Shimon Peres—Wins

by Moshe Aharon (Morris) Shak
Copyright © June 2007

The 296-Letter-Long Shimon Peres Code (January 2006) article discusses the life of Israel's president-elect Shimon Peres in great detail from early in his career though his long career as a loser of Presidential or Prime Minister elections. At the end of the long code, we find the statement there is strength in you. That last comment in the long code was a powerful hint of things to come.

On the eve of the current election of a new president for Israel, I was curious to find out what the codes have to say about the loser's surprise win. I keyed in the day of the month, followed by the month of the election day and looked at the shortest skip. I always follow the procedure as outlined in my book Bible Codes Breakthrough. The shortest skip was not in Leviticus where the 296-letter-long term was found. I did not have much time to look for codes, and I was about to drop the whole search. However, next to the date my eye caught three remarkable letters spelling Peres! Furthermore, the message in Leviticus 11 that makes up the 296-letter matrix is very similar to the content of the message that crosses the date that Peres won the current Israeli presidential election. See the two sections below:

Leviticus Chapter 11

(Part of the 296-Letter-Long Shimon Peres Code)

Deuteronomy Chapter 14

(The big Peres in verse 7 is next to the election date)

Do the codes in Leviticus contradict the codes in Deuteronomy? I do not believe that. There are several fundamental issues in Bible study that we must understand. The codes are only one of the numerous ways that we expound on the study of the Torah, where the codes against all odds confirm what we have been taught all along. One of the main criteria in the methodology that I apply is the need of two or more "witnesses" to verify the truth. The seed of the truth is in the Torah, and the rest of the Bible primarily expounds on the truths in the Torah. That is why I typically look for the truth at the source — in the Torah.

Why does the Bible present the Ten Commandments twice? Why does it tell us the same rules about allowable and forbidden foods twice? In each case, we have long paragraphs. If we are to read the sections carefully, we will see that there are variations in each case. The observant Bible student will be able to gain more insight by reading the two slightly different versions.

Peres also is located in two different sections in the Bible. Perhaps he is even encoded in other places that I did not find. However, in each area, additional light is being shed on the subject. The additional light in this case is that, finally, he is going to be elected president.

On the other hand, the emphasis on unclean is still there. The stamp Peres is still in both places and the election issue is in both places. Interestingly, the Peres story about most of his life, is at the center of the Torah in Leviticus, while the end of his life is at the end of the Torah, in Deuteronomy. Also, the concentration of the term Peres is greater where most of his life is outlined as opposed to the end of his life.

The wise Bible student is aware that one of the many reasons that two or more witnesses are required is that at times in the Bible there are two variations that appear to contradict one another — only to find another passage that clearly settles the argument. In the case of Peres — there is really no argument. In the first part of his life he IS a loser. Late in life he is not. It may also be — just maybe there is a hint in the Torah codes that Peres in his early life was a loser more often than just at election time. Perhaps his actions made Israel lose a great deal more in the political/religious field than he lost in his personal life. The majority of Israelis now lament his efforts to bring about the Oslo accord and the Gaza withdrawal. Peres was THE force behind achieving these goals. At the time, these ideas were popular with many Israelis. At the time when Peres tried to stop the bombing of the Iraqi nuclear plant, world leaders thought like him. Like the Israelis who saw Peres' mistakes too late — so many of the world nations appreciated Israel's action in Iraq at a later date. Perhaps now at the end of his career, Peres may be a winner. Peres may be able to negotiate better for Israel, as he is known by the world to be a great dove. The world wants Israel to be a dove and accept anything that its enemies throw at her. They would love to deal with such a dove that accepts what no other nation would.

Yet another principle of the Bible is that it always tells the truth. In both matrices, there is a suggestion of impurity and being unclean. Is there an indication of disapproval for Peres there? There is also a suggestion in the matrix above that Hashem will choose Peres. Is it really a reference to Hashem who now wants to use Peres for negotiations, or was it a reference to the Shas Religious Party, with its spiritual leader that their declaration to support Peres helped him win the election?

