Do Longer Codes Express Viewpoints?

—Part 1

Since lengthy ELSs began to emerge from the Bible, we have wondered whether points of view were being consistently expressed in them.

Of course, some seem obviously from a viewpoint. Take the eight-letter code, "Terror Hot in Me," one of the first terms we discovered in the Ezekiel 37 cluster just days after the 911 attacks, for instance. It fits perfectly with the Islamic fundamentalist state of mind.

Then there are those such as the 18-letter "He Will Wonder Where the Hiding Bin Laden is Sleeping (Lodging)." As we worked on parsing the codes for this series of articles, it seemed to fit best as the point of view of an American (or allied) military leader such as Donald Rumsfeld since 911. But we also had to consider that it might be from that of a journalist, another terrorist leader, a United Nations leader, an arms salesman, loan shark, wannabe terrorist, you name it.

In other words, organizing codes into hard and fast declarations of viewpoint is very difficult, if not impossible. The best we can do is to very loosely categorize the majority of them as interesting possibilities.

This is especially true of longer codes. Very few of the longest codes were even considered for this project, simply because the more letters in an ELS, the more ambiguous it becomes. Some of them may even contain as many as several viewpoints. Consider the 73-letter code, "If the Friend of Evil will Thirst for the End of My Innocence, His Home is an Urn. Let Judas Have His Day. To Me, the Exalted One, They Fasted. Where are You? Its Content will be Written from My Mouth. Father, Indeed You will Raise the Dead Over There." You could parse this code into various points of view:

    If the Friend of Evil will Thirst for the End of My Innocence, His Home is an Urn. (Christ's disciple)

    Let Judas Have His Day. (Enemies of Christ)

    To Me, the Exalted One, They Fasted. (Jesus)

    Where are You? (Someone looking for Simon Peter during the crucifixion)

    Its Content will be Written from My Mouth. (Simon Peter discussing the Gospel of Mark)

    Father, Indeed You will Raise the Dead Over There. (Christian)
Shorter ELSs are no easier to attribute to one point of view, but they are at least less ambiguous. Here are a few examples:

    The Chosen People Were Circumcised By Fire, 11 letters

    Wonder! Jesus is the Truth, 11 letters

    Every Eye is Looking for a True Messiah, 12 letters

    It Will Be Understood. Jesus Created, 10 letters

These examples are from the tables below, which present our choices for the best examples of Christian and Jewish viewpoints. The cluster(s) column notes the identified clusters that the codes run through. In subsequent issues, we will also present codes from Catholic, terrorist, anti-terrorist, Nazi and other viewpoints.

Interestingly, the predominance of the codes we selected as representing the Christian viewpoint were from the Isaiah 53 cluster, with a few from the Genesis-Exodus (Gen-Ex) cluster. We have highlighted three codes in the middle of the Christian viewpoint table that together seem to confirm Jesus' statement in John 14:6, "Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."

In a couple of cases we present portions of lengthy ELSs with a possible single viewpoint where points of view may be different within the full code.

* Complete ELS reads, Or Come Down, for the Father of Destiny will Make You Rejoice. Who is Yeshua? Our Master Over Death. Prevent My Fever for Him. And Who is God, Who, Like Their Nation, Has Crushed You?

* Complete ELS reads, Long Live the Risen God of Action. It is Finished. And Where is the Resurrection of Jesus of Blessed Memory? For Whom are the Twelve? "Risen God of Action" could also be translated "Exalted God of Action."

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