Top 20 Longest Codes Discovered
by BCD Researchers (June 2004)

Our popular listing of the Top 20 Longest Codes Discovered by BCD Researchers has been overhauled to respond to some criticism of the quality of the Hebrew in some terms. We've reorganized the Top 20 to reflect the quality of the Hebrew in three categories first, then letter length of the codes.

In recent weeks we have received some criticism of the Hebrew quality in the Top 20 longest codes discovered by Bible Code Digest researchers. Our response to that criticism has been a reorganization of the listing.

Rather than presenting the codes according to length, we are listing them according to the virtues of their Hebrew, and then by length, as evaluated by our Hebrew expert, Nathan Jacobi.

There are three categories:
  • Bible codes in good Hebrew
  • Bible codes in acceptable Hebrew
  • and Bible codes in marginal Hebrew

A couple of significant results in the standings find the former number one code now in the number five position, and is now the longest code in the acceptable code category; and the former number six code is now in the number one position. The arrows show the up or down movement of those codes that changed places in the listing.

The majority of these codes reflect research taking place in the weeks and months prior to the war in Iraq.

1. For Where Has God Consumed from You? And In It Are Stones of Substantial Sickness for Us. You Will Indeed Delay Their Diagnosis, Because of His Own Reflection in the One Who Solves. 52 letters, skip +237, Ezekiel 37 911 cluster.

We are hoping that the meaning of this code will become clearer as the conflict with terrorism increases, and will be a help to those who are battling bio-terrorism. Formerly number 6.

2. Let the Oppressed be Congratulated, Saturated from Him at 2001. And Let Them be Guarded by the Echo of the Father's Son, Supported by the U.S. I Will See but He has the Knowledge. 48 letters, skip +1,804, Ezekiel 37 cluster.

Who the "oppressed" and "him" are remains a mystery, although Israel must be a prime candidate for consideration. Could the "father's son" be G. W. Bush? Formerly number 8.

3. From the Salt of Betrayal and from Fire, a Sand Dune Provided the Foundation for a Peace Treaty. Yahweh—indeed God—Came to the Heights of the Mountain. 41 letters, skip -23,429, Ezekiel 37/Daniel 2-3 clusters.

This newly discovered code links the Ezekiel 37 cluster and the emerging Daniel 2-3 cluster that we are watching with great interest. Its Old Testament style resonates with import, and it seems to be in line with what some biblical prophecy experts see as a peace treaty between the antichrist and the nation of Israel that is spectacularly betrayed midway through Daniel’s seven-year time of trouble. Formerly number 15.

4. God Delivers the Joyous. I Will Indeed Inflict Pain Upon the Rock. I Am the God Who Strikes. They Wiped Out the Nakedness. 40 letters, skip -11,355, Ezekiel 37 911 cluster.

There is much truth in this ELS, if not much total clarity. "The Rock" could refer to Christ, who is referred to often in this way. If this is God speaking, and the time of His speaking is prior to the sacrifice of His Son, the statement "I Will Indeed Inflict Pain Upon the Rock" could easily refer to that momentous event in human history. Formerly number 19.

5. If the Friend of Evil will Thirst for the End of My Innocence, His Home is an Urn. Let Judas Have His Day. To Me, the Exalted One, They Fasted. Where are You? Its Content will be Written from My Mouth. Father, Indeed You will Raise the Dead Over There, 73 letters, skip 738, Isaiah 53 cluster.

Found during a search of disciples' names in the Isaiah 53 cluster, this astounding ELS is a fascinating short mystery that seems to focus on the betrayal of Jesus in its first portion. It ends with a delightful confirmation of eternal life. One possibility is that the code is a conversation between two or more people. Formerly number 1.

6. There is Quarrel in His Speeches. A Living Brother Uttered Words to Them and to Me. And Zubaidah Turned to His Sea, Without Then Lying for a Whole Week. Oh, the Mountain of Her Interior Will Bear a Testimonial to Her Name. 61 letters, skip –4,008, Ezekiel 7, 37 and 40 clusters, as well as the Micah 5 and Jeremiah 17 clusters.

