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Since 1998, we have been examining Bible codes and publishing our findings (and those of others) on the internet. We have had as many as 2.2 million hits in one month. In unsolicited e-mails we have received during the past couple of years, here's what people have to say about our work:

"I think your site is brilliant and you're truly performing an important service to the faith . . . may the Lord bless you mightily for your amazing work!"

"My Christian heritage and belief is only strengthened by your research and discoveries . . . Keep up the good work. To know God is to love Him."

"I'm new at the codes, thunderstruck, and humbled by the intricate plan of the God we serve. Your work is astounding."

"I stumbled across your web site during research for my religious studies class on Judaism. I am very impressed and it has changed my whole perspective on religion, time, space, etc."

"You guys are doing a great job."
P.G. Evans

"I now see how the Bible can be called a 'living book.' Without a doubt, it contains everything: past, present and future! Your site is fabulous! Thanks for your time spent, in sharing your newfound knowledge."

"I am very pleased with the Digest. The book Breakthrough is proving very interesting after reading about a third of it. This book really makes clear some things I found mysterious about the codes and code searches."
J. Ward

"Find your site extremely valuable and informative . . . God bless your endeavors."
N. Schumacher

"Thanks. These things are very interesting! We appreciate e-mail from you brilliant minds always!!!!! Keep up the good work!!!

"A big thank you for such an intriguing web site, really enjoy the matching and attempted debunking which makes it so believable. I may actually study Hebrew in future just to read for myself."

"I just wanted to let all the Bible code researchers know that they are doing an excellent job. The skeptics that are trying to attack the codes and find them false are only afraid that the Bible codes are clear evidence that God does in fact exist. Please keep up the good work. These new codes will help many people convert and believe in God . . ."
Rosebud E.

"Love your site. I am excited to see how well the codes have come alive in front of anyone who reads them."

"I can't believe I found this site. It is exactly what I was looking for."
C. Meier

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