Learning the Hebrew Alphabet

Exercise Three

In the first two exercises, you practiced recognizing the different Hebrew letters you had learned by looking at pairs (or triplets) of these letters and coming up with English words that would have the same sound as those Hebrew letters. In doing this, we openly admitted that what we were doing was dealing with English words as they might be spelled in Hebrew if they were Hebrew words, which they aren't.

In the first three Lessons, we have learned enough Hebrew letters to be able to spell a large number of Hebrew words that we already know before we even started to study the Hebrew alphabet. Now, we will stop playing the game of doing exercises involving English words, and just use Hebrew words.

In doing these exercises, cover up the last three columns of each table and just look at the Hebrew words in the left column and try to recognize what each Hebrew word is. If you can't remember what each word is, try saying each Hebrew letter individually and then sound out the word until you recognize it. If you can't remember something, just uncover the corresponding last three columns for that word or words.

Reminder: Words ending in mem are written with a mem sofit , and words ending in nun are written with a nun sofit . So instead of writing Ben as , it is written as .

Now, we will look at the vocabulary and put some of our vocabularly words together to make phrases or short sentences.

Here are some additional words to learn:

Congratulations on finishing Exercise Three. In Lesson Four, we will learn four more letters.

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