Recent Events Seem to Agree with Code Findings

New discoveries have been added to the Ezekiel 7 cluster, and reported on below. It is interesting that the war on terrorism seems now to be including Iraq in its list of targets. The Bible codes seemed to indicate Saddam Hussein's participation from the beginning. A separate report details our amazing 911 findings in Ezekiel 37. Another article on the association of this cluster and Iraq is posted here.

The focal code continues to be a very significant ELS of 28 letters with a tiny skip of 15. It reads, New York: They Accompany the Unfortunate Who Are Stricken In It. The Worshippers Are Gathering Around God. It was finding this very improbable ELS very early on in our search for 911 codes that led us to explore this section of the Old Testament.

Significant New Codes

The most recent finds in the Ezekiel 7 cluster include Order a Killing and Let it be Stopped, as in a Truly Divine Way. And the Awakened One is Falling Asleep. With 29 letters and a skip of only 57, this is a very significant ELS. Could it be talking about the U.S. in its last sentence?

Another new ELS is In Their Mind I Have a Killing -- My Mouth Has Wailed as if I Was Asleep -- as well as a Portion of God. One possibility is that this 25-letter code with a skip of 42 is the thought of a terrorist. Finally, I Will Wish that Her Hands Form a Line of Madrases for Us with 21 letters and a skip of 2,455 brings the Islamic ¡§schools for terrorists¡¨ into the picture.

What About Iraq?

In late January, the Washington Post ran a fascinating eight-part feature story by Watergate reporter Bob Woodward on the administration¡¦s response to the 911 attacks. The story described the decision process that resulted in the U.S. going after Al Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan. Iraq was clearly on the table as a potential target, but it was decided that to go after more than one at a time would be risky militarily, and also potentially damaging to a fragile coalition then being put together by the State Department. President Bush included Iraq along with Iran and North Korea in the ¡§axis of evil¡¨ mentioned in his State of the Union address, so it is possible that there is evidence of Iraq¡¦s participation in the terrorism against the U.S.

We recently posted three new long codes found in this cluster, two of which draw Iraq into the mystery. Two of them are unique ¡§dialogue¡¨ codes, brief conversations between two voices. The first, with 25 letters and a skip of 19, which makes it extremely unusual, is Form Her Heart Toward Him and Let Go. Go Into It. Where? Iraq. A report on the mind-blowing intensity of the New York focal ELS and another recently discovered ELS has been posted.

The second Iraq ELS, also with 25 letters, but with a slightly higher skip of 350, translates from the Hebrew as Please Value the Day of Might. Who? Iraq. The Song Will Awaken Him. A fascinating allusion is part of the third new long code, Oh! Who Has Questioned My Authority? Lentil Guilt Offering, 2001. Jacob¡¦s brother Esau traded away his birthright for some bread and lentil stew. Esau¡¦s descendants, who are still enemies of the sons of Israel, Jacob's eventual name, are still angry about the transaction, detailed here in the surface text of Genesis:

    Once when Jacob was cooking some stew, Esau came in from the open country, famished. He said to Jacob, ¡§Quick, let me have some of that red stew! I¡¦m famished!¡¨ (That is why he was also called Edom, or ¡§red¡¨). Jacob replied, ¡§First sell me your birthright.¡¨ ¡§Look, I am about to die,¡¨ Esau said. ¡§What good is the birthright to me?¡¨ But Jacob said, ¡§Swear to me first.¡¨ So he swore an oath to him, selling his birthright to Jacob. Then Jacob gave Esau some bread and some lentil stew. He ate and drank, and then got up and left. So Esau despised his birthright. Genesis 25:29-34 (NIV)

Disturbing Connection to Surface Text

What makes these curiosities disturbing is the message of the surface text above these very significant Bible code occurrences. Ezekiel 7:2-8 reads (in the New International Version):

    Son of man, this is what the Sovereign Lord says to the land of Israel: The end! The end has come upon the four corners of the land.

    The end is now upon you and I will unleash my anger against you. I will judge you according to your conduct and repay you for all your detestable practices.

    I will not look on you with pity or spare you; I will surely repay you for your conduct and the detestable practices among you. Then you will know that I am the Lord.

    This is what the Sovereign God says: Disaster! An unheard-of disaster is coming.

    The end has come! The end has come! It has roused itself against you. It has come!

    Doom has come upon you„oyou who dwell in the land. The time has come, the day is near; there is panic, not joy, upon the mountains.

    I am about to pour out my wrath on you and spend my anger against you; I will judge you according to your conduct and repay you for all your detestable practices.

Who is the Message For?

This message came through the prophet Ezekiel for the nation of Israel prior to its conquering by the Babylonian empire in 587 B.C. This was not the first time God allowed pagans to punish Israel in times of spiritual decline. Given that scholars believe there are many double prophecies in the Bible, or instances where a prophecy is fulfilled once and then fulfilled again in a totally different situation many years later, could it be that the scripture has a modern application, too?

And is it possible to tie these codes and anomalies beneath it to the United States? Could the ¡§detestable practices¡¨ be our commonplace disregard for the Ten Commandments? Might this not include our worship of self, possessions and success rather than God? Our tolerance of violence in media as well as reality? Our ready acceptance of dishonesty and adultery?

Or is it simply a coincidence? Or could it be that our ¡§God Bless America¡¨ slogans are pathetically powerless in a time of our nation¡¦s greatest challenge?

