Venturing Beyond The Da Vinci Code

Nearly all the codes in The Da Vinci Code are fictional. They are entertaining, and they move the story along.

If you are fascinated by codes, though, why not check out codes that many people, including some with impressive technical credentials, believe are real? That is what this web site is about. Not just entertaining fiction, but potentially real stuff.

Here are several ways you can venture beyond The Da Vinci Code (from the easiest to the hardest):

1. Read articles about Bible codes related to:

2. Study an ancient text that is thoroughly encoded:
  • Start reading the book (the Bible) that is, far and away, the bestseller of all time. It is full of mysteries, as well as plain truths that will inspire you and change your life. Visit Bible Gateway or Blue Letter Bible to begin reading today.

3. Learn more about Isaac Newton's real interest in codes (not just the fictional workup presented in the novel):

4. Read up on the broad range of types of Bible codes that have been discovered to date:

Some of those types are:

5. Do your own code searches:
  • Read about the code research software programs in our article Software FAQs.
  • Then, visit our online store to purchase a program.

6. Learn Hebrew
  • Visit our Hebrew Links and Resources page to find resources to assist you in your endeavors to learn Hebrew, to be able to read the scriptures in Hebrew, and if you so desire, to improve your skills in code research.

7. Learn Aramaic

Enjoy finding your own Bible codes.
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