A Post-Election Look at
Pre-Election Code Findings

Three pre-election BCD issues presented Bible code findings about the various presidential and vice-presidential candidates.

While BCD does not believe that Bible codes can be reliably used to make predictions, it is our position that such codes typically represent expressions of well-known points-of-view. Many of these codes appear to hit that target. Check out our pre-election articles and see whether or not you agree.

Here are some of the more interesting code findings (and the dates they were posted on the web):

Posted on April 16, 2008
  • His name is hot. He is there for him and for me—Barack Obama.

  • Barack Obama loves his existence and contributes a halo.

  • Obama's heart is with me.

  • Being the thunder of the day, from his height Barack Obama enjoys challenging.

  • The opening of my God's duty, the hot shame of Bush, is tall and high within me. The line and heart of J. McCain has dimmed.

  • J. McCain is humble in my shadow, a memorial of the corners of death—as a question.

  • Watch the connection where McCain has adjusted a hundred. [The number of Senators?]

Posted on August 6, 2008
  • B. Obama was enlightened to provide advice. The exalted one will be compensated.

  • He will illuminate their expectation from a state of chaos. With whom is he exploring, and was Obama the father charged?

  • Change? No! Woe, they are a gift and an obligation to the father from God to McCain.

  • J. McCain's prison has elevated him.

Posted on October 29, 2008
  • Soon was judged the cold heart and head of Palin.

  • King, God, why have they kept silent S. Palin? The father's speechlessness was an admission. Twice she has placed a site that was brought close.

  • His light moved your way and photographed S. Palin seemingly in pity, and God has established me as a solid tree; the clown of folklore will hit them.

  • Joe Biden was conspiring for him while saturating and exhausting. He was declining a shot [a bullet?] under a high place, and struck some monument.

The last code could perhaps be alluding to fears of a possible assassination attempt against Obama.

Enjoy finding your own Bible codes.
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