Bible Code Digest: November/December 2006 Continued

Isaiah 53 Code's Explosion

A Startling Number of Codes from
Isaiah 53 Have Been Extended

Our initial list of two-word findings was published on the BCD website and in Bible Code Bombshell (pg. 63). We decided to revisit these original core codes and examine them for possible extensions. We sent the raw extensions to Nathan Jacobi, Ph.D., for parsing and translation.

We were astonished at how many of the code searches resulted in lengthy equidistant letter sequences (ELSs). Out of the 54 codes we revisited, 33 resulted in extensions, and of those, 10 were over 30 letters long. The longest code is 75 letters long.

Here again is the initial list of codes consisting of two Hebrew words. If the term was found more than once, the number of finds is noted in parentheses:

Initial Isaiah 53 Core
Two-Hebrew-Word Findings

Angel of the Lord
Ascension of Jesus
Deer of the Dawn (see Psalm 22)
God has atoned
Have hemmed me in
His spirit on a tree
Jesus, be judged
Jesus is salvation
Jesus is truth (3)
Jesus reigns
Jesus the messiah (2)
Jewish messiah
King of light (3)
Lamp of the Lord
Living water (2)
Mother of God Yed-bahz [noted below as Mother of God (1)]
Mother of God (7) Ah-mahl [noted below as Mother of God (2-8)]
Mt. Moriah (2) Ha-Moriah
Much weeping (2)
Resurrection of Jesus (4)
Shiloh is a guilt offering
Son of a virgin (2)
Son of God Eloheem
Son of God (2) Yahweh
Son of man
Son of Mary
Struck by God
The king of light
The priestly tribe
Third temple
True messiah
We are healed (2)
Who is the messiah?
Will make intercession

In the remainder of the article, the numbers in parentheses will note the number of each find [i.e., We are healed (1) or We are healed (2)]. In some cases, the translation will differ slightly from the original search term.

Points of View

As we noted in our Do Longer Codes Express Viewpoints? article, we have often wondered whether points of view (POV) were being expressed in codes. Segregating codes into different points of view is a subjective exercise. We will present the following codes in categories of point of view, with two of the categories ranked based on the clarity of meaning. Then, at the end of the article, we present the codes again in a table from longest to smallest code with the skip and Hebrew letters displayed.

Extensions with a Jewish POV

God has atoned

He loved the lofty one (or, the lofty one has loved). God has atoned.

Living water (1)

It is not an echo, but the Father in them is Living Water, operating powerfully.

True messiah

And a winemaker will ask you: Will a true messiah emerge from among you?

Extensions with a Christian POV (ranked by clarity)

1. Resurrection of Jesus (3)

I will remember the resurrection of Jesus, who is alive.

2. Son of man

The Son of man is alive, let him long live!

3. Living water (2)

Jesus is like fast flowing living water.

4. Jesus (Yeshua) the messiah (1)

And they are from Jesus the messiah, the teacher.

[This codes passes through Isaiah 51:9.]

5. Resurrection of Jesus (4)

The resurrection of Jesus and the lightness rose and were proud here.

6. Shiloh is a guilt offering

Our master of the marketplace you will be replaced, from Shiloh he took a guilt offering.

Extensions with Possibly a Christian POV Mysterious

Jesus is truth (2)

Jesus is my truth, they and God was their falcon.

Resurrection of Jesus (1)

Resurrection of Jesus and the dew (i.e., freshness) of flowing expression, we recited Hallelujah for ourselves, or the sign is a thick root, my pocket and a peak.

Extensions with a Catholic POV (ranked by clarity)

1. Mother of God Ah-mahl (5)

He will count those who rose in Him, and those to whom the Mother of God brings pleasure in Him.

2. Mother of God Ah-mahl (8)

With the exalted right hand of the Mother of God, rest and sleep.

3. Mother of God Ah-mahl (7)

Providing from above, move, God, the king's day. Come, Mother of God, and let there be silence by command.

