Mel Gibson Articles

  • 147-Letter-Long Mel Gibson ELS Discovered

  • Moshe Shak's findings are thoroughly controversial. Do codes only tell truth, as Shak claims? Or do codes just express viewpoints? Whatever the answer, code skeptics have been presented with a daunting challenge.

  • What Is a Code?
    Using a Mel Gibson code as an example, code researcher Moshe Aharon Shak discusses a minimum standard to apply to terms before one can begin to assume that they form a Divine code.

  • Lengthy Mel Gibson Codes Presage DUI Incident
    The 147-letter-long code about Mel Gibson takes on new meaning in light of Gibson's DUI incident.

  • What No Skeptic Can Find: Several Lengthy Nested Codes
    There are some code phenomena that are so extensive and complex that no code skeptic could possibly find comparable examples from any non-encoded text. They are not to be found, because they don't exist. (This article uses the lengthy Mel Gibson codes to describe the phenomena of nested codes.)

  • Did the Old Testament Have Just One Author? Discovering the First Evidence of "DNA" in the Bible
    In this article, we look at a sprawling, mind-boggling mega-structure of codes (much like DNA) contained in an inconceivably small set of Hebrew letters that threads its way throughout the entire Old Testament. (The Mel Gibson codes are the example in this article.)

  • Apocalypto: Will the Real Mel Gibson Stand Up?
    Ed Sherman went to see Mel Gibson's movie, Apocalypto, to help resolve questions he had about where Gibson is as a person. What better gauge than a movie he bankrolled and directed and whose script he co-authored?

  • The 187-Letter-Long Mel Gibson Code Echoes Current Headlines
    Mel Gibson is again in the news following the release of an unsubstantiated recording released by his former girlfriend. BCD finds that the 187-letter-long code may echo current headlines.

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