Ezekiel 40:
Loaded with Lengthy War ELSs

There is no doubt that Ezekiel 40 is encoded. The probability that chance is the explanation for what has been discovered to date in (and close by) that chapter is essentially zero. We base this firm conclusion on three sets of observations:
  1. The actual number of War ELSs in Ezekiel 40:1-41:1 is 19 (as compared with 6.27 expected by chance). Odds: One in 96 million.

  2. Ten of the War ELSs in Ezekiel 40 are part of a much longer ELS that is itself about war.

    Odds: less than one in 60,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,

  3. Prior investigations discovered an exceptional number of lengthy ELSs that cross the text of Ezekiel 40 that deal with current and End Times events.

These codes are presented in the article Growing War Cluster Discovered in Ezekiel 40. Only about 200 search terms were examined in finding this collection of 58 lengthy codes.

Taken together, the probability that all three of these phenomena co-exist within the text of Ezekiel 40 (and surrounding text) is basically zero.

The literal text of Ezekiel 40 is a prophetic description of the Third Temple in Jerusalem. Background on the relationship between the literal text and the content of the codes discovered there is presented in the Growing War Cluster article as well.

In that article, we noted that we became intrigued with the possibility of a major code cluster in Ezekiel 40 because of the unusually high number of occurrences of a Hebrew word for war in the chapter.

These War ELSs are concentrated in Ezekiel 40:1-41:1. While 6.27 occurrences are expected by chance (for all possible skip sizes one to 746), there were 19 actual appearances of War ELSs. The odds against this happening by chance are one in 96,000,000, as noted above.

How We Derived the Odds of One in 96 Million

Understanding how we determined these odds is interesting and instructive. First, we searched for every possible ELS made up of the exact same letters, but in all possible different orders, in the same search text. Then, we noted how many occurrences there were of each alternative ELS. This is shown the table below. The alternative ELSs are shown in descending order of how many times they appeared in Ezekiel 40:1-41:1. The first spelling is that of the Hebrew word for war.

None of the alternative spellings appeared more than 10 times as an ELS in Ezekiel 40:1-41:1. Only one of them appeared ten times. Four of them appeared nine times. Eight of them appeared five times. And so forth.

These results were summarized by counting how many different alternative spellings appear each given number of times. For the alternative spellings, the number of different spellings that occurred the indicated number of times is shown in the next table:

The second step was to fit a bell-shaped curve to the above data. The following graph presents the summary information in the immediately preceding table, and provides a comparison between the actual results, and those indicated by the bell-shaped curve. This curve is defined by a normal distribution with an average (6.20) and standard deviation (2.01) based on those statistics for all of the values in the last column of the first table above (excluding that for the actual spelling of war in Hebrew).

In the third step, we used the bell-shaped curve to predict the expected number of different spellings that would appear each possible number of times. This is shown in the next table.

The values in the last column of the above table form the basis of the next graph. We also included in the graph that one spelling (for the actual Hebrew word for war) appeared 19 times in the search text.

Finally, we totaled up the expected number of different spellings that would appear by chance 19 times or more. This was done by adding up the last five numbers in the table above, and bordered by a box. That total is 0.000000010412284. Dividing 1.0 by this number gives 96,040,408.

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