4. Mother of God Ah-mahl (6)

You will long for the Mother of God as a sea of knowledge, with his sea of hiding being an intoxicating passion, redeeming the stone on my mouth.

[This poetic ELS brings to mind the passage in Isaiah 6:1-7. Isaiah has seen The Lord and cries out "Woe is me!" Then one of the seraphs touches his mouth with a live coal to cleanse his unclean lips and atone for his sin.]

5. Mother of God Ah-mahl (2)

I signaled with God's power, so that you wonder about both the sea and the island, for a congregation was wiped out. Become gradually aware of the Mother of God.

Extension with an Angel's POV

Who is the messiah?

Prepare a Bible [Tanakh] and an introduction. Allow the cloudy verbiage inside her; the heart is with you, she who is with who the messiah is, as if there is a chain inside him. Move forward, Lord, and talk with an opposing convert, whose trouble is like a vain rebellion.

Extensions with a Skeptical POV

Angel of the Lord

Will the line you described therefore warn the core of the page? The gift of Jesus, angel of God, is a dilemma, causing me to move in a state of confusion.

[This ELS's grammar and syntax are quite good (in Hebrew), but in contrast, the content expresses doubt and uncertainty.]

Jesus reigns

The jaw froze. God, where is Jesus the king? Is it to flatter God? He will set there for oblivion the wave that accompanied Micah, and the ruler of thunder and the mountain will move for you.

[The jaw froze: the frozen jaw or throat could be associated with a feeling of awe associated with Jesus' crucifixion, burial or resurrection. Is it to flatter God?: Some of the prophets point out that God does not want to be flattered. Flattery or empty prayer are meaningless. He will set there for oblivion the wave that accompanied Micah: Micah 5:1-5 promises a ruler from Bethlehem, who will stand and shepherd his flock. This passage is commonly viewed as prophetic of Jesus' life.]

Son of God (1) Yahweh

The Son of God my son in him, who was joyous, has died.

Son of Mary

Enjoy the Son of Mary; the mercy of God was violated towards me.

Extensions with a Mysterious POV

Ascension of Jesus

The monument to the ascension of Jesus is the death of the witness.

Have hemmed me in

I will destroy the Father's fruitful land. Where is the weed that caused crying in your palate? They have beaten my poor fellow, have hemmed me in, and please approach to describe her. Has he appeared late? Be joyous!

[This code and the next one share common traits. They are both fairly long and elaborate, but while their meaning is not clear, the language (in Hebrew) is surprisingly good. They both seem to imply a strange plot.]

King of light (1)

They were sick, King of light.

King of light (3)

The King of light pressed the mountain, hurried, and fasted.

Lamp of the Lord

Humble lamb, please be comforted (by the) lamp of the Lord.

Mt. Moriah (1) Ha-Moriah

Who is Father? You are nice, Moriah.

Mt. Moriah (2) Ha-Moriah

Mt. Moriah, bear a witness across him.

Much Weeping (1)

My mother, the son who is in peace his honesty felt revolt from much weeping.

Son of a virgin (1)

You tried the softness of the Son of a virgin. For who is talking, and carrying his voice with the parents of his name? And thus they were, and we will see them as one who was circumcised, and fell asleep, and woke up, and the hand in him was a straw, becoming a blister.

Son of God Eloheem

The Son of God has penetrated.

Will make intercession

He will bring about muteness to the prognosticator.

Extension with a Very Mysterious POV

His Spirit on a tree

And sparks of the night, or commotion, were caused by Mother's prize to a breathing, smelling live being, whose Spirit is on a tree. My mouth drooped. The appropriate was behind the frivolous, with your orphan not among them.

The Isaiah 53 Codes Table

The following table contains all the codes, with notes provided by Nathan Jacobi, Ph.D., on the meaning of some of the Hebrew words. The table lists the codes from longest to shortest.

No Extensions Were Found For:

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