Broken down into categories, here is a listing of the most significant ELSs in this cluster to date:

World Trade Center
  • Powerful Destructive Sound, As If From An Airliner
  • New York. They Accompany the Unfortunate Who Are Stricken In It. The Worshippers Are Gathering Around God.
  • Exact crossing of September 11 and 2001 near center of NY code (734296 vs. 734286)
  • And Your Son is In the Destruction
  • In the morning
  • Firemen
  • Devastation
  • Terror
  • Grief
  • Cruelty
  • Crying
  • Death

Osama bin Laden
  • He Will Wonder Where The Hiding Bin Laden is Sleeping.
  • Sect of the Billy Goat, Bin Laden, Hand of the Shadow with Them, Strike at His Wine
  • And Manasseh is Casting a Cloud on Him, and We Will Pick Up the Dead Bin Laden
  • Ptooey! Bin Laden: Lofty Mansion. Bel the Father Comes Into Them
  • Conspiracy
  • Taliban
  • Jihad

  • His Blood Was Contaminated. Grace is Coming in 2001. God is With Them and Around Them
  • The Laws Are His by Shedding Light on Anthrax. Let It Be
  • Tom Brokaw Glory, Esau is Dead [Esau, as a hunter, could symbolize terrorists]
  • Please, Mother, Who Gouged and Caused the Flow? They Cried, Mail!
  • Pillows of smoke, a cell of anthrax in you. God Will Terminate It.
  • Anthrax Turns Their Blood Thin. I Am Full of Joy and Abundant Reward. Life is Dimming
  • His Sect is With Anthrax
  • Disease of the Lungs

World Trade Center (WTC) Code Anomalies
  • Large shortfall in number of WTC codes in text centered on NY code. Nearly 100 less WTC codes than expected. (355 found vs. 451 expected with skips of 1-3278)

Symbols of a Mass Graveyard
  • Exceptional excess of "The End" codes in text centered on NY code. 41 expected, 72 found, skips of 1-444.
  • Literal text of Ezekiel 7:6: "An end has come, has come the end." The first "end" centers on the last letter of the New York ELS. 4 Crosses Centered On It. The second "end" is 7 letters away and has 3 crosses centered on it. 13 total crosses formed by different occurrences of "The End" codes.

  • The Public Representative Will Deliver the Will. My Son, 'Tis the Season for Him to Strike, Predicting the Shocks of Tora Bora. Where is My Fear? So I Will Multiply It Ten-fold by Striking Whom?
  • My Horror Comes from the Bread of the Wise One. My Palate Will Carry My Drink and Will Nurse from Her
  • He Comes to Finance, Remove a Public Figure from an Unheard of Disaster. A Man of the Sea Has Just Struck Us
  • He Sang to the Voice of the Essence of God in Your Mother, United States
  • Form Her Heart Toward Him and Let Go. Got Into It. Where? Iraq
  • Please Value the Day of Might. Who? Iraq. The Song Will Awaken Him
  • I Will Take a Tooth, and if Seized from a Child, Protest!
  • When There is No Home, He Will Cast a Cloud Over the Weeping Ones
  • They Will See the Devastation By Cold and Moisture
  • The Mountain's Heart is a Light for Us in the Morning
  • Here in Them the Father's Gift Produced Stink
  • He Taught Us the Power of Her Halo
  • Repent! God Has Responded to the Evil
  • This Evil in the Nation
  • God Struck Evil
  • Every Evil
  • Iraq
  • Saddam
  • U.S.
  • War

Unusual Letter Patterns

We have also come upon an interesting phenomenon involving an unexpectedly large number of ELSs formed from the Hebrew term for “the end”, which also stands for “destruction.” We noticed that four of “the end” ELSs crossed the same letter in the surface text that was the middle letter of the Hebrew word for “the end,” and that three of them crossed a second incidence of the literal term a few letters away. That placed a stack of five “the end” ELSs in one spot in the cluster and another with a stack of four nearby, the first one being the literal word in the text. If a matrix were printed up on any one of these, what would appear on the screen would be a cross—because each pair of “the end” ELSs intersected at their middle letter:

When we checked the location of these two stacks of crosses, we were stunned. The first set was centered right on top of the last letter of the New York ELS within the longer 28 letter focal code. And the second set was centered only 7 letters away. Furthermore, this meant that the last letter of the New York ELS was the middle letter of the literal “the end” in Ezekiel 7 where it says, “Disaster! An unheard-of disaster is coming. The end has come! The end has come!”

Like so many things about this collection of codes, if this phenomenon had just appeared somewhere on its own, in a place that had no relationship to anything, we could easily dismiss it as a fluke. But its precise placement and its existence as a potential representation of two mass graveyards, together with the encoding of September 11, 2001, again suggested intentional embedding.

A couple of hundred letters earlier in the cluster, we noticed a stack of six ELSs comprised of the Hebrew acronym for the World Trade Center. Having so many stacked on top of one another appeared quite unusual. It seemed even more unusual when we realized that the center of this stack of WTC codes was only three letters prior to the first letter of the New York ELS in the 28 letter focal code of Ezekiel 7. In other words, the New York ELS was bracketed by a stack of six WTC ELSs and two stacks of crosses formed by “the end” ELSs. Surely a coincidence! And yet these all seemed plausible if the author were intent on creating a text to leave traces like this behind.

Here is an illustration of these stacks of letters:

Hebrew Spellings of Longest Codes in the Cluster

In the table below are Hebrew spellings and skips of all ELSs of eight and more letters in the cluster. The longest "code" in any book other than the Bible is just seven letters long.

Matrix Showing Tightness of the Cluster

Here is a matrix that shows how the cluster appears with ELSs closest to the focal code, New York: They Accompany the Unfortunate Who Are Stricken in It. The Worshippers are Gathering Around God:

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