Learning the Hebrew Alphabet

Exercise Two

Practicing the Letter Sounds

As we did in Exercise One, we will practice recognizing the Hebrew letters we have learned by sounding them out using English words that would sound like what the Hebrew letters would be when they are grouped together. We are not learning Hebrew words in this lesson. We are merely practicing the sounds of the Hebrew letters.

For example, could be pronounced as back or book. The first letter, on the right, is bet and the second letter is kaf written below as kaf bet. So to find the name of the letters, look at the names of the letters starting from the right.

As you practice the letters from Lesson Two, cover up the second and third columns in the next table and start with each set of Hebrew letters on the left. Say the names of each of these Hebrew letters and then guess what English word(s) would sound like the group of Hebrew letters in the left column.

Now, let's add in vavs and alefs and practice the same sounds again.

Now, let's add in some of the letters from the first lesson.

Please keep in mind that the purpose of these exercises is just to get some practice recognizing the Hebrew letters introduced to us in the first two lessons.

Practicing the Hebrew Words We've Learned

Now, let's go back and review the actual Hebrew words, and the letters that make up those words, from Lesson Two.

Congratulations on finishing Exercise Two. You are well on your way to knowing the Hebrew alphabet!

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