Bible Code Digest
February 2002

In This Month’s Issue:
    Briefing Short news items of interest to Bible code followers.

    Intriguing Names and Places in the 911 Codes Searches for the names of people and places connected to 911 in the clusters of Ezekiel has resulted in some highly interesting codes. This recap includes our most recent finds, including the longest code ever discovered.

    Complex Mosaics Our mosaic research is becoming more and more fascinating. Here we introduce a much higher level of mosaics. Although it does not have the “sex appeal” of traditional codes, this field may turn out to be the way we can prove scientifically that Bible codes are valid, once and for all.

    Latest Long Code Discoveries We are finding new long codes almost every day. Sometimes they don’t appear in the clusters that we’re focusing on currently, but we want to let you know about all of them. So if we have new long codes to announce, we will be letting you know about them in this new featurewhether we have added them to the web site or not.


Code Sign Posted
Near Ground Zero

Subscriber Johnny R. Watts has added a Bible codes poster mentioning our web site to the huge 911 memorial near Ground Zero in downtown New York. Displayed on a fence that runs along lower Broadway, the memorial so far fills a two-block stretch.

An investigator for New York state whose office is near Ground Zero, Watts had strong premonitions of the September 11 attacks for almost two years, and feels strongly that people should know what the codes have to say about the events.

The day before the attacks, he had a scripture verse "pop into my mind as I rose from my bed." The verse was Revelation 6:8a, “I looked, and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind him . . .” The scripture kept repeating in his head all day.

Tuesday morning he was fortunately running late as he headed to work from his Staten Island home. It wasn’t until he started his car and the radio came on that he became aware that the first tower had been hit.

Response to BCD On Line

We have been extremely pleased with the response to our new on line version of the newsletter. Subscribers love the new approach, which certainly allows us to communicate stories with much more clarity. There was only one complaint about the new direction, plus a request for help in printing out some of the features. By the way, if you are using Netscape, you might experience some difficulty printing some of the graphics that accompany the articles. But you can download Internet Explorer free and not have to worry anymore about such issues. Click here to go to the Microsoft site where you can get your free Explorer browser.


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