Who is voicing this message is unclear, but it seems to paint a likely scenario—at least in part, for an interrogation of Abu Zubaidah. He is no doubt very quarrelsome from time to time. Then, he has survived his bullet wounds and is therefore alive, and apparently uttered words to the people who are conducting his interviews. Who the “me” that he also uttered his words to remains unclear. “The sea” seems to be consistently referring to non-Jews in the codes where it shows up. It will be exciting when details of the last sentence of the ELS are revealed. We have no clue what it means. Formerly number 2.

7. Or Come Down, for the Father of Destiny will Make You Rejoice. Who is Yeshua (Jesus)? Our Master Over Death. Prevent My Fever for Him. And Who is God, Who, Like Their Nation, Has Crushed You? 57 letters, skip +465, Gen-Ex cluster.

To give you some idea of the astonishing length of this code, it has more letters in English than the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of the United States—140 letters as opposed to 139. This code is loaded with interesting possible meanings. In the first sentence, there seems to be an invitation by someone to give up your pride and give your life over to God, who will give you joy. Then comes a potent Q&A; about Jesus, followed by a question with fascinating potential. Could it be addressed to Christ and refer to Him and the nation of Israel? Also number 7 in previous list.

8. The Trouble of the Newborn One is Vigilant and Honest because of the Ruin. Get Out as if Iraq had been Sent Out. The Majority is Aware that, Rest in Peace, You will come—the Villainy with Light. You will Understand the Heart of Granite. 52 letters, skip 194, Ezekiel 37 cluster (also crosses Ezekiel 40 cluster).

Could the “Newborn One” refer to the United States, which compared to other world powers is a mere babe? It could certainly be said that America is more “vigilant and honest because of the ruin” inflicted on it during 911. What the rest of the ELS means is difficult to say, but it is interesting that Iraq is mentioned. Due to its short skip and several uncommon letters, it ranks only 10 hundreds of a point behind the number two code. Formerly number 5.

9. If Indeed All the Detail of This One is a String, Does Peter Detest the Burden of the Extra Ships? And Does My Throne Rest? So Spoke God's Poor, 47 letters, skip +148, Isaiah 53 cluster.

Also discovered by Dr. Jacobi during a search of the Isaiah cluster for the names of Jesus' disciples, this interesting ELS is packed with mystery. Also number 9 in previous list.

10. Rabbi, Behold! The Temple Mount is Dormant. And He Will Deliver the Fallen, as well as My Mother, as She Will See. She Will Lead a Dried Out Enemy With Her Guilt Offering, 47 letters, skip -321, Ezekiel 40 cluster (also crosses Ezekiel 37 cluster). Rating: 49 Stars. Discovered by Bible Code Digest with the assistance of Dr. Nathan Jacobi.

The Temple Mount in Old Jerusalem is the location of the Dome of the Rock, not only one of Islam’s holiest sites, but also the site of the Jewish Temple. War is the theme of the Ezekiel 40 cluster, and the Temple Mount is and will continue to be at the center of the dispute between the Palestinians and Israelis—a location to watch. Also number 10 in previous list.

11. He Calmed Down from His Imperfection, Lost His Way in It. And in It, the Inner Radiance was Similar to a Beautiful Tea from Among Them, in V.I. Lenin, in Me. 45 letters, skip -499, Jeremiah 17 cluster.

Vladimir Lenin was the leader of the communist takeover of Russia 85 years ago. Students of Lenin and Russian culture may understand the meaning of this impressive ELS, and we hope that if they do they will share their understanding with us. Also number 11 in previous list.

12. Hussein is a Vapor. Like a Guarded Lamb, God is Keeping Jews and Levites Whole. And the Cell Inside Your Dwelling will become a Torture Chamber. 41 letters, skip 1,620. Ezekiel 7, 37 and 40 clusters.

Once again, we see Saddam Hussein as a transitory figure. And the beautiful picture of God protecting His people as the Good Shepherd, although why the Levites, the priestly tribe, are mentioned separately is unknown. The last part of the code could be about the small, sealed rooms that some Israeli’s prepared in their homes against the threatened chemical and biological attacks of Iraqi missiles during the Gulf war. Or, it could refer to a hiding place in one of Hussein’s many palaces. This is one of the rare codes that appear in all three Ezekiel clusters. Formerly number 14.