Israelis may approve Peres' contributions to Israel, or they may disapprove many of his actions. However, no one will argue that he had a vast impact on Israel's history. Israelis may argue whether he brought more good or harm to Israel, but they will agree that he had and still has great political strength. The 296-letter code indicated that toward the end of his career he still has strength. The Deuteronomy matrix indicates how much and in what way (i.e., by winning the election).

From a small matrix above, I developed a larger matrix shown below that describes more events in Peres' life. Noted in blue are the codes found in the matrix.
  • Rabin (Israel's Prime Minister) labels Peres as subversive — the codes show that he was striving for recognition: Aha, to this crown!
  • He believed possible (prayed for — hoped for) in Oslo
  • He wanted to avert a war — but caused many a war they excluded
  • He believed in the false promises made at Oslo: The voice of the words of this people, which they have spoken TO ME; they have well said all that they have spoken. Oh, if it only be true (who would give it to be so).
  • He went against the Biblical commandment that the land of Israel is a gift for the Children of Israel — . . . and go in and possess the land which the LORD swore unto your fathers. And you shall remember. . . and thy God WILL enlarge thy border, as He hath sworn unto thy fathers, and give thee all the land which He promised to give unto thy fathers —
  • He wanted to give that gift land away: Now the LORD was angered with me for my saying like there is an owner that is not Jewish.

In the final analysis, however, even if Peres does eventually do some good for Israel, a few witnesses (codes) indicate some displeasure with Peres:
  • The 26 of Sivan stunk! It is difficult with him. Wait and negotiate (act as middleman).
  • (slang) Oh dear!, Oh no!; (slang) Wow! Gee! Gosh! Peres and,
  • This day woe is constituted

[Editor's note: In the following table, we have noted under the skips of one, whether the text is literal text or is parsed or encoded text. The reader should be aware that literal text provides a context for the codes, but is not a code.]

When we look at the matrix above the table, with a little imagination, we can see some distinct features:
  • A large cross (in red).
  • A crescent (outlined in yellow with the top just above the pink letter, and the bottom almost parallel to the two bottom slanted terms.
  • A tornado (It is encompassing all the terms with gray scribble). See a picture of a real tornado below.
  • The term:

    Thy God WILL enlarge thy border, as He hath sworn unto thy fathers, and give thee all the land which He promised to give unto thy fathers.

  • The bottom of the cross bears down in the middle of the orange term right on top of the word your border.
  • The crescent encompasses the term your border.
  • The tornado centers on the term your border.

It is interesting that:
  • Christianity (represented by the cross) bears on Israel's borders by preventing Israel from acting as they ordinarily would for their own self-defense.
  • The Moslems (represented by the crescent) surround Israel's borders.
  • Israel's border is engulfed in a tornado (or winds of destruction) on a continuous basis.
  • Right next to it all is the term Peres (both terms Peres and your border are double underlined in orange). For better or worse, Peres is part of it all.

We know that Peres' strategy is to give up land for peace. We can see in the matrix (and from the surface text) that the land is a gift to the Jews for generations. Just below the left side of the cross, in the orange border, there is a statement: and it shall be for Israel. The reference in the text is to the land. But if we follow the text in the Bible following the term Peres, we get the following:

We know that Peres was a hawk at the beginning of his career and a dove at the end. That is one indication of a split, or of one who is torn or divided as to what to do. Perhaps, he still has one more role to play that will split his behavior — tearing up the Oslo agreement.

Editor's Notes:
  • The Scripture references are taken from the CodeFinder Bible code program.

[Moshe Shak bases his matrices on strict rules as outlined in his book Bible Codes Breakthrough. He only uses statistically significant terms, and many other strict rules to minimize the chance of presenting bogus "codes." Contact Moshe at]

Moshe Aharon Shak is a frequent contributor to BCD. If you are interested in reading more articles by Shak, be sure to visit the Directory of Moshe Aharon Shak's Articles for links to his other articles posted on BCD's site.

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