Round Two:

Highly Significant
Buddha Codes
Found in Isaiah 40-46

In the September/October 2007 digest, we introduced 20 Buddha codes in the article Highly Significant Buddha Codes Found in Isaiah 40-46. As noted in the previous article, all parsing and translations were performed by Nathan Jacobi, Ph.D. This article is a continuation of those findings.

Buddha (heh)

We expanded our search area to Isaiah chapters 30 to 60 to locate the next 10 instances of Buddha (spelled with a heh) that pass through the "Who is like God" verses found in Isaiah 40-46. Of the 10, five are part of longer ELSs, which ranged from 14 to 59 letters. Missing from these five are the references to light and enlightenment that where found in the first group, but we do find the words mountain, demon and prince repeated.


The evil was redeemed by the focus of Buddha, and take and praise them,
for you were quieted down. Who has requested the teeth of water?
They are rendering the mountain a difficult demon for me.

In Buddhism, water and mountains are significant. Water is used in various offerings and for cleansing and purification.

Vulture Peak in northern India is the mountain where Buddha is thought "to have delivered a number of sermons." Mount Meru is "the mythological center of the Buddhist universe."

On page four in our previous article, we presented information on two demons relevant to Buddhism.


They drank what was in you, he took and diversified
the modest Buddha, from across the findings of my mother her silent
expressions have withered. Is his pillar of strength in God?

In this code the word mother is mentioned. If it refers to Buddha's mother, then The Birth of Buddha may shed some light on the code.
    Queen Maya dreamt of a white elephant entering her side, and became pregnant. According to Buddhist tradition, the Buddha-to-be was residing as a Bodhisattva, in the Tusita heaven, and decided to take the shape of a white elephant to be reborn, for the last time, on Earth.

His mother died seven days after his birth. The phrase her silent expressions have withered could be referring to her death so soon after his birth.


And in the days of his word you will happen, Buddha. Ha, ha, ha,
and his name brought confusion. Who is my master of bitterness?

Perhaps the shortest explanation of Buddha's teaching is I teach on suffering and the way to end it. Mastering bitterness would be a way to avoid suffering.


Buddha converts me pleasantly, my basis is soft religion.

The word pleasant actually plays an important part in Buddhist teachings, because "when the label of pleasant is given to an object, we develop attachment." In Buddhism, attachment is considered one of the Three Poisons. However, when the word pleasantly refers to the beliefs of Buddhism itself, this would seem to be an acceptable attachment. Perhaps soft religion refers to the attitude of tolerance toward those of other beliefs that Buddhism is known for.


Descend, Prince Buddha, and sit down with him.

As we found in one of codes presented in our previous article, in this code we find Buddha being referred to as a prince. From Wikipedia's entry on Buddha's Early Life and Marriage, we learn that Buddha was "destined to a luxurious life as a prince, and had three palaces (for seasonal occupation) especially built for him." His father was King Suddhodana.

Here is the table for the Buddha (spelled with a heh) findings numbers 11 through 20.

Buddha with an alef

Only two of the next 10 Buddha (with an alef) searches resulted in extensions.


Be aware, Buddha has decided.

This code appears to be from the point of view of a follower of Buddha who was encouraging his hearers to take heed to Buddha's views on a specific matter.


Buddha of my seekers came as a brother.

In this code, Buddha could more generally refer to any number of enlightened ones, since that is what the title means.

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