The Intensity of the Heart of the New York Cluster

Crossing the first eight verses of Ezekiel 7 is a group of 17 lengthy codes about the terrorist attacks. Each of these codes is longer than any equidistant letter sequence (ELS) found in any book other than the Bible. That ELS was seven letters long and was found in a Hebrew translation of Tolstoy’s War and Peace.

By comparison ten of the Ezekiel 7 codes are 20 or more letters long. The longest consists of 31 letters.

This recently discovered cluster is now recognized as the most intense set of Bible codes ever discovered. This intensity has three dimensions. First is the large number of very lengthy codes, as described above. Second, all these long codes cross an exceptionally short section of text (only 336 letters in 7 verses). Third, there are two very long codes (28 and 25 letters) with very short skips (15 and 19 letters) that blanket the core of this cluster and that intertwine with one another like two strings of yarn woven together.

Those two intertwined codes are: New York: They Accompany the Unfortunate Who Are Stricken In It. The Worshippers are Gathering Around God, and Form Her Heart Toward Him and Let Go. Go Into It. Where? Iraq.

In the chart below we provide a letter-by-letter accounting of the lengthy codes that cross the first verses of Ezekiel 37. Each verse is presented, with its literal text. Then, we present each of the codes as they appear in different letters in each verse. At the left, we have indicated how long each code is in terms of the number of letters in that code. The first intertwined code is referred to as the “NEW YORK FOCAL CODE” in the chart, while the second code is referred to as the “IRAQ FOCAL CODE.”

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