147-Letter-Long Mel Gibson
ELS Discovered Continued

The 147-letter term is in remarkably good Hebrew. The spelling, grammar, order of words, meaning and message are almost perfect for each of the seventeen "sentences" making up this term. One "weakness" of the term is that many of the words are biblical words that are not commonly used today in everyday conversation. Another "weakness" is the use of letters to indicate numbers. On the other hand, the usage of letters to indicate numbers is widespread in books and to express commonly-known, special numbers. Finally, some abbreviations are used that not everyone is familiar with. On the other hand, the abbreviations used are recognized abbreviations and can be found in dictionaries such as "The New Dictionary," by Abraham Even Shoshan (Kiryath Sepher, Ltd., Jerusalem).

Here is another possible English paraphrase of the ELS:

    The masses (who watch my movie) who made me (famous) were blackened/tainted by me (the person who listens to gossip is guilty as the one that tells the gossip). (Me/) He has other G-ds (such as money, fame, etc.). (Me/) He set up (the movie) outside/outdoors (where the crucifixion took place). Be honest (Mel) get rid of the impure (what is not correct). Comes an honest person to Mel Gibson and rebukes him: "You are guilty!" Is the (Jewish) nation and G-d a Joke? Can ruins hold water? No! (but) This is his line. It is their (those who portray the Jews in poor light) anger. The guilty one will refuse to accept the Bible story (refuse to accept that the Jews are not guilty). In his record-setting (movie) he insulted. Oh, you are in (moral?) ruins (Jews?). (Anyone) Kosher in ruins is beautiful. G-d tells Mel: "rotten." There is only one G-d (see above: "He has 100"). The G-d that kills¯killed. Or, another interpretation¯because G-d is G-d.

The Second Term Within the First

The above term on its own, is by leaps and bounds longer than any "long term" ever discovered. However, this is only the beginning of the story on this term. If we look at its letters in the opposite direction, we find another record-breaking term of 110 consecutive letters. The fascinating thing is that the second term also relates to Mel Gibson and his movie, and uses key words similar to the first term, relating to truth, refusing to accept (facts), having one hundred other "gods" (such as fame, fortune, etc.).

2. NEGATIVE Skip -3806 Parallel (opposite) skip 110 letters

* (Perush Acher) as found in the dictionary.

    "Hashem! But the ruins of His anger you are." A plain person… "What? Hey, there is not one G-d. I have 100." Mel hurried a thorn that lived and therefore a thick forest died. Aha, a man from/of cheatings! (Established a thing a negative / stitched together / refused to accept) Booty, present, he loved. Where from? From a different interpretation! (Is/was it) a nail? A hundred? G-d – who died? (It is) a cement as a savior to the United Nations. Seventy (the Biblical referenced to the number of non-Jewish nations) owe. Well, will an old wise man cover (wrap up) the Tanach (Bible)? Come . . .

Other Terms

The story told by the term or two above continues. For the first time, we have a long term that becomes a matrix. The matrix that is 146 letters long contains more terms within those 146 letters. The significance of the terms is that they all tell the same story using similar key words.

3. Skip 7,612 (3806x2) – double skip 44 letters

    For me the 60* is convenient. I was a suckling to the line (version)**. Here I will stir to detest / loathe / abhor. Deceive! Can you understand (that) G-d the supreme will hit? (This is) from the One G-d, to them.
    * According to Jewish law, 1 part of 60 does not contaminate the bulk. The implication here is that the whole is contaminated (all 60 parts).
    ** Since childhood he is brought up along this line, and as a baby he follows it.

4. Skip 11,418 (3806x3) – Triple skip, 44 letters

    "To riches (he) comes as very excited / in heat. He* has clowns / cynics." (It is) My mouth**. "(Mel’s Clowns) entertained at (My) G-d’s (expense)." Who? )The) seventy (Non Jewish Biblical nations of the world) in that way. Mel is fear. Also a heap of ruins.

    * Who is he? In Hebrew, in the term above, the he shares the letter lamed with the term Mel (Gibson).
    ** In Biblical terms: The mouth of G-d has spoken.

5. NEGATIVE skip -11,418 (3806x3) – Triple skip, 27 letters

    A story that in his mother, the man of G-d. And the wicked person: "Let us cut out the 60 (true parts – leave in the wrong part); let us become (pretend that we are) naïve."

The five terms have many terms in common such as:
Cynical, clowns; lying, insulting; pursuing his line - wrong line; seeking fortunes, believing in "other gods."Continued

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