Startling Election Codes Surface

[This article was posted to the BCD site on April 16, 2008.]

In the wake of the ongoing political campaigns of the three remaining U.S. presidential contenders, BCD asked Nathan Jacobi, Ph.D., to examine terms for the names of each of the candidate for possible extensions. What he found were numerous extended codes that reflect the turbulent and contentious nature of the current campaigns.

We again encountered what we have so often seen in past investigations on different topics. Usually an extended code will pointedly express something from a well known point-of-view. If we view these codes as recognizable opinions, rather than as statements of fact, then we encounter strong evidence for the reality of the phenomenon of Bible codes—because these prophetic fragments are so frequently present as to not be the product of chance. We also realize that each extended code, by itself, is only a fragment, and that it lacks sufficient context to form the basis of a prediction.

Before embarking into speculations about what some of the various codes discovered might mean, it is worth reiterating that the purpose of our commentary isn't one of presenting the only viable explanation, but rather to present one plausible explanation. Usually the content of an extended Bible code is not so specific as to preclude a variety of plausible explanations. The reader may well have some interpretations that might be quite fitting. It is just that these did not occur to us in trying to comment on the content of the various codes we encountered.

Given these prefatory observations, the controversial, pithy, extended codes Jacobi found are presented in three parts:

Part I—The John McCain Codes

What if you were to develop a profile of John McCain based solely on the content of the extended Bible codes found around ELS terms of his name? You would conclude that he was a public speaker, endured humiliation, was a memorial to confinement and death [POW?], that he and his family served and had authority, he influenced a group of 100 [the Senate?], and that there was concern about his health. Isn't that remarkable?

The McCain Table lists the plausible meanings of the codes, followed by more in-depth analysis.

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McCain Table

J. McCain Codes

A very startling code emerged after looking for extensions on either side of the original search term of J. McCain:

The opening of my God's duty,
the hot shame of Bush,
is tall and high within me.
The line and heart of J. McCain has dimmed.

It is astonishing that Bush should crop up as part of that extended code, and even more astonishing that the code should express the intense phrase, the hot shame of Bush. It is also startling that the last sentence of this code should state a strong opinion regarding the future prospects for the positions, hopes and/or beliefs of John McCain (i.e., the line and heart of J. McCain). These things are most intriguing, regardless of who the speaker is, and whether or not we happen to agree with their views. To find a 39-letter-long code that is so coherent, and so "current events" in its nature, is stunning.

Next is the curious question of what point-of-view is being presented in this pungent code. The beginning phrase (The opening of my God's duty) clearly implies that the speaker is very religious. Obviously, the speaker has a very negative view of President Bush. The speaker could be some independent or Democrat, or even some disillusioned Republican, or it could be some person from a foreign country who despises Bush. There is no shortage of such people, and that is what is makes this code so compelling. It doesn't express some obscure opinion, but rather a very common point-of-view.

The ending phrase, the heart of J. McCain has dimmed seems to correspond with concerns about the future health of a presidential candidate who would take office at the age of 72 and serve for four years. It is not only McCain's age that raises these concerns, but also the cumulative effect of the various traumas he has experienced. Consider these excerpts from the Wikipedia article on him:
    McCain graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1958, and was married in 1965. He became a naval aviator, flying attack aircraft from carriers. During his training and deployments he survived two airplane crashes and a collision with power lines.

    During the Vietnam War in 1967, he narrowly escaped death in the Forrestal fire. He was at the epicenter of the Forrestal fire, when a rocket accidentally fired across the carrier's deck and hit planes, including McCain's which had been waiting to launch. McCain escaped from his burning jet and was trying to help another pilot escape when a bomb exploded; McCain was struck in the legs and chest by shrapnel. The ensuing fire killed 134 sailors and took 24 hours to control.

    On his twenty-third bombing mission over North Vietnam later in 1967, he was shot down, badly injured, and captured as a prisoner of war by the North Vietnamese. He spent five and a half years as a prisoner of war, including periods of torture.

    McCain fractured both arms and a leg, and then nearly drowned when he parachuted into Truc Bach Lake in Hanoi. After he regained consciousness, a mob gathered around, spat on him, kicked him, and stripped him of his clothes. Others crushed his shoulder with the butt of a rifle and bayoneted him in his left foot and abdominal area; he was then transported to Hanoi's main Hoa Loa Prison, nicknamed the "Hanoi Hilton" by American POWs.

    Although McCain was badly wounded, his captors refused to give him medical care unless he gave them military information, beating and interrogating him. Only when the North Vietnamese discovered that his father was a top admiral did they give him medical care and announced his capture. His status as a POW made the front pages of The New York Times and The Washington Post.

    McCain spent six weeks in the Hoa Loa hospital, receiving marginal care. Now having lost 50 pounds, in a chest cast, and with his hair turned white, McCain was sent to a different camp on the outskirts of Hanoi in December 1967, into a cell with two other Americans who did not expect him to live a week; they nursed McCain and kept him alive. In March 1968, McCain was put into solitary confinement, where he would remain for two years.

