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[This article was posted to the BCD site on October 29, 2008, six days before the U.S. presidential election. BCD subscribers were notified of the posting on the same day.]

With the U.S. presidential election date just days away, we have received numerous requests to research Sarah Palin. As the widely unknown newcomer to the race, everyone is very curious about her. In addition, we also ran some searches for Joe Biden.

First, we searched for Sarah Palin. There was only one instance of Sarah Palin, and it did not result in any extensions. Then, we began to look for S. Palin. Four out of the ten shortest skips resulted in extensions, the longest of which is 46 letters long.

As always, we would remind our readers that many other people may be named S. Palin, therefore, these findings may not refer directly to Sarah Palin, the current Republican vice presidential candidate. Furthermore, in our opinion, the content of Bible codes represents one of many possible points of view. Consequently, their content should not be viewed as truth, but rather as opinion.

Nathan Jacobi, Ph.D., parsed and translated the codes presented in this article.

Sarah Palin

S. Palin Code #2—

I will be given a cross section of the fish of S. Palin from my bread, a song of milk.

Comments: Since Sarah Palin is the current Governor of Alaska, this code could be from the point of view of someone living and working in the fishing industry in Alaska. In addition, her husband Todd Palin is a commercial fisherman.

A cross section of the fish could be the fishing industry, and from my bread could refer to making a living from fishing, as in the phrase "earning my daily bread." A song of milk is very poetic. Along with from my bread, it could also be referring to earning a living.


S. Palin Code #3—

Soon was judged the cold heart and head of Palin.

Comments: This code appears to be from the point of view of a detractor of Palin. Much speculation, both positive and negative, has been broadcast in the media regarding her personality and her motives for running in this election.


S. Palin Code #4—

His light moved your way and photographed S. Palin seemingly in pity,
and God has established me as a solid tree; the clown of folklore will hit them.

Comments: The words light and photographed bring to mind the media coverage of Palin. It is unclear who the "me" is in the second half of the code. The clown of folklore is an unusual phrase. Perhaps it refers to the program Saturday Night Live and its success with the impersonations of all the candidates, but in particular with Tina Fey's impersonation of Palin.


S. Palin Code #10—

King, God, why have they kept silent, S. Palin?
The father's speechlessness was an admission.
Twice she has placed a site that was brought close.

Comments: The first sentence in this code could be someone crying out in prayer. Some conservative political pundits have speculated that the McCain campaign has not utilized Palin to her best advantage. That they have kept her under wraps when they should be letting her campaign more. So this prayer would be asking why have they kept Palin silent?

The second sentence is quite mysterious. It is unclear who the father refers to, and why is his speechlessness an admission? While the specific subject matter is unclear, it is intriguing that it focuses on some kind of significant information that has been kept under wraps.

Perhaps the last sentence is talking about her twice being elected by the people of Alaska (once as Mayor, and once as Governor). Site could refer to her website or to a political ideology or agenda. That was brought close could mean the people of Alaska embraced her ideology. Taken as a whole, this last sentence could be referring to her political experience.


Joe Biden

We thought it would be interesting to take a look at some Joe Biden codes as well. We only had time to look at five. Three out of the five resulted in extensions, the longest of which is 47 letters long.

Again, we remind our readers that there may be many men named Joe Biden, therefore, these codes may refer to another person by that name. Alternatively, the code may only represent an opinion.

Joe Biden Code #1—

There is a quarrel within me, Joe Biden.

Comments: We do not have enough information to know what point of view this code takes. This code could be Biden speaking in the third person to himself, or it could be any one of a number of his fellow Senators talking to him, including Barack Obama. In addition, one wonders if this code might refer to the struggles of an undecided voter. The percentage of undecided voters (e.g., 5% to 7%) is one of the highest in recent history—this close to an election.


Joe Biden Code #2—

Joe Biden was conspiring for him while saturating and exhausting –
he was declining shot under a high place, and struck some monument.

Comments: If this code refers to the campaign, it could be referring to Biden's behavior during the campaign in a negative light. If so, it would imply that Biden's campaign as Obama's running mate is being conducted in a conspiring manner. Without more information, it is unclear what a high place and some monument are, unless perhaps they are symbols of the presidency or of Washington, D.C.


Joe Biden Code #4—

You emerged in the cell near the site of Joe Biden.

Comments: Perhaps the site of Joe Biden refers to Biden's stance on different political topics or his political agenda. Since Biden has been in politics for many more years than Obama, then you emerged in the cell near the site could refer to Obama emerging on the scene having a similar political agenda as Biden's. Another possible meaning for site could refer to his website.


The Complete Findings

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