Shimon Peres

By Moshe Aharon (Morris) Shak
Copyright November 2005

Developing a good matrix can be extremely difficult, if not impossible. This applies to all matrices, including life matrices. Take, for example, a simple name such as Shimon Peres. In Hebrew, it is an eight-letter term that cannot be found in the Bible as one continuous term. When searching for proper names in the codes, I have had to develop various approaches for searching in the Torah. Note that the Torah is only a small portion of the Bible, but I usually only search there.

In the case of Peres, I used only his last name (three letters in Hebrew) to establish the location of his matrix in the Torah. First, for those who do not know who Peres is, he is an ex-Prime Minister of Israel, who is now 82 years old. He has been involved in Israeli politics since the beginning. He is a fascinating personality that is loved by the international community. He even received a Nobel Prize for peace. As a very prominent figure in Israeli politics, he ran for the office of Prime Minister in 1977 and 1981 (losing to Menachem Begin), in 1984 and 1988 (losing to Yitzchak Shamir), and in 1996 (losing to Benjamin Netanyahu). He ran for the office of President in 2000 (losing to Moshe Katzav). In early November 2005, he ran to keep his position as the leader of the Labor party, and to become the contender once again for Prime Minister. In a most bizarre set of circumstances, he lost again. How then did he become Prime Minister of Israel? When President Yitzchak Rabin was assassinated, he took over that position. In all six elections, he was always in the lead during the months, weeks, days, and minutes before the votes were cast. He always went to sleep knowing that tomorrow he would finally win! After awhile he became know as "the loser." To this name, he replied in astonishment "Me a loser?" The facts above all appear in one fascinating matrix.

The Mini Peres Matrix

How did I find Peres in a matrix? There is one place in the Bible where ten Peres terms appear at a skip of +1, concentrated within 242 matrix characters. They are all within five verses at Leviticus 11:3-7. There are an additional seven terms at skips of five (green), -27 (short rose), +34 (blue), -32 (brown), +65 and -67 (orange cross), and -84 (long rose). It is interesting to note that only in three places, the intertwining of the Peres terms does not involve part of the Peres terms with another Peres term. In each of the three locations, a different letter of the Peres term is found, making up the term Peres. So, this mini Peres matrix looked like a good candidate for further searching for terms and extensions.

Upon developing the Peres matrix, a picture emerges that indeed portrays Shimon Peres. His date of birth is there. The current crucial year that puts an end to his 47 years as a Knesset (Parliament) minister is there. Indeed, his real trademark is very prominent. Israelis have adopted many English words. They use them as if the words were Hebrew. Loser is only one of the words that was transliterated. Peres himself once asked a huge gathering of his party, "Am I a loser?" They all responded, "Yes. You are!" The codes spell it in Hebrew, and in the transliterated version that yes, he is a loser. (See the table below.) The codes also suggest that Peres' Oslo accord achievement with Arafat for which he won a Nobel Prize may not have been such a good idea. Finally, this current year, Peres lost his last election campaign to Amir Peretz. The codes indicate that Amir will celebrate as he did. There is a slight play on the term which connects Peres to the story of Igal Amir, the convicted person who shot Yitzchak Rabin. This is a spin on the conspiracy theory that implicates Peres.

Chairman (is an acronym in Hebrew, which means "the one that sits at the head." This is one way of saying the man in charge.). A(riel) S(aron) will beat you. Do not disturb."

Is this a note to Peres not to disturb Ariel Sharon with his approach? Note the term above:

Note that these are the same letters only they read in the opposite direction; Skip 1, R-Factor 2.068, Lev. 10:6:31, Lev. 10:6:45

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