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February 2002


Intriguing Names and Places in the 911 Codes

Digging around in the two portions of Ezekiel having codes to do with terrorism has turned up some very interesting people and places with connections to the events of September 11 and afterward. In some cases, the terms that include the names are compelling, mysterious or both.

Take the recently discovered 53-letter code, for example. This longest code ever discovered brings Libya into the Ezekiel 37 911 cluster. It reads, “The Island was Restful, Elevated, and it Happened. Where is Libya? And You Have Disrupted the Nation. She Changed a Word, He Answered Them with Combat. Why the Navy and the Smell of the Bottom of the Sea?” We were not looking for the word Libya when we turned up this ELS. Actually, the word we began our search with was combat.

What makes this ELS so fascinating is that Libya has been waging a diplomatic push to get itself off the state department’s list of states sponsoring terrorism – a list that in addition to Libya includes Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, North Korea and Cuba. Low profile meetings between Libya and the U.S. have been going on in England and Switzerland for a couple of years. They could result in Moammar Gadhafi’s nation admitting blame for the bombing of Pam Am Flight 103 in 1988, and offering compensation to victims’ families, in exchange for lifting of U.S. trade sanctions.

(One brief side comment: Transliterating Gadhafi’s name into English is very comparable to the difficulty of transliterating English names into Hebrew. Apparently, Qadhafi, Qaddafi, Khadafy, Qhadafi, al-Qaddafi and Gadhafi are all in use, as well as Muammar, Moammer, Mu’ammer and others. But the American media seems to prefer Moammar Gadhafi, so we’ll go with that. The whole issue is a great parallel to show how arbitrary Hebrew renderings of English names can be.)

Where is Libya?

If “the island” in this world-record Bible code is Manhattan, the question “where is Libya?” may refer to its absence from the international conspiracy of terrorism. The middle sentence of this code fits the United States, whose life has certainly been disrupted in so many ways by the terrorist attacks of September 11. But what the rest of the code means is anyone’s guess. We must file this one in the bulging folder labeled “OTWT (Only Time Will Tell).”

Iran is another nation on the list of terrorism sponsors that appears in code. “His People Have Been Easily Established, and the Iran You Loved Has Died by Me” is a very significant code with its 26 letters and a skip of just 38, and currently shows up as the 11th most significant in the Ezekiel 37 cluster. What “his people” refers to is an interesting question, as is the one who voices this code.

If we had to make a decision about the people behind the terrorism based on the “just scratching the surface” results that we have come up with to date, we would probably have to say that Osama bin Laden would be the chief suspect, with Saddam Hussein in a supporting role.

Bin Laden shows up prominently in both clusters, as shown below:

Three of these codes refer to bin Laden as dead, but the questions is, “when?” Most recent CIA analysis believes that he left Afghanistan safely. We have wondered what the top code above means when it mentions bin Laden’s heart as “snow.” Which heart is it talking about? Could it be the heart of his organization and a possible connection to drugs? Is bin Laden himself addicted to drugs? Does it mean that he believes himself to be righteous in his terrorist activities?

Interestingly, when a video of an interview with bin Laden appeared last fall, several weeks after the discovery of the code mentioning bin Laden and the innocent moaning, he came right out and said, “We kill their innocents,” in reference to al Qaeda’s attacks on civilians. With his own mouth he admitted that he was gross with the blood of the poor victims of his actions.

In both biblical and middle eastern terms, a man’s hand represents his strength and his involvement in an action. Even though the code is very short in comparison to other ELSs in the clusters, “Bin Laden, His Hand” could be significant in terms of placing blame for the terrorism against the United States and its allies with bin Laden.

One subscriber suggested that the “Sect of the Billy Goat” phrase might be related to the goat in Daniel 8, who “charged toward the west and the north and the south. No animal could stand against him, and none could rescue from his power. He did as he pleased and became great.”

“Bel the Father” may refer to the Babylonian deity (no doubt a demon) Marduk, who might have been the god that Daniel and his cohorts were told to worship. Here in Ezekiel 7 is another potential link between bin Laden and Iraq.