13. Indeed I Will Strike Among You. The Rest of Me is Getting Lost. Iran Has Wailed. His Flame Will Become a Father, and My God Will Whisper. 40 letters, skip -9, Ezekiel 40 cluster.

Here in this most significant of the Ezekiel 40 “war” codes we have a complete drama in one ELS, complete with striking, someone getting lost, wailing, flaming and the whispering of God. What it all means is the question. Iran appearance here is interesting and not too surprising, given its rhetoric of recent days and its stated hatred of Israel. Iran was the source of the shipload of weapons that Israel intercepted last month on its way to Palestinians. Formerly number 16. Formerly number 16.

14. Third Temple, the Fullness of the Illness will take Place. And a Land will Emerge from a Tight Place. God is Lofty, and it is Time for a Prince. 40 letters, skip –9,846, Jeremiah 17, Ezekiel 37 and Micah 6 clusters.

Linking three significant apocalyptic clusters, this code seems to involve several fascinating elements—the highly-charged third temple; illness, implying possible chemical or biological warfare; a land that is saved from assumed disaster; an acknowledgement of God’s stature; and the return of Jesus Christ, which is due to take place during the Battle of Armageddon. Formerly number 18.

15. Ascension, be a Cause for My Heart, and Render My Father Transformed. I Will be Ashamed, and Will Divide the Temple of the Messenger.. 39 letters, skip +53, Isaiah 53 cluster.

As we looked for extensions of the Hebrew word for ascension, with its significance to the departure of Jesus from earth, we came across this ELS and its mysterious content. At 39 letters, it is the longest code in the cluster. Formerly number 20.

16. The Island was Restful, Elevated, and it Happened. Where is Libya? And You Have Disrupted the Nation. She Changed a Word, He Answered Them with Combat. Why the Navy and the Smell of the Bottom of the Sea? 53 letters, skip -1,151, Ezekiel 37 911 cluster.

This code introduces a well known terrorist state Libya into the mix. But what is the island referred to by the ELS? Could it be Britain? And who is this mysterious "she" that so many recent codes mention? These are questions that apparently only time will be able to provide answers. Formerly number 4.

17. The Public Representative Will Deliver the Will. My Son, 'Tis the Season for Him to Strike, Predicting the Shocks of Tora Bora. Where is My Fear? So I Will Multiply It Ten-Fold By Striking Whom? 49 letters, skip +1,072, Ezekiel 7 911 cluster.

This 49-letter ELS refers to a will, or legal instrument, in its first sentence. "'Tis the Season" seemed to be a subtle hint that the time to strike was during the recent holidays, when bombing crushed al Qaeda forces hiding in the caves of Tora Bora. Formerly number 7.

18. Imprison Your Burden There, to Immerse Her Distinct Feature, and in My Waters to Anthrax, King of All. Embrace It in the Sea. 45 letters, skip +1,524, Ezekiel 37 cluster.

Another mysterious message involving the deadly toxin Anthrax. A recurring theme seems to be liquid and sea. Sea has always been symbolic of gentile nations, specifically Semitic gentile nations. Formerly number 12.

19. God and a Sovereign Day Will Express an Echo. Let the Rule of the World’s Poor Have Its Season. It is Finished and Will be Realized. 41 letters, skip +921, Micah 5 Christmas cluster.

This enigmatic ELS turned up in a cluster that we had put on the shelf more than a year ago, when we were searching for Christmas codes in the area of Micah 5, where the city of Bethlehem is prophesied as the birthplace of the Messiah. There were several codes in a small cluster there, but our attention was diverted at the time to a larger Christmas cluster we discovered in Proverbs 15. We will now have to turn out attention again to this cluster. Interestingly, this code also passes through Zechariah 12:1, a prophetic passage that has relevance to the current war on terrorism. It reads, “The burden of the word of Jehovah concerning Israel. Thus saith Jehovah, who stretcheth forth the heavens, and layeth the foundation of the earth, and formeth the spirit of man within him: Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of reeling unto all the peoples round about, and upon Judah also shall it be in the siege against Jerusalem. And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all the peoples; all that burden themselves with it shall be sore wounded; and all the nations of the earth shall be gathered together against it.” Formerly number 13.

