A Post-Election Look at
Pre-Election Code Findings

A Post-Election Look at Pre-Election Code Findings
Three pre-election BCD issues presented Bible code findings about the various presidential and vice-presidential candidates. While BCD does not believe that Bible codes can be reliably used to make predictions, it is our position that such codes typically represent expressions of well-known points-of-view. Many of these codes appear to hit that target.

Startling Election Codes
Continue to Surface

Palin and Biden Codes
With the U.S. presidential election date just days away, we have received numerous requests to research Sarah Palin. As the widely unknown newcomer to the race, everyone is very curious about her. In addition, we also ran some searches for Joe Biden.

Startling Election Codes Continue to Surface
With the U.S. presidential elections nearing, we decided to examine additional codes for McCain, J. McCain, and two different spellings of B. Obama.

Startling Election Codes Surface

Part I: The John McCain Codes
The McCain codes express that he was a public speaker, endured humiliation, was a memorial to confinement and death [POW?], that he and his family served and had authority, he influenced a group of 100 [the Senate?], and that there was concern about his health.

Part II: The Barack Obama Codes
The Obama codes express that he was a very charismatic public figure with a large, devoted following caught up in conflict with others over some kind of sought-after position.

Part III: The Hillary Clinton Codes
Of the Clinton codes presented, one of them refers to a little known political position that she has taken.

Part IV: Concluding Observations
What should we make of all this? The very high level of relevance of these codes to each of the presidential candidates is quite evident.

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