Is the End Coming?

As 2012 approaches, the furor mounts over whether there is any significance to the date that the Mayan calendar endsóDecember 21, 2012. There is even a big-budget action movie coming out in November 2009, directed by Roland Emmerich, who is known for Independence Day, Godzilla (1998), and The Day After Tomorrow, and starring John Cusack and Amanda Peet. Movie poster from Wikipedia.

In our continuing efforts to research the date of the end of the Mayan calendar: December 21, 2012, we set about to research other phrases related to that topic. Out of these phrases: End of the Mayan Calendar (two spellings), Last Mayan Day, Mayan Calendar Ends (two spellings), and Winter Solstice 2012, only the Mayan Calendar Ends searches resulted in any findings. All of the codes that resulted in extensions turned out to be lengthy, ranging from 16 to 66 letters long. Nathan Jacobi, Ph.D., parsed and translated the codes.

Mayan Calendar Ends (1)

Only one out of the five shortest findings resulted in an extension.

Mayan Calendar Ends (1.e) [22 letters]

You will convert the Mayan calendar
to cells of malice. Descend and hurry!

Cells of malice could refer to cancer or terrorist cells. Descend and hurry sounds like some foreign or alien leader issuing a command to those under his authority.

Mayan Calendar Ends (2)

The second spelling resulted in only four findings, but three of the four resulted in extensions, with one very lengthy code at 66 letters long.

Mayan Calendar Ends (2.a) [66 letters]

The Lord has lifted my sick woman to my garden.
The scoundrel has whined. The light has misled.
The island equal to the daughter has slumbered.
The Mayan calendar is ending. The diary has faced
the sea of religion and went to its island.

While it is not at all clear how the Mayan calendar relates to this, much of this code brings to mind Adam and Eve. The first sentence might describe how Adam must have felt on first witnessing illness or childbirth after being expelled from the Garden of Eden. It could be a prayer for God to return Eve to the Garden. The next two verses may refer to the Serpent as a scoundrel and a false light. Twice in the remainder of the code the word island is mentioned, which might illustrate the loneliness that Adam felt without the Lord's companionship that he had previously experienced.

Mayan Calendar Ends (2.c) [16 letters]

Accelerate the poisoning.
The Mayan calendar is ending.
Indeed it has ended.

This code is very dark with its mention of poisoning.

Mayan Calendar Ends (2.d) [16 letters]

The Mayan calendar has ended,
and the glory is dormant.

The glory is dormant could refer to the glory of the Mayan civilization, considered remarkably advanced in written language, mathematics, and astronomy. In speaking of pronouncing an ending, Jacobi observed, the code is very strongly reminiscent of the traditional Hebrew acronym commonly used when a project is completed:

Complete Findings

With the exception of the last code, the references to cells of malice, a scoundrel and poisoning, in this group form a dark, mysterious group of codes that seems to mirror people's concerns about that date.

The following table lists the complete Mayan Calendar code findings.

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