The Disengagement from
Gaza, Likud, and Kadima

By Moshe Aharon (Morris) Shak
Copyright January 2006

Photo of Ariel Sharon from the Jewish Virtual Library.

This article deals with Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's recent strokes. It deals with his prospects of living and dying. However, in my opinion, this is not the real issue of the codes and their unfolding. I believe that the codes were not meant to amuse us or be used for fortunetelling. They are here to show us in an extraordinary way what Hashem tells us in the plain text of His holy books. The individual, no matter who he is, is not as important as the collective. The collective human race will survive and flourish only if Hashem's commandments are observed. In a 2003 two-part article on the Shuttle Columbia Disaster, Part 1 and Part 2, I explain that the codes state that Illan Ramon staged the Shabbat in the eyes of the world we are all actors in Biblical and current times. The Bible and the codes reflect on all our actions. Everyone's strengths and weaknesses are highlighted. As in all my matrices, I find moral issues. I am sure that readers will use the codes in this article to reaffirm their existing beliefs and/or prejudices. However, no matter what conclusion one adopts, the intensity of the codes and their messages is undeniable.

On many occasions, readers have brought to my attention the depth of the codes. The following is one example of a comment that led to shedding much more light on the ramifications of The Disengagement from Gaza.

    January 09, 2006

    Subject: Bible codes: Ariel Sharon "he fell asleep"

    It would appear from Mr. Shak's article that the two instances in which he refers to his discovered Sharon code of "he fell asleep" were written at least several months ago, before the Prime Minister's two strokes in December 2005 and last week (the second of which would seem to be the one that qualifies for linkage to "he fell asleep" since it resulted in his medically induced coma). So it would seem Mr. Shak's entry is a sincere one, made at least several months ago, and not one that was contrived recently as a result of the Sharon health crisis.

    With the single exception of his present health crisis and coma, I can think of no noteworthy episodes in the extraordinary life and career of Ariel Sharon that would fit well with the "he fell asleep" code, literally or figuratively. One does not easily associate the word "asleep" with a military and political leader of his stature. Thus, to me, it seems reasonable this code is meant for the current crisis.

    A journalist who resides near Atlanta, Georgia

The August 2005 article covered the Disengagement from Gaza, and the first three terms in the table below were dealt with as a unit. Under the "Key Player" (Sharon), the discussion of the three terms included the following:
    . . . It could also spell a physical attack on him personally, as the theme was harped on in the media this year. It could even be an attack on Israel as a result of the disengagement process. The last word in the term relates to sleeping. Did he not stay alert to some of the attacks that took place, or worse yet, to the attack that is liable to come?

The physical attack came and Sharon is now in critical condition. In December 2005, in a follow-up article, it was suggested that the Disengagement from Gaza codes also included the disengagement from the Likud party for the "key player" Sharon. Indeed, Sharon founded what appears to be a most successful party Kadima. There seems to be, however, yet another implication for the disengagement codes. One can read in the codes the suggestion of a final disengagement for Sharon.

Going back to the three terms that were discussed in August, and adding two more in the same cluster, the following suggestions rise:

Woe, and there is a sleep of an attack for him and he will be put to sleep.
[Sleep, as with drugs for the operations.]

The next term referred to the fact that he is without a (mother) party as the Likud party that he founded was against him. There is another way to look at the code. First, there is a suggestion that Hashem loves Sharon, because an endearing name is used, as mothers do with their babies in Israel, by adding the "le" sound at the end of a name. Second, there is an important implication regarding Sharon's status in the eyes of Hashem. Hashem loves his people and appreciates situations where they were not able to learn His laws. Such people are called babies that were captured and never had a chance. Is Hashem lovingly telling Sharon that the disengagement was against His will? It may be interesting to note that no Israeli Prime Minister has served another term AFTER compromising Israel's territory. Even the very hawkish Menachem Begin at the height of his career faded away. The hawkish Yitzhak Shamir was unable to retain the post after the Lubavitch Rebe claimed that he was against Shamir's policies. Benjamin Netanyahu the hawk lost his post, and it does not seem he will ever gain it again. The less hawkish (or dovish) Prime Ministers also did not gain their posts after compromising Israel's territory.

Hashem was against you. Here is the history of Israel
[Gaza is part of Israel as a present from Hashem].
The 5,765 journey [the disengagement?] was against Me.
You will die and [you will be breathed] OR [wailing there].

The codes show Hashem's love for Sharon and Hashem's knowledge that Ariel Sharon is loved in Israel. The codes indicate that should Sharon be taken, there will be great sadness in Israel. After all, if we look at Sharon's contribution to Israel we will see a man who on many occasions put his life on the line and came very close to death to serve his country. His life almost ended right at the beginning of the war of independence. Surely, Hashem was with him for a very long and successful career. Hashem works in mysterious ways may He grant Sharon a speedy recovery.

*As per Hamilon Hachadash [the new dictionary] copyright 1979 by Kirtath Sepher Ltd., Jerusalem; Sivan Press Ltd, Jerusalem. Found on page 2,348 under .

The history of Israel.

The Cluster Ariel S.

The message to Sharon in the matrix above is summarized below:

Hashem was against you. Here [Gaza] is the history of Israel.
The 5,765 journey was against Me. You will die, and you will be breathed
OR . . . and wailing there. A stroke a disaster.
Woe, and he has a sleep of an attack, and he fell asleep.

A Coma

However, the matrix above is speaking of sleeping. It is speaking of death and breathing. The doctors call it a coma. I looked up the term coma at its lowest skip in the Torah, and the following matrix emerged:

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