Head-to-Head Comparisons of the Skeptics'
Best Example with Some Bona Fide Clusters

The Skyline Comparison: Hanukah
Cluster Vs. Longest Ezekiel 37 Codes NOW UPDATED

The “skyline” of Hebrew code buildings above is a tale of two cities represented by the Hanukah cluster of codes from War and Peace on the left, and the longest codes from Ezekiel 37.

This comparison shows the dramatic contrast between the two clusters, with the Ezekiel 37 codes lined up from right to left according to their location in the text, and the skeptics’ example from left to right. They both read from top to bottom.

Recently, we updated the skyline to include many new codes in the Ezekiel 37 cluster discovered since the comparison was first posted late in 2001. The tallest building in the example is the longest ELS in the cluster, the 61-letter code, There is Quarrel in His Speeches. A Living Brother Uttered Words to Them and to Me. And Zubaidah Turned to His Sea, Without Then Lying for a Whole Week. Oh, the Mountain of Her Interior Will Bear a Testimonial to Her Name.

The shortest of the codes in the Ezekiel 37 “buildings” are at least three times longer than the longest Hanukah code, which is seven letters long.

A Whole New Way of Looking at a Code Cluster

The Hanukah cluster is the best example put forward by Bible code skeptics that codes can be found in any book. It was assembled from a section of Tolstoy's War and Peace.

Quite a dramatic contrast is created when you compare the coincidental Hanukah cluster with a truly substantive cluster such as the one on the 911 attacks in Ezekiel 37. In fact, the contrast is even more dramatic with this new way of presenting the most significant codes in a cluster.

The new method allows for a way to show the longest codes in a cluster, and is based on the “mod” approach. Matrix—or crossword—presentations are valuable, but limited in that they show only the heart of a cluster and its shorter codes. But the longest and most significant codes often have large skips, so only one or two of its letters can be shown in one of these matrices.

In the case of the new approach presentation of the Ezekiel 37 cluster above, a horizontal line represents the Bible text of 2,500 Hebrew letters where the cluster is centered, running from Ezekiel 36:24 on the left, to Ezekiel 37:25 on the right. Laid out across that line are the most significant codes in the cluster, crossing it where the ELS intersects with it. A similar display procedure was followed for the Hanukah cluster.

Technical Note: The angle of each code is determined by its “mod,” and its appearance on a 180-degree protractor whose base is a vertical line on the left side of the text line, which is at a 90-degree angle to the protractor’s base. A fixed divisor is selected for all codes. Then the "mod" of each code is the remainder when the code's skip is divided by the divisor.

We presented these ELSs in English, but they could just as easily be laid out in Hebrew.

Another Head to Head Comparison:
Ezekiel 7 ELSs and Hanukah ELSs

Code skeptics would have people believe no Bible codes are real. Part of their case they rest on an initially convincing counterexample—an “impressive” looking cluster of codes about Hanukah they found in a Hebrew translation of Tolstoy’s War and Peace.

Well, here’s a list of all the codes in the skeptics’ Hanukah cluster (by decreasing length):

Now compare the above list with these codes from the Terrorist Attack cluster:

Not only are there 22 codes in Ezekiel 7 that are each longer than the longest in the skeptic’s Hanukah counterexample, but many of them are dramatically longer.

Leading code skeptics would no doubt like to have you ignore this comparison, because it simply overturns their case. They would likely say that our approach wasn’t “scientific,” but wouldn’t admit to the fact that by their definition most of what we know as “science” would be dismissed as bunk.

What do you think? Let us know your reaction to the comparisons above.

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