Hurricane Katrina:

Code Findings Echo Recent
Headlines and the Content
of the Literal Text

By Moshe Aharon Shak
Copyright September 2005

In my matrices, I attempt to explore the headlines and find codes possibly related to them. I cannot slant the results, as the extensions to the shorter terms tell the real story. It is intriguing when I find codes that confirm what the Bible states in the plain text. It is also astonishing when so many codes reiterate recent headlines. My investigation of possible codes about Katrina resulted in yet another dramatic confirmation of the clear linkage between recent headlines, a single matrix of code findings, and the content of the literal text where the matrix appears.

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Headlines in the Codes

Typically, when I research the code regarding world affairs or on a personal level for everyday clients, I find moral issues at the heart of the codes. The coded messages tend to reinforce the message that the Bible gives us in plain text. In the case of Katrina, I had no idea what to expect. On the other hand, I started to receive ideas from the media and BCD visitors about reasons the disaster took place. These ranged from the immoral reputation of New Orleans, to its historic role as the gateway of slaves into the U.S., to Bush's role in the evacuation of Gaza (and Hashem's possible displeasure with Israel giving up land promised to Abraham and his descendants [the Jews]).

It is very difficult, if not impossible, for us to discern by any means Hashem's actions or reasons or his possible non-involvement in events. I, therefore, tried to look for negatives terms and positive terms applicable to the matrix. What is important to understand, as mentioned above, is that I have no control over how a term is extended. Therefore, a seemingly positive term may turn out to be negative and vice versa. Where more than one possible extension could be made, I have shown each alternative. Furthermore, I only look at the first couple of terms (the smallest skip) to extend.

At a late stage in the research, a new name entered the picture: Rita. In Hebrew, the name Rita is a condensed version of Katrina. It appears that both hurricanes indeed belong to the same matrix.

Rather than editorializing regarding the possible meaning of each of these very controversial codes, I have simply presented them below in a table so that each reader can review them on the basis of their plain content.

In my book Bible Codes Breakthrough, in the chapter on the Colombia disaster, the codes painted Ilan Ramon Z.L. as a "saint." Yet he perished along with other (probably just as innocent) astronauts. "Shall not the judge of all the earth do justly?" (Genesis 18:25) Perhaps Ilan Ramon along with so many others are staged a key word in the Colombia disaster matrix. In many cases, the righteous suffer as much or more than the unrighteous. We are not in a better position than Job to fathom Hashem's ways. We cannot assume that we know who is a sinner and who is a saint. Yet, many are convinced that they who is which. Taking part in this kind of exercise misses the whole point of Bible code research which is to answer the question of whether or not the Bible is extensively encoded. If it is, then we have compelling evidence that its author is Hashem, and we would do well to heed the literal text of the Bible far more seriously than we do, and to live according to its instructions.

The above Katrina matrix is highly significant statistically. It consists of a large number of relevant phrases and sentences relating to the hurricane, conditions prior to its occurrence, and its aftermath. We again have a very extensive example of a Bible code matrix that is descriptive of current events that have dominated recent headlines. While people may easily differ over the exact meaning of each ELS, what is important is that the entire matrix, taken as a whole, provides another validation of the presence of extensive encoding in the Torah.



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