is the Only Messiah: "Dwell in Those Words That He Taught on High As Our Prince."

Forgiveness v. Anti-Semitism

One would think that Christians who proclaim that "The Son of God Loved You" would follow the example of Jesus the Messiah, who forgave those who crucified Him even as He was dying on the cross. Instead, many times in past centuries Christians have incited one another to anti-Semitism by focusing on the claim that it was the Jews Who Crucified Jesus. This happened even though many Jews warned them, saying, "Know Who Godís Chosen People Are or God Will Be Angry." Was it not the sins of all mankind that led to the Crucifixion of Jesus?

Now . . . and Future

Many believe that God Will Have His Own Day some time in the future. Will this be a time From the Joy of God My Friend when all people will say, "Godís Word is Enlightenment to Me."

Before then, people will wonder, "What Are They? But Come and Use Bible Codes."

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*This code does not appear in any of the four chapters where the other codes are located. Instead, it stretches from Exodus 15:11 through II Chronicles 34:21, with a very large skip of 49,637.

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