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March 2002

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    Briefing Short news items of interest to Bible code followers.

    FAQ: Why Would God Give Us Codes We Can’t Understand? This is a question that we have been getting more and more since the list of ELSs we have been finding has been getting longer and often more mysterious.

    Isaac Newton, Bible Code Pioneer? Was the greatest scientist who ever lived an early Bible code researcher? He is said to have regarded the universe and everything in it as a huge cryptogram that could be decoded, but did he try to use Bible codes to decipher it?

    Complex Mosaics, Continued We’re still working on analysis of complex mosaics, but we have some fascinating preliminary results for our subscribers on digrams and trigrams (two and three-letter words) in Genesis 1-17. This is part 2 of an article that began in the February issue.


Possible New Clusters
Showing Up in Research Results

We have started keeping a watch on a developing new cluster in Ezekiel 40, which is basically the prophet’s description of a new temple, its dimensions and design. If nothing else brings all out war to the middle east, construction of the “third temple” on the Temple Mount may well do just that. At this point there is only a small minority in Israel urging such a move, with the vast majority strongly opposed to the idea. The Dome of the Rock (above) is one of Islam's holiest sites, and sits atop the ruins of Herod's Temple on the Temple Mount.

What first drew our attention to this part of the scripture was the appearance of a strong mosaic pattern of a Hebrew word for war. We were searching all of Ezekiel for it and found it had an unusually high number of occurrences in Ezekiel 40. Approximately 30% of those we found in the book were in that chapter, and although it was expected to appear 4.4 times, it actually showed up 17 times, against odds of 1 in 276,798.

Then, we came across a long ELS with an extremely short skip that involves Iran and passes through the chapter. It reads, Indeed I Will Strike Among You. The Rest of Me is Getting Lost. Iran Has Wailed. His Flame Will Become a Father, and My God Will Whisper, 40 (appropriately) letters with a skip of –9.

Here are some of the other newer long ELSs that pass through the area and that we have catalogued so far:

  • The Major Dryness of Hand in Her is in Your Image. While Setting the Stage, Become Russia, 32 letters, skip 487 (also in Ezekiel 37 cluster).

  • An Echo Toward the Mountain is God's Reward. Or, Where in Them is the Wide Open Space of Russia Confiscated? 30 letters, skip 344.

  • Conquer the Axis of Evil in the Island, or an Elephant that I Raise Will Fly,
    22 letters, skip 1,370 (also in Ezekiel 37 cluster).

  • For the Axis of Evil is Like the Other One, 12 letters, skip 2,250.

    This code, discovered three months ago, also runs through the cluster: For Where Has God Consumed from You? And In It Are Stones of Substantial Sickness for Us. You Will Indeed Delay Their Diagnosis, Because of His Own Reflection in the One Who Solves, 52 letters, skip 237 (also in Ezekiel 37 cluster).
  • Russia Appears in Jeremiah 17

    When we turned up the five Hebrew letters for Russia in Jeremiah 17:5, running backward with a skip of only –1, we wondered whether we had a very interesting long code for sure. But as it turned out it was not extendable.

    Nevertheless, the context of the surface text is sensational: “This is what the Lord says: Cursed is the one who trusts in man, who depends on flesh for his strength and whose heart turns away from the Lord.” It is difficult to think of a nation that this verse applies to more than Russia, which became the world symbol for institutionalized atheism when communism took control there 85 years ago. We might find more long ELSs in this area and will be watching for the emergence of another fascinating cluster. Let us know if you find any other similar terms in the immediate area.

    FAQ: Why Would God Give Us Codes We Can’t Understand?

    That is an excellent question. Some of the codes we turn up are easily understood, but some of them—especially the longer ones—are difficult to interpret. In fact, we believe that some of them appear to be dialogues between various unidentified sources.

    After giving this a great deal of consideration, we have decided that since we are on the cutting edge of this research, we will simply not be able to comprehend a lot of what we find. Eventually, we (and/or other researchers) might be able to put it all together. The longer codes might be combined with numerics, three-dimensional ELSs, parallel codes, or other disciplines that have not yet been applied to them. In truth, the sky is the limit.

    A fair comparison is the surface text of the Bible itself. To someone unfamiliar with it, the text is strange and incomprehensible. Parts of the book of Revelation, for instance, are difficult to understand even for those who read the Bible daily. And yet down through the centuries, researchers have unlocked the great truths of the Bible and how they all fit together.

    And if the message of a code is mysterious, perhaps God wants us to focus on how incredible it is that lengthy messages exist at all, as opposed to their specific content.

    It may well be that with regard to some mysterious codes, “It is the glory of God to conceal a matter . . .” (Proverbs 25:2)


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