Bible Code Digest
November/December 2008

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Briefing Short items of interest to Bible code followers.

Yeshua the Messiah Codes: A Highly Improbable Collection We searched for Yeshua the Messiah and The Messiah Yeshua ELSs in the Tanakh, and the findings were highly improbable.

Nathan Jacobi, Ph.D., Interview—Part I
Nathan Jacobi, Ph.D., has served as a Hebrew consultant and translator for Bible Code Digest since 1999. R. Edwin Sherman, Director of BCD, conducted an interview of him to discuss his life and his background in Hebrew.

Frequently Asked Questions
In a continuation of the article Buddha and Christ: Similarities and Contrasts that appeared in our last digest, we answer frequently asked questions about Buddhism and Christianity.


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Obama and McCain Codes by Glazerson and Haralick

Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson and Professor Robert M. Haralick have written an extensive article about Torah code searches done on Obama and McCain prior to the 2008 U.S. presidential elections. They performed these searches in an effort to develop a statistical standard for determining events that will happen vs. events that may happen on a given date.

Disclaimer: BCD offers this link as informational only. BCD does not endorse the practice of Kabbalah by providing a link to their site, which lists as dimensions of Judaism: Kabbalah, the Torah, and Torah codes.

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