20. His Generation Since the Brother Counts 140. The Interior of Armageddon is Truth. They Will Perish. And Enough with the Lie. God is in the Given, 40 letters, skip -18,901, Ezekiel 37/Jeremiah 17/Proverbs 15 clusters.

This new addition to the Top 20 was found while researching the words for Armageddon. Its 40 letters reach from the Ezekiel 37 terrorism cluster through the Jeremiah end times cluster and through the Proverbs 15 cluster, whose codes contain details about the birth of Christ. Formerly number 17.

Pre-911 Codes Top 20

The Top 20 listed just above predates the discovery of the 911 codes since September 11. Following is detail on the ELSs:

1. The Dwellings of Jesus the Son of God, Lamb of Tishri. You Will Mourn Because of Him and Them, and at the Command, “To God.” 33 letters, skip 1,698, I Samuel Melchizidek cluster. Rating: 32 Stars. Discovered by Cindy Marcell of Minneapolis, with assistance from Dr. Nathan Jacobi and Roy Reinhold.

One way of interpreting this is to begin by considering that Jesus had no dwelling place on earth after he left the home of His parents and began His ministry, so the “dwellings of Yeshua” could be referring to those that He said He would be preparing for His followers. In John 14:2, He said, “In My Father’s house are many (dwelling places). If it were not so I would have told you. I am going to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you with me that you also may be where I am.” It may be that those who do not believe in Christ will mourn “because of him and them,” when He returns and they miss out on these “dwellings of Jesus” and at the missed opportunity to take advantage of the command, “to God.” More information on this ELS is available in an article by Cindy Marcell posted on The Bible Codes site.

2. And God from God is a Light that God Brings. The Light of God Will Arise and be bestowed upon Melchizidek. 35 letters, skip 2,551, I Samuel Melchizidek cluster. Rating: 31 Stars. Discovered by Cindy Marcell of Minneapolis, with assistance from Dr. Nathan Jacobi, Roy Reinhold and Walt York.

The first part of this ELS seems to be a rephrasing of John 1, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God . . . the true light that gives light to every man was coming into the world.” Melchizidek, the King of Salem (King of Peace) to whom Abraham paid a tithe, is seen by many commentators as an early appearance of Jesus Christ.

3. Gushing from Above, Jesus Was My Mighty Name, and the Clouds Rejoiced. 22 letters, skip –20, Isaiah 53 cluster. Researched by Bible Code Digest, amplifying earlier research by Yacov Rambsel, Grant Jeffrey and Truman Blocker. Rating: 25 Stars.

The focal code of the Isaiah Yeshua codes is strongly linked to the surface text about a suffering Messiah, and its poetic cachet is evident in both Biblical Hebrew and English. This beautiful ELS was for nearly a year the benchmark against which all other finds were compared. Even though other ELSs are longer in terms of numbers of letters, the Gushing code is more improbable when its short skip of 20 and its inclusion of some uncommon letters (e.g., a zayeen and two koofs) are factored in. John the Apostle described Jesus in the first chapter of Revelation as a mighty figure whose voice sounded like the rushing of many waters. The word for “gushing” (Sheen-koof-koof, or sh-KAHK) is translated as “to run about, bustle, be lively” or “to be hungry or thirsty.” It becomes gushing when used to refer to the action of water, in which case it is also translated as “rushing” and “overflowing.” Clouds have long been a symbol of the presence of God (c.f., Psalm 18:9-12, 68:4; 104:3 and 148:8). In Exodus 13:21-22, the Lord guided the children of Israel by a pillar of cloud in the day.

4. He Wove the Light to Be My Might, A Living Sacrifice for Him to Put On. 23 letters, skip –1,275, Psalm 22 cluster. Researched by Bible Code Digest. Rating: 24 Stars.

As this cluster concerns the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, could these be Jesus’ words explaining God the Father’s preparation of His only Son to visit mankind and become the living sacrifice that He could “put on,” or cover, the sin of mankind? It begins to make sense when you consider that Adam and Eve conducted the first blood sacrifice when they killed animals so that they could “put on” the skins and cover their shame.

5. Here is a Hidden Cornerstone; Here Raise the Gift That is Hers.
21 letters, skip +21, Genesis-Exodus cluster. Researched by Bible Code Digest. Rating: 24 Stars.

