Moshe Aharon Shak has been checking into the topic of the "Disengagement" from Gaza. Here are his findings:

The Disengagement
from Gaza: A Volcano?

10-12 Month of Av 5,765 (15-17 Aug. 2005)

By Moshe Aharon Shak, Copyright August 2005

Some of the recent headlines and perhaps some of headlines of the near future are found in the matrix below that was built around the main term "disengagement." The term is at its lowest skip in the Torah by far. Another key term is the date of the 10th or 12th of the month of Av. The term depending on the letter spacing can be taken to be either. Interesting enough, both dates are critical dates in the process of disengagement. The first date was the time for voluntary disengagement by the settlers. The second date was the date at which the Israeli army will use force if necessary to disengage settlers. It is for this reason that it is interesting to find this date in other places in the matrix in pairs. The date(s) term at its second lowest skip in the Torah is at a skip of minus four (-4). Other versions of this date are found at even lower skips and when extended give various messages. Finally, the key player of the disengagement, without whom the disengagement would probably not take place, is very prominent in the matrix.

The 2005 Revulsion

On the 10th of the month of Av the voluntary disengagement started. On the 12th of the month of Av the forced disengagement began.

The Key Player

Ariel Sharon, the key player in the disengagement process, is very prominent in the disengagement matrix with two very long, meaningful terms that start at the same point in the matrix.

The first term (see the three terms below) softens the name Sharon to the way a mother will call her baby by adding a lamed and heh in Hebrew to a name. Sharon becomes Sharonaleh. The term states that now he has no mother, because of the disengagement process. It is of interest that in the news from HaAretz as appears below, Sharon is described as being disengaged from his mother [where they explain that the party is the mother].

The second term (below) describes, his woes; being attacked; and suggests, "He fell asleep." During this year, Sharon was attacked on a personal and political level. It could also spell a physical attack on him personally, as the theme was harped on in the media this year. It could even be an attack on Israel as a result of the disengagement process. The last word in the term relates to sleeping. Did he not stay alert to some of the attacks that took place, or worse yet, to the attack that is liable to come?

The term Ariel Sh. (for Sharon), is very interesting beyond the obvious. Those that love him and those who hate him cannot take away from him the fact that he is brave/does not fear. He has taken many dangerous/difficult missions and succeeded.

One of the main issues of the disengagement is the question of who will become the next prime minister of Israel. It is noted above that he lost the support of his party (mother). His party is now supporting B. Netanyahu, the finance minister who just resigned because of the disengagement question. So, does Sharon have to fear that he will not become the next prime minister? In the weekend issue of 13 August 2005, the poll conducted by the newspaper Yediot Achronot, indicates that Sharon is the most popular person to become the next prime minister. Yediot Achronot indicates two scenarios where Sharon joins forces with others to form a new government.

The fear factor, in the third term below, may also indicate that Sharon indeed does not have to fear disengagement or attacks. Sharon was attacked numerous times for various reasons, yet he still became prime minister of Israel. Also, while in office, he still was able to avert attacks. The key question in the code is: does the code really say "that does not fear"? Or does it say "That does not have to fear"? Both are grammatically correct.

The Perversion

There is no disagreement among all Israelis with the last portion of the main term. "There" in Gaza is the mouth of the volcano. The blame may be pointed at various entities, but in the final analysis, turmoil and eruption stems from Gaza. Whose nation does the term indicate? Sharon's or Hashem? Who is doing the perversion? One may put different interpretations, but the facts are there. On the 10th/12th of the month of Av, the command is to go out. There is there a great cry. Furthermore, because of the disengagement Sharon is now more controversial than ever. One of Sharon's wishes was that no one will give orders or guidelines to the army. No matter what one's personal believes are, the army's job was an extremely delicate one. It is very difficult for a soldier to take orders from opposing respectable authorities (e.g., the army vs. one's rabbi, or one brother vs. another).

The following research was continued after the 14th of August and summarized on the 18th of August 2005.

In the term above, there is another possible interpretation. I believe that both interpretations are correct. Yes, there was ugliness. However, for the most part there was mutual respect and brotherly love. Both opposition factions expressed it. The settlers and the army personnel hugged and kissed one another and provided help to one another. More over, the great majority on both sides acted with dignity. Both parties had a role they had to play, and points they had to score. There were moral issues to be resolved. For the most part the ugliness was HIT. It was defeated. In 5,765 (10-12 in the month of Av) please let ugliness be defeated! This is the other side of the term above.

Below is a table of additional terms:

I believe that there are many terms in the above overall matrix that represented current events headlines. They perhaps went even to issues beyond the apparent news. However, the most impressive issue that the matrix teaches is that brotherly love can shut up a volcano!

We are brothers! They are brothers! Brotherly love will put out the fire and deflect the brimstone. What destruction could that volcano cause!

When the volcano erupted between loving brothers it dissipated. When the same volcano erupts in Gaza between misguided cousins, all hell breaks loose. Moreover, by now, we have seen it both ways.

[Moshe Shak bases his matrices on strict rules as outlined in his book Bible Codes Breakthrough. He only uses statistically significant terms, and many other strict rules to minimize the chance of presenting bogus "codes." You may contact Moshe Shak at]

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