Bible Code Digest — January/February 2006 Continued

The 296-Letter-Long
Shimon Peres Code

By Moshe Aharon (Morris) Shak
Copyright January 2006

In the November/December 2005 Bible Code Digest issue, the location of Shimon Peres in the Bible code was established. The key term that described the former Prime Minister of Israel best was will not be elected. The extension of the two-word term in both directions at the same low skip of eight sheds much light on Peres' long political career. In total, the extended will not be elected term is 296 letters long!

A. The 296-Letter Code in Hebrew

In numerous articles in English and in Hebrew, Peres is known as: The Accomplished Loser. Peres has won many awards, positions, and recognitions, but what Peres fails to win are elections. The 296-letter-long term outlines his entire career in chronological sequence. It starts with his hawkish tendencies at the dawn of his career and ends with the recent current events of the disengagement and 2006 Israeli election fever.

The following summary of the code gives an accurate description of: Peres' career that wanes and waxes like the moon; the frequent false representation of his likelihood to win elections; his pain and prayers; his dilemma on leaving the Labor Party; and knowing that although he is losing on election day, he is full of strength (politically as a magnet for votes for the Knesset).

Here is the summary of the 30 sentences that make up this incredibly long code.

B. The Summary of the Code

Past Early Career

His Wife:
    1. His wife: he likes his strength/bravery. His darling is not his wife . . . he married a career. She does not share his public life.
    2. And the moon ruled you. As the moon wanes and waxes, Peres makes each end/defeat a new start for the next climb.
    3. Before a long time and even in the mail they complained that he is a hawk. (Early in Peres' career, he was considered a hawk. Only later was he considered a dove. Peres the dove was the main force leading to the Oslo Peace Accord. He was also very dovish about Israel's attack on a nuclear plant in Iraq. Years later, most of the world agreed that Israel was correct. Peres disagreed. However, in his early career when he was a deputy defense minister in the defense department and against the advice of the majority, he helped establish the Israeli nuclear program with the aid of France. On a different occasion, when he held the minister of defense position, he was the driving force behind carrying out the Entebbe rescue.)

Past Recurring Sequence of Events

    1. Falsely he was sketched (painted as a winner or he sketched himself rising he was the winner in the poles) Frequently, it was an error (it was an error he always lost).

    1. My mouth hated it (He could not swallow it). It made the bread (challah) a bread of mourning. (The mouth turned an ordinary meal into a mourner's meal).
    2. Yes, their extortion is wrong, he complained. (Yes, they got votes in a wrong way).

    1. Wailing.
    2. Woe to the one that stepped up so high and now is trembling from the light. (He was Prime Minister, a Nobel Prize winner, and the darling of the world.)
    3. Woe and he suffered from rottenness because of a smooth talker that mocked. (A standard claim by Peres that he was cheated.)

    1. You are honest, Hashem, that does things.
    2. They cheated (a standard claim by Peres).

    1. And so, the one that was shot down (in so many attempts to win) pleaded for a birth (give birth to his ultimate quest for leadership).

    1. Confirm please a rise (to my status as a leader).
    2. Did the center rule because it received a gift/bribe? (note the code stating that the Center Party is a Turtle).
    3. They are afraid, Hashem.

Past Recent Since Rabin Assasination

    1. Hashem: Oh, mother's mighty knight is floating. (His own mother, or better he considers himself the mother-party chief. Floating or daydreaming.)
    2. It is ended with the strength of Hashem.
    3. If he only he went to sleep (instead of running for leadership).
    4. Woe, did he shoot to death a friend? (Does Peres know more about the Rabin assassination than we?)
    5. Evil grew long. (There is too much wrongdoing)
    6. Where is the cure? (For all the badness that was done?)
    7. Therefore, My Name will not elect you. (You Peres will not get My vote)
    8. The one that opposes that misleads you will be hurried. (The one that opposed the bombing of the nuclear center in Iran that pushed for the Geneva accord promising peace you will not have the time to . . .)
    9. They saturated him with sin. (Peres advisers talked about the merits of the Geneva accord. Others?)

Present Post-Disengagement Pre-Election 2006 Days
    1. From a mouth: (The mouth of Hashem) "Is it a year of destruction (destruction 'Heres' rhymes with Peres)?"
    2. "Is the Center (party/ruler) a pure savage?" (Peres was always associated with the left. Is the center that bad?) (He) refuted, complained. (Indeed, Peres joined the Center Party Kadima)
    3. The woe for her (to the left Labor Party) is his light. (Troubles for the Labor Party spell bright future for Peres in the Kadima Party.)

The Labor Party:
    1. To not a lazy person: "and please, as you came." (We do not want you as our leader you came as a diligent member, stay as a diligent member OR stay in the Labor Party as you were). See the minus 122 skip term indicating that Peres is diligent "(He) does not rest a cunning loser."
    2. Ssssss (Elongating the S sound of the word starting with the "s" sound OR the hissing sound to Peres defeat). Your Horror! (That once again you lost an election.)
    3. There is strength in you. (The current polls indicate that Peres is a HUGE magnet for votes in the coming March 28, 2006 Israeli elections).

C. The Hebrew Text of the Code:
(296 letters, 30 statements)

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