As the Gen-Ex cluster continues to take shape, this evocative ELS could well turn out to be a focal code. According to I Peter 2:6-8, the “Hidden Cornerstone” cited in Isaiah 28:16 and Psalm 118:22 is Christ. “Hidden” may be about His not being considered by Jews to be the Messiah. It is perfectly logical to raise, or build, upon a cornerstone, and probably “Here Raise the Gift That is Hers” is about all that Christ gives to those who accept Him. The “hers” could refer to the church as the bride of Christ.

6. And Only Messiah: Dwell in Those Words That He Taught on High As Our Prince. 25 letters, skip –1,703, Psalm 22 cluster. Researched by Bible Code Digest. Rating: 23 Stars.

This ELS may be stating that the subject of the Psalm 22 crucifixion codes is the “only Messiah.” The ELS then goes on to encourage his subjects to “dwell in those words that He taught on high.” Such a statement has a strong parallel in John 15, where Jesus advises his disciples, “Abide in me and I will abide in you.” As far as the reference to Christ as “Prince” is concerned, Isaiah first refers to His royalty when he calls Him the Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6). Ezekiel later says, “my servant will be their prince forever” (Ezekiel 37:25). In the very early church, Peter told the Sanhedrin, “God exalted (Jesus) to His own right hand as Prince and Savior” (Acts 5:31).

7. Please Be Merciful, Miracle of God. Rule Gently. The Son Soars from on High. 23 letters, skip 8,034, links Genesis-Exodus and Proverbs 15 clusters. Researched by Bible Code Digest. Rating: 23 Stars.

Miracle of God, whenever it has appeared, seems to speak of Jesus Christ. The first part of this ELS implores Christ to act as He was bound to as God’s representative of grace. It is very reminiscent of the first words of the Catholic mass, “Lord, have mercy. Christ have mercy.” The last sentence describes the Son of God soaring from heaven to carry out His work on earth.

8. God Will Make Them See Her Crying, and The Gentle Rock Will Be Lofty. 25 letters, skip -5,858, Genesis-Exodus cluster. Researched by Bible Code Digest. Rating: 22 Stars.

There are several ways to interpret the meaning of this ELS. One way would be to see the female object of the first phrase as humanity suffering in sin prior to the coming of the Gentle Rock. God makes those who are causing this pain to observe her tears. The Hebrew word for rock is seen throughout the Psalms referring to God, and also can mean fortress or strong place. A description of the rock as gentle could be talking about Christ. Alternatively, “her” could refer to Mary’s crying at the crucifixion, and “lofty” to Christ’s state after His resurrection.

9. They Will Console Them; They and God Have Spoken on Behalf of Heavenly Glory. 25 letters, skip 5,858, I Samuel Melchizidek cluster. Discovered by Cindy Marcell of Minneapolis, with assistance from Dr. Nathan Jacobi and Roy Reinhold. Rating: 22 Stars.

There are so many ways that this code could be read that it is difficult to choose one. If you take the point of view that the “they” here is referring to both Jesus and Melchizidek, one meaning could be that “they” console an undefined them (Jews and/or Christians under persecution?) and speak with God on behalf of the heavenly glory awaiting the persecuted.

10. From the Names in the Writing, it is a Sign of Words from His Mouth. 20 letters, skip 14, Rav Shmeul Shick family cluster in Exodus. Researched by Moshe Aharon Shak of Montreal. Rating: 20 Stars.

More information on this ELS is available in an article by Moshe Shak posted on The Bible Codes site.

11. And by a Mother that God Shall Bring, God, Who is Always a Priest. 22 letters, skip -418, I Samuel Melchizidek cluster. Discovered by Cindy Marcell of Minneapolis, with assistance from Dr. Nathan Jacobi and Roy Reinhold. Rating: 19 Stars.

One possible explanation for this ELS is, “And by a Mother (Mary) that God Shall Bring, (is born) God (Jesus Christ), Who is Always a Priest (Jesus, who Christians believe also carries the eternal title of High Priest, and Melchizidek, who is the biblical model for Christ’s eternal priesthood, according to Psalm 110:4 and Hebrews 7:11-17). More information on this ELS is available in an article by Cindy Marcell posted on Roy Reinhold’s site.

