Jerusalem Terrorist Attack Codes

In March 2008, eight students were tragically killed and nine were wounded when a man began firing a gun in the Mercaz Harav yeshiva's library. Nathan Jacobi, Ph.D., examined five findings of the name of the school for extensions, which in English means Center of the Rabbi. Out of the five, three resulted in extensions. Here are his findings.

Center of the Rabbi (2); Skip = 3,083; 13-letter code

It would be natural to refer to the students as the glory of the Center of the Rabbi. It was they who were struck in the attack.

Center of the Rabbi (3); Skip = -5,587; 17-letter code

The fire in this code could easily be the gunfire released during the attack.

Center of the Rabbi (4); Skip = 5,986; 35-letter code

The deceased from your nest could be seen as a reference to the students who died. It is an encouraging thought that they have been exalted. In the last sentence, the word came seems to imply that a student would strike the one who attacked them. According to HaAretz, a student did fire two rounds at the terrorist before another person fired the fatal shot.

Searches number one (1) at skip 102 and number five (5) at skip -6,298 did not result in any extensions.

Though this is a small sample of codes, the fact that three of the five terms resulted in ostensibly meaningful, lengthy extensions, is remarkable. Finding a 35-letter-long code is particularly impressive. These codes could be seen as a memorial to the students who died. That memorial has been embedded in the text of the Tanakh for two-plus millennia.

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