U.S. Presidential Election Cluster
By Moshe Aharon Shak
Copyright © November 2003 by Moshe Aharon (Morris) Shak

The art and science of doing the codes—Part 1

The table below on the USA elections was researched in October 2003 and "completed" in November 2003. Some of the contents and other related work were revealed to the producers of the History Channel before the taping of their last production on Bible codes.

Most people are looking for an answer of which party will win the election. Since there are only two parties, a correct answer by the codes would not be too impressive. What the matrix below has to offer is much more than just a glimpse at the election. I believe that this matrix will provide an insight to Bible codes. It would have been impossible to achieve that on the History Channel with the limited time allowed per person per topic.

There is much interesting detail here.

The subject: ELECTIONS
The year: 2004
The date: 2 November
Number of president to be elected: 44
The country: "land of innocent freedom; A land that is quiet and beautiful to G-d; and a brave heart; I have an eagle; an eagle came."
The parties: The elephant and the donkey.
Candidates: Some of the key players from both parties are Bush, Lieberman, Gephardt, even Hillary Clinton, who was discussed as either a presidential or a vice-presidential candidate. The name John is not shown with Kerry below, but it is prominent if we look at his name and Hebrew initial as Y for Yochanan, the Hebrew name that was anglicized to John.

The John Kerry Connection

Another Angle on Kerry

* Lamech in Hebrew slang refers to someone who is "not quite capable." Lamech was the son of Methuselah, who at age 969 was the oldest man who ever lived years. Lamech was also the father of Noah, and lived to the age of 777. Why his name is used to refer to someone who is "not quite capable" is unclear.

** Both of these ELSs pass through the Ezekiel 40 cluster, a very interesting cluster that is connected to future events involving the third temple that Bible prophecy experts expect to be built in Jerusalem.

A George Bush ELS

BCD found the ELS below very near Moshe's Numbers cluster described above. It touches down in chapter 22:35, 2,254 letters away from the closest letter in Moshe's matrix, and contains George Bush's full name.

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