12. And from the Head, 10 Children to the Rabbi, from A to Z. 20 letters, skip 112, Rav Shmeul Shick family cluster in Exodus. Researched by Moshe Aharon Shak of Montreal. Rating: 18 Stars.

More information on this ELS is available in an article by Moshe Shak posted on The Bible Codes site.

13. At the End of Days, the Ink Will be WetGlory to the Light. 19 letters, skip –1,112, Genesis-Exodus cluster. Researched by Bible Code Digest. Rating: 17 Stars.

Could this mysterious ELS be talking about a peace agreement between Israel and the Anti-Christ that Bible scholars believe is prophesied in Daniel 9:27? A new covenant? We don’t know. There is no direct link in the Bible, despite the fact that the code contains two strong terms.

14. You Are Happiness to Us, Said the Lord. She Became Pregnant Unto/By the Father. 21 letters, skip –8,529, Genesis-Exodus cluster. Researched by Bible Code Digest. Rating: 17 Stars.

Here’s another mysterious ELS. Is it about Mary? The people of Israel? The church?

15. Study the Woman Who Will Be Wiped Out. Where is God’s Miracle in You? 20 letters, skip 3,885, Genesis-Exodus cluster. Researched by Bible Code Digest. Rating: 18 Stars.

Students of the book of Revelation will see the “woman who will be wiped out” as the great whore of Babylon, representing the secular world at the end of time. And then the question that Christians believe will be the most significant one in the last days, “where is God’s Miracle (or Jesus Christ) in you?”

16. Her Struggle is For Them. God Has Graced Them. Lord of Hosts 21 letters, skip 45,646, Links Genesis-Exodus, Isaiah 53 and Proverbs 15 clusters. Researched by Bible Code Digest. Rating: 17 Stars.

This term seems vague and subject to a wide variety of interpretations. Who is “her”? Could it be the church, which is referred to as the bride of Christ? And who is “them”? Could this be about non-believers? If “her” is the church and “them” is non-believers, the term would begin to come into focus. The struggle of the church has always been to work with the Holy Spirit to bring more of those who are without Christ into a relationship with Him. God has certainly “graced them.” As the New Testament says, “In (Jesus Christ) we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God’s grace that He lavished on us with all wisdom and understanding.” (Ephesians 1:7). The final phrase of the term, appearing almost as a signature, is the Hebrew name of God whose English equivalent is Lord of Hosts, or Jehovah-Sabaoth. Not Lord of the Sabbath, but the Lord who is there when there is no other recourse.

17. To Whom He has Uttered God's Word He Will Stir the Messiah. 20 letters, skip -3,767, Genesis-Exodus cluster. Researched by Bible Code Digest. Rating: 16 Stars.

Our assumption is that this ELS is about the people chosen by God to both receive and defend His word, and provide the society through whom He would bring salvation to the world in the person of the Messiah.

18. The End of Days. Please Let God’s Gift Be Raised to the Weak. 19 letters, skip 7,706, Genesis-Exodus cluster. Researched by Bible Code Digest. Rating: 17 Stars.

A plea that brings together the apocalypse with the gospels, where Christ said, “The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.” John 3:16 describes Him as God’s gift, and throughout the gospels He talks about his ministry being to the weak and hurting of the earth.

19. From You is the Wisdom of the Intercessor's Deeds. 17 letters, skip +129, Genesis-Exodus cluster. Researched by Bible Code Digest. Rating: 16 Stars.

This ELS may be referring to God the Father, whose wisdom inspired the wonderful deeds of Christ the Intercessor as His representative to mankind. Jesus said that He only did the things that He saw the Father doing. It is a given that these things are wise. In His continuing role of Intercessor, a role created for Him by God the Father, Christ mediates between His people and God, a constant reminder to God of this Advocate’s death that covers their sins.

20. Be Silent or Go from the Place of God’s Miracle. 19 letters, skip 4,472, Genesis-Exodus cluster. Researched by Bible Code Digest. Rating: 16 Stars.

If, as the many codes using the term seem to be indicating, “God’s Miracle” is Jesus Christ, then “the place of God’s Miracle” must be the cross where He was crucified. What can one be but silent at this most significant place in history, where Christians believe God gave His only Son as a sacrifice for the sins of mankind?

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