Saddam Hussein in Ezekiel 37

The presence of Saddam Hussein is throughout the Ezekiel 37 cluster of codes. In fact, one of our first indicators that this passage might be the location of a terrorism cluster was the appearance of a code for the term “Saddam Hussein” passing through it. The seven-letter term appears only twice in the Bible.

Iraq appears in Ezekiel 7, but nothing significant mentioning Saddam has turned up in that cluster yet. Even though no evidence linking Iraq to the attacks of September 11 has been officially announced, political leaders such as Sen. John McCain (R-Arizona) have been calling for that nation to be next on the U.S. list of targets once the situation in Afghanistan is under control.

The most recent discoveries include “You Will Crush the Guilty Saddam and the Month of Eyar Will be Restful” and “My Heart, Hussein, Has Elevated Again,” both in the Ezekiel 37 cluster. The adjective “guilty” before Saddam is extremely interesting. It could be that these two ELSs relate to each other, in the sense that the second may be a result of the first. The Jewish month of Eyar is the latter part of April and the first part of May, but the year is not indicated.

Saddam Terminally Ill?

There is a strong connection in the Ezekiel 37 codes between Saddam Hussein and terminal illness. Most significant is “The Rest of My Severe Illness is Spreading, Saddam, As if from a Missile Made for You. Where is He? Or, Who is the Tyrant?” Also appearing were “Imagine a Picture of Terminal Illness. The Days of Saddam Are Over,” “This is the King of Babylon, and to the Vomit You Will be Imprisoned” and “Saddam,
Terminal Illness, from Everything.”

We thought at first that the codes might be indicating that the dictator was deathly ill, but then the first anthrax incidents occurred and we backed off to a view that allowed for both being possible.

Baghdad is mentioned in one of the top 10 most significant codes in the Ezekiel 37 cluster, which reads, “He Will Suffer Pain and Restlessness, But the Halo is His, and for Her the Monument Will Be Baghdad.” As enigmatic as this code is, it does not seem to bode well for the capital of Iraq.

Iraq’s two appearances in the Ezekiel 7 cluster are both dialogue codes. In one case, Iraq is the answer to the question “Where?” And in the other it is the answer to “Who?” We are still looking for “what,” “when” and “why.” The “where” code is the third most improbable ELS in the cluster, “Form Her Heart Toward Him and Let Go. Go Into It. Where? Iraq.” If the allied nations are the “her” in this ELS, some “forming” or manipulation by high level diplomacy is certainly going to be needed, especially with Russia, which is currently dead set against confronting Iraq.

The “who” code is, “Please Value the Day of Might. Who? Iraq. The Song Will Awaken Him.” This is another one for the OTWT file.

Other Names in the 911 Codes

NBC Nightly News anchor Tom Brokaw showed up in both clusters after his assistant received an envelope containing anthrax spores. The Ezekiel 37 code reads, “We Will Get the Foreigner, Tom Brokaw. Something Smells. Consider the Flag Valuable.” And in the Ezekiel 7 cluster, “Tom Brokaw Glory, Esau is Dead.” Taliban leader Muhammed Omar’s name appears once in the Ezekiel 37 cluster.

George W. Bush does not appear in the 911 passages. In the third longest code ever -- “Let the Oppressed be Congratulated, Saturated from Him at 2001. And Let Them be Guarded by the Echo of the Father's Son, Supported by the U.S. I Will See but He has the Knowledge” -- it is possible that “the father’s son” is the President.

Places other than Libya, Iraq and Iran have played key roles in our searches. New York is obviously the most important location in the events of 911. Finding the ELS for it began our search in the Ezekiel 7 passage, and extending it gave us the focal code for that cluster, “New York: They Accompany the Unfortunate Who Are Stricken In It. The Worshippers are Gathering Around God.”

Other places such as Kandahar, Tora Bora and Hamburg had their 15 minutes in the spotlight, and the ELSs that resulted from our searches have so far not produced much of interest. But then again, we suspect that the only consistent law of Bible codes is OTWT.


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