Learning the Hebrew Alphabet

Lesson Five: Learning the Last Four Letters

First Letter: tsadi, ()

The tsadi () has a ts sound. It is like the sound at the end of the word wants. It is also one of the letters that is written differently at the end of a word tsadi sofit (). The letter tsadi means fish hook, and it looks like one.

Tip: To remember the tsadi, think of a fish hook.

Many Hebrew names that English-speaking people pronounce with a "z" sound, actually have the tsadi ts sound, such a Zion, Isaac, and Melchizedek.

Second Letter: gimel, ()

The letter gimel is pronounced "g" as in the word good, and it means camel. So when you think of gimel, think of a good camel.

Tip: To remember gimel, think of a good camel.

Third Letter: samech, ()

The samech () has an "s" sound and is like the Greek letter sigma () flipped left to right.

Tip: To remember samech, think of sigma flipped left to right.

Fourth Letter: tet, ()

The letter tet means snake, and it has a "t" sound. So imagine a snake curling up getting ready to strike. The tet is curled like a snake. Then, imagine it looking like a "T" as it rises to strike for the "t" sound.

Tip: To remember tet, think of a snake rising up into a "T" shape as it strikes.

*The letter shin can be called a sin (pronounced seen) and have the sound of "s."

**Reminder: The bet when it is pronounced as a "v" is called a vet.

Recap of Letters Learned in Lesson Five

Congratulations! You've now learned the entire Hebrew alphabet. To practice the words learned in Lesson Five and to learn many Hebrew names and their meanings, check out Exercise Five.

Also, be sure to visit our Hebrew Links and Resources page for additional resources and to view the entire Hebrew Alphabet.

In our next series of articles on Hebrew, we will teach the most common Hebrew words in the Old Testament (Tanakh).

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