The Jesus Codes in the Ten Commandments (Continued)

Four Letters of Second Focal Code Cross Ten Commandments

Of the 16 letters of the second focal code, four touch down in portions of the Ten Commandments, represented by the blue shaded rows in the table below.

A Few Comments on the Codes

The majority of codes in this cluster refer to Jesus Christ, but there is one that doesn’t, and a few that need a bit of explanation. The term “God’s Miracle” is one that we have come to accept as referring to Christ in several long ELSs that we have found in the Tanakh, including the one in this cluster, God’s Miracle is Alive as well as Plentiful.

Three Holidays, Mount of Olives is a Witness

Another long code, the 16-letter Three Holidays, Mount of Olives is a Witness, we believe refers to the three observances Jews were instructed by the Law to honor yearly. All men were to “appear before the Lord” on these three occasions (Exodus 23:14-17). “The Three Holidays” is a familiar term to Jewish people to this day.

  1. Passover, or the Feast of Unleavened Bread, to commemorate the exodus from Egypt, which Christians see as filled with references to Christ, and was beginning as He was crucified.

  2. Pentecost, or the Feast of Weeks, marks the giving of the Law and is celebrated at the gathering of the wheat harvest; it also marked what theologians see as the beginning of the Christian church in Jerusalem nearly two months after Christ’s resurrection.

  3. Tabernacles, or Ingathering, a weeklong festival of thanksgiving for the fall harvest, during which the people lived in small temporary structures outside their homes as a reminder of the time their ancestors spent in the wilderness. Jesus confronted the religious Jews about their double standards in a teaching in the temple during this holiday.

The Mount of Olives looks over the city of Jerusalem, including the temple and the hill where Jesus was crucified, so it can be said to be a witness of the holidays and the crucifixion.

For the Multitude there is the Ark of the Covenant and the Sea

Christian theology holds that the Ark of the Covenant is no longer necessary as a symbol of God’s presence with man, because Jesus Christ took its place through His incarnation, a role that the Holy Spirit continues by living within each believer. With the death of Jesus Christ as the ultimate sacrifice for sin, the sprinkling of the mercy seat covering the ark with the blood of bulls and goats was superseded once and for all by His blood. The reference to “the Sea” may concern the miracle that took place at the Red Sea, a symbol of the miraculous overcoming of death provided to believers in Christ. This code, because of its 14 letters, is very significant.

You Are Happiness to Me, said the Lord. She Became Pregnant Unto/By the Father

The first part of this 21-letter ELS, the longest and most significant in the cluster, may represent a message directed to the mother of Jesus, Mary, who was chosen by the Father to be the means of Christ’s introduction into humanity. The second part can be read either as She Became Pregnant Unto the Father, as an act of obedience and worship. Or, as She Became Pregnant By the Father, which is ultimately true, if it is referring to God the Father. He directed her impregnation, certainly, and although it may begin a theological dispute, He and the Holy Spirit are One, so it can be said that Jesus was conceived when Mary became pregnant by God the Father.

What Are They? But Come and Use Bible Codes

This ELS, of course, bears no direct relationship to Jesus Christ, but with its 18 letters it does rank high in this cluster and is a major encouragement to code researchers.


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