Messianic Codes in
Compelling Isaiah 53 Cluster

Bible Code Reads Like a Long-Lost Line from the Psalms

The following is an excerpt from an article in Bible Code Digest by Dr. Nathan Jacobi, announcing his discovery of a 22-letter ELS in the book of Isaiah, chapter 53. Adding to the overwhelming improbability of the accidental appearance of this code is its strong connection to the message of the text above it, which is the most noteworthy prophecy of the Messiah in the Old Testament.
    Winding down the search, I decided to check the combined code once more and verify it. . . . Doing that with the combined code of the previous section revealed no less than two additional words, or seven letters, to the code. We now have the following seven-word, 22-letter code: Sheen-koof-koof Mem-ayeen-lamed Yod-sheen-vav-ayeen Sheen-mem-yod Ayeen-zayeen, Sheen-sheen-vav Ayeen-bet-yod-mem . . . this is best translated as either: "Gushing from above Yeshua was my mighty name, and the clouds rejoiced," or "Gushing from above was Yeshua my mighty name, and the clouds rejoiced." Again, the choice is a matter of taste or preference. Actual location of the code begins in Isaiah 53:5, Word 2, Letter 1.

    Two quick comments are here in order. First, the code itself has the structure of an authentic biblical verse, and the refreshing imagery of water appears both in the beginning and at the end of the code. Secondly, in the Bible it is common to associate spiritual renewal with a stream of fresh water. For example, earlier in Isaiah, Chapter 12, Verses 2 and 3, we read: "Behold, the Lord God is my strength and my song . . . Therefore with joy shall you draw water from the wells of salvation."

This enormous and beautifully worded phrase is the focal code of a mega-cluster of ELSs in Isaiah 52-53. Combining the probabilities of the focal code, the hundreds of shorter codes clustered tightly around it, and linking all of them to the surface wording of the passage, presents simply overwhelming mathematical evidence that they do not appear there accidentally.

Words and Phrases Found are Familiar

The words and phrases we are talking about are those known by every person familiar with the disciples' accounts of Christ's final days. In code, there are the names of the key players in his arrest, trial and conviction, such as Herod, Annas and Judas, plus all of the disciples. There are also phrases such as the Mary's weep bitterly, let him be crucified, true messiah and son of Mary, and these in turn are intersected by hundreds of other similar ELSs. But these are just the beginning. Research continues to turn up more Yeshua codes and ELSs in these two chapters.

Details about hundreds of Jesus codes found to date are provided in Ed Sherman's book, Bible Code Bombshell.

Below is an illustration of the central portion of the array and some of the key codes displayed around the focal code.

Above are only a few of the more than 1,400 ELSs (equidistant letter sequences) that make up the most meaningful known cluster of Bible codes discovered to date . . . all in or crossing through Isaiah 52-53. They are pictured on a matrix 20 letters wide, which reflects the skip of the focal code. In other words, the text of this small portion of Isaiah begins at the top right and continues in lines of 20 letters down to the last letter at the bottom left.

Or, click here to see a report on how the cluster compares to the skeptics' example purporting to show that codes can be found in any book.

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