Q: Isn't the fact that you have found Bible codes that express all kinds of opinions just proof that you can find whatever you want as a code?

A: Definitely not. In all our research the percentage of Bible codes that BCD has found that were sheer nonsense is very, very small. True, some codes are very mysterious, and no one may have a clue as to what they might mean. However, we really haven't found a code like this:

Elephants nest atop of redwood trees, feasting on galloping icebergs.

On the other hand, we have found many a code like the following:

Elephants log redwood trees, opposing galloping government spending.

Such a code would make sense to most Americans, because an elephant is a well-known symbol of the Republican Party, and some Republicans would likely allow logging of some kinds of forest lands that Democrats would readily oppose. And Republicans have been known, in past decades, to oppose more government spending.

Contrast this with the first hypothetical code. No part of this code makes any sense from any well-known point of view. And each of the images described are patently absurd. Elephants can't nest in trees. They don't eat icebergs. And icebergs don't gallop. In other words, this supposed code is utter nonsense. And it is that type of code that has been conspicuously absent from BCD's findings. If Bible codes were random, we should expect that the content of a fair portion of them would be nonsensical.

Consider what we might expect as far as the percentage of codes found that (1) made sense, (2) were mysterious and (3) were nonsense. The following table provides rough percentages:

The fact is that, among the 1,000 plus extended codes discovered by BCD over the past decade, it is our overall impression that the percentages are close to what one would expect if Bible codes were real. We haven't catalogued all our findings by these categories, in part because whatever we did, skeptics would view such categorizations as subjective, and hence suspect. So it is not the intent of BCD to come up with undisputable proof of the reality of Bible codes. Instead, our goal is to search for the truth.

The fact is that there are many theories and hypotheses that are accepted by scientists that cannot be proven without a doubt. For example, the theory of evolution, as an explanation of the transition among different types of species, is among them. That theory cannot be tested by conducting a scientific experiment.

Enjoy finding your own Bible codes.
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