Codes and a Presidential Election—Part 1

A year ago, code researcher Moshe Aharon Shak began a study of the 2004 presidential election. He looked for ELSs involving the political hopefuls of the day, including George W. Bush, who was never seriously challenged by another GOP candidate, and Democrats Representative Richard Gephardt, Senators Joseph Lieberman and even Hillary Clinton, who when Moshe did the research was rumored to be a potential candidate. A number of ELSs for these, plus a number of other interesting ELSs that seem to represent the United States, were found in a matrix centered in the book of Numbers. He also looked for names of some other candidates that were not found.

Moshe titled his article "The Art and Science of Doing the Codes." The science aspect of code research involves finding the codes and evaluating their significance, while the art side of the process in our opinion deals with translating the codes from Hebrew into English. This is where objectivity often wanes and the viewpoint of the researcher gets involved in the messages in English that are extracted from the Hebrew ELSs. In Moshe’s opinion there is much more to it than just the translation. He hopes to illustrate it in the future.

In our opinion, Moshe's science was correct, but the interpretations in this article tend to come from a politically liberal point of view. As part of the editing process, we suggested alternate, conservative translations that can also be drawn from the same Hebrew letters. Moshe agreed with some and not others, and that it would be easier for the reader to understand these differences in viewpoint if they were presented together in his article.

So the translations throughout the article are color-coded. Those that Moshe suggests are in black. BCD's translations that Moshe agrees are good, and comments on Moshe's findings, are in blue. BCD's translations that Moshe does not agree with, but that we believed worth presenting, are in orange. ELSs found with BC2000 are noted. All others are CodeFinder ELSs.



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