Learning the Hebrew Alphabet

Lesson Four: Learning Four More Letters

First Letter: chet, ()

The first letter we will look at is a chet. The chet sounds like the "ch" in Bach. It is similar to the heh (), but there is no opening on the left top part. It is closed.

Tip: To remember the chet, think of closing your throat (like the top of the letter is closed) to make the gutteral ch sound.

The name Noah has a chet in it. It is spelled with a nun and a chet and it is pronounce noh-ach. Another name that includes chet is Hebron.

There are four letters in the Hebrew alphabet that are similar to English letters, but are flipped from left to right. We have already introduced two of them, the resh () and kaf (). We will now introduce the other two, kof, () and peh, ()

Second Letter: kof, ()

The letter kof looks a lot like our letter "q" flipped left to right. It is pronounced like the "k" sound that "q" has in the word quiet. Just a little harder sound than a regular "k" sound. We will notate the kof sound with a "q" in the pronunciation quide.

Tip: To remember the kof, think of the letter "q" flipped left to right, .

Two names that have kof in them are Jacob and Habakkuk.

Third Letter: peh, ()

The letter peh can be two letters in the Hebrew alphabet. It can be a peh or a feh. The difference is designated with a dot in the middle of the letter for the peh, and no dot for the feh. The sound it makes is either a "p" (peh) or "f" (feh) sound.

Tip: To remember peh (), think of the letter "p" flipped left to right.

Fourth Letter: zayin, ()

The letter zayin makes a "z" sound, just as you would expect it to. The zayin looks like a vav, but with a curved mark across the top, almost like a little hat.

Tip: To remember the zayin, just think of a vav that needs to hang onto its hat because it wants to go "zoom."

More Words Using the Letters We've Learned

Again, cover up the three right-hand columns to see if you can sound out the words. Then uncover them to see if you're right.

*Just like the mem and nun are written differently at the end of a word, three other letters are written differently as well. This one is a kaf sofit a final kaf .

**A bet can have a "v" sound. When it does, it is called a vet.

Recap of Letters from Lesson Four

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