    In July 1968, McCain's father was named commander of all U.S. forces in the Vietnam theater. McCain was immediately offered a chance to return home early: The North Vietnamese wanted a worldwide propaganda coup by appearing merciful, and also wanted to show other POWs that elites like McCain were willing to be treated preferentially. McCain turned down the offer of repatriation; he would only accept the offer if every man taken in before him was released as well.

    In August of 1968, a program of severe torture methods began on McCain, using rope bindings into painful positions, and beatings every two hours, at the same time as he was suffering from dysentery. His injuries left him permanently incapable of raising his arms above his head. He subsequently received two to three beatings per week because of his continued refusal to sign additional statements.

Although most Americans know that McCain was a POW, few realize how long and cruel his imprisonment was, as detailed above. However, the next Bible code seems to provide a sketch of this.

J. McCain is humble in my shadow,
a memorial of the corners of death—
as a question.

The corners of death conjures up the image of the small, dark, dank cell that McCain suffered in during his lengthy experience of solitary confinement as a POW in Vietnam. McCain was a POW for over five years, during and after which he was one of the most famous POWs in the history of the 20th century. That his fame in this regard is real is truly a memorial to the horrors of a solitary confinement cell.

What is the is humble in my shadow about? It could be that the speaker was a member of the Viet Cong, or of the North Vietnamese government or society, who is remarking on the great humiliation involved in the son of an admiral in the US military being subjected to such a prolonged and intense state of suffering. If that were the case, the question mentioned at the end of the code could be one such a person would ask, "Wasn't the American defense of South Vietnam an effort that was truly in vain?"

It could also be that the speaker is God, and that McCain is humble before God, as a long-time member of a Baptist church, and that his fame as a POW prisoner is a reminder to all of the horrors of war, and the question of whether the Vietnam War was justifiable. Or it could be a different question entirely?

Also found was a 17-letter-long code that bears clear relevance to him as a politician:

J. McCain will deliver a speech for you. And when?

While the content of this code isn't as controversial or interesting as that of the first two, it is a very sensible code. What is striking is:

J. McCain () only appeared five times as an ELS in the Tanakh at any size skip. All three of the ELS terms with the shortest skips had clear extensions with relevant content to him. The two with the longest skips did not yield any extensions.

John McCain (first spelling: ) did not appear at all as an ELS. Neither did John McCain with the second spelling ().

McCain Codes

Since we did not find any John McCain codes, we decided to try searching for just McCain.

McCain is sufficient. I will strike them
by the son who lives at the super-site.

While this code is general enough that we cannot be sure what it is referring to, a likely interpretation is that it refers to McCain and his son, as if they were both in the military. The problem is that we can only guess as to which "McCain and son" the code is about.
  • John McCain's grandfather was an admiral in the Navy.
  • John McCain's father was an admiral in the Navy and then "was named commander of all U.S. forces in the Vietnam theater."
  • The presidential candidate is John McCain III. He retired from the Navy as a Captain. "During his military career, he received a Silver Star, a Bronze Star, the Legion of Merit, the Purple Heart and a Distinguished Flying Cross."
  • Jack McCain, son of John III, is expected to graduate from the U.S. Naval Academy in 2009.
  • Jimmy McCain, younger son of John III, joined the Marines in 2006 as an 18 year old.

The code offers no clues as to who it is that will be struck, or to who is speaking (the one who will strike by the son). One can easily image Al Quada, or the insurgents in Iraq, or Iran, as being struck. The super-site could be the Pentagon; Washington, D.C.; the Presidency; or even the Internet; or something else. The whole point is that this code provides evidence that the author(s) of the Bible knew about the McCains back when the Hebrew Bible was written.

They will be judged when you respond,
father McCain. Her days were set
by a prince in a monument to God
who illuminates his mind by fire.

This code raises similar questions to the code immediately above. Father McCain seems to imply a "son McCain," and there are a number of choices here. Who could the prince be? Whoever he is would seem to be a religious man who has been influenced by some dramatic event or force.

Watch the connection where
McCain has adjusted a hundred.

There are 100 senators, so this code could refer to some move by McCain to "cross the aisle" between the Republicans and Democrats and to embark on some kind of joint legislation or effort. McCain has a well-known history as a political maverick, and it would be characteristic of him to do such a thing. A week ago, there was a picture of John McCain in London, holding talks with the British Prime Minister. Also in the picture was Joe Liebermann. It left us wondering if Liebermann might be called upon to be McCain's vice-presidential choice.

In December 2007, Lieberman crossed party lines and endorsed McCain for President. It was also suggested in an MSNBC story.

McCain the President

In addition, we searched for McCain the President and The President McCain. There was only a 0.00235 expected chance of finding those two 11-letter codes. None were found.

The Complete Table of McCain Codes

The following is a table of the complete findings of McCain codes that BCD and Jacobi researched.

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