Learning the
Hebrew Alphabet

Lesson Three: Learning Four More Letters

First Letter: shin, ()

Everybody knows the Hebrew word Shalom. But do you know what it means? It simply means, "Peace." It is used as a greeting, the way we would say, "Hello" or "Goodbye." To learn the word Shalom, we will need to learn the letter shin.

One way to remember the letter shin is that it looks like a bush. The sound of the letter can be "sh" or "s" depending on the nikud markings. Again, we will not be teaching the markings. We are only attempting to teach the alphabet using words that English-speaking readers might already know from Hebrew.

So Shalom is spelled with a shin (), a lamed (), a vav (), and a mem sofit ()*

*The mem sofit is letter mem the way it is written at the end of a word. It is very similar to the mem (), only the bottom of the letter is closed. It does not have an opening.

So the word Shalom looks like this:

Remember to read Hebrew from right to left.

Other words that have shin in them are Sabbath, Moses, and Jesus.

Second Letter: ayin, ()

To remember the letter ayin, it looks like the letter "y" in the word ayin. (Ayin is like alef. It is a placeholder for vowel sounds depending on the nikud markings.)

Another way to spell Jesus in Hebrew is to add an ayin to the end. That gives you the word Yeshua.

If you add the letter heh to the end of Yeshua, you have the Hebrew word that means salvation.

Third Letter: resh, ()

To remember the letter resh, just flip a small "r" from right to left.

Words and phrases that use the letter resh are Rabbi, Prince (Czar), Prince of Peace, and Jerusalem.

Fourth Letter: dalet, ()

The letter dalet in Hebrew means door. It is very similar to a resh (), except that the dalet () curves more to the right on the top right side of the letter. You might try remembering the letter by thinking of grabbing that curve like it's a doorknob on a door.

So the resh is smooth, and the dalet has a knob on the right like a doorknob.



Words and phrases that have a dalet in them are David; Son of David; and Jesus, Son of David.

Note the word son in the table below. The letter nun (), when it is written at the end of a word is a nun sofit and looks elongated like this:

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