Haitian Earthquake II:
A Moment of Truth

As we noted in our previous article, Haiti has been subjected to a series of natural disasters that include four major tropical storms or hurricanes and a 7.0 earthquake in the last 10 years. Coupled with the combination of social problems, poverty, and poor building standards, the repeated destruction to Haiti, with no real time for restoration or rebuilding, has resulted in a calamity of enormous proportions.

In an article dated February, 17, 2010, CBS News quoted French President Nicolas Sarkozy, "We are living a pivotal moment, a moment of truth for Haiti."

Two months following the quake, President Barack Obama made the following comments after speaking with Haitian President Rene Preval in Washington.
    Mr. Obama said the situation in Haiti remained "dire" almost two months after the earthquake struck. . . . Mr. Obama said there remained a desperate need for humanitarian help, especially as seasonal rains could threaten the more than a million Haitians left homeless by the quake on 12 January. (BBC)

In our continuing efforts to examine codes regarding the January 2010 earthquake in Haiti, we looked at the following terms: Haiti quake, quake in Haiti, Española (Hispaniola), Port-au-Prince, and two spellings each of island quake, and the island shook.

As a whole, this group of searches resulted in 23 lengthy code findings, but it should be noted that the second spelling of the island shook alone resulted in almost one-third of those findings (seven out of the 10 shortest skips resulted in extended codes). That's a 70% return on that single search term that clearly exceeds the return expected by chance of 35-45%. Coupled with the findings in the previous article on Haiti, it brings the total number to 29 extended codes on this topic.

For the purposes of the presentation of these codes, we will be commenting on them as though they all refer to the recent earthquake, though they may refer to other events.

Nathan Jacobi, Ph.D., parsed and translated the codes.

Haiti Quake (5)

The knowledge of the mutiny of the Haiti quake penetrated him.
Strike for me and provide the cushions of the congregation
and the mountain of our master. My messenger is
arriving from the side.

An interpretation of this 48-letter long code would largely be dependent on knowing who was speaking. Since we don't know, we can only surmise from the phrases being used what it might mean.

News of the quake and photos and videos of the devastation have reached around the world. So, the first sentence, the knowledge of the mutiny of the Haiti quake penetrated him could be true of anyone moved by the profound loss of life and devastation. Mutiny could also refer to the widespread looting that has occurred.

The phrase provide the cushions of the congregation may be referring to religion being a comfort to people as they try and cope with the devastation. Please note, the Haitian religion Vodou, is often Anglicized as Voodoo. Wikipedia notes that:
    Haiti is a largely Christian country, with Roman Catholicism professed by 80% of Haitians. Protestants make up about 16% of the population. Haitian Vodou, a New World Afro-diasporic faith unique to the country, is practiced by up to two-thirds of the population. Religious practice often spans Haiti and its diaspora as those who have migrated interact through religion with family in Haiti.

However, Erol Josue, a Voodoo priest living in New York, interviewed on National Public Radio (NPR) says,
    Haiti is not a Catholic country . . . Haiti is a Voodoo country. (NPR)

In this code, Our master may refer to God or Jesus, or it could refer to deities in Haitian Vodou such as Lwa (or Loa) or a god called Bondyè. (Wikipedia) If it does refer to God or Jesus, then my messenger could refer to the Holy Spirit.

Haiti Quake (3)

The daughter of plenty or the one
of blessed memory is a gift to him,
the smoke of Haiti quake.

Twice before, we have found codes with the phrase blessed memory in them. In the Micah 5 Cluster: Long Live the Risen God of Action. It is Finished. And Where is the Resurrection of Jesus of Blessed Memory? For Whom are the Twelve?, and in the Genesis 1:1 findings: But they ascended while moving, indeed being the blood to hurt the Lord of blessed memory, Father, on the day he did not scream. Both of these instances seem to directly refer to Christ. However, in this new code, the reference is not as clear.

The daughter of plenty or the one of blessed memory is a gift to him could be speaking of Christ, or it could be speaking of a rich country (daughter of plenty) making gifts to Haiti, as many countries are doing by donating much needed food, clothing, and medical supplies. To him would seem to refer to Haiti or the smoke of Haiti quake, which might be the alarm being sent out to the world for assistance.

Haiti Quake (9)

If he bemoaned them,
the Haiti quake predicted a recovery –
gardens of a lake that will smell to God.

This code seems to speak of recovery for Haiti to the degree that it would become fragrant gardens of a lake to God.

Island Quake (A.6)

Getting out of the island quake
provides salvation and shelter.

This code seems to describe an escape from the island quake providing salvation and shelter. In a Washington Post article, dated January 21, 2010, it is reported that aftershocks from the earthquake spurred an exodus from the capital, Port-au-Prince.

Island Quake (B.5)

They did not want the wave,
the lion that they made has died,
and the island quake rejoiced.
Strike the tooth and move from the island.

This code reminds us of another code that talked about a lion's tooth. In the article, Prophet and Messiah: Garlic in a Lion's Tooth, we introduced this code: A true prophet kills complacency. His sign is garlic in a lion's tooth.. This new code, which is 37-letters long, may have some of the same symbolism associated with it.

They did not want the wave may refer to fears surrounding the possible creation of tsunamis as a result of the quake, or of hurricanes coming before the reconstruction takes place. The lion that they made has died might refer to the lion-like strength of a hurricane or tsunami, and the relief when it does not appear. The latter part of the code may be describing an exodus from the island.

Island Quake (B.8)

And who moved?
And please know that the island will shake.
I will forgive the young, and lift your hand.

This code asks the question, who moved? or caused the quake? And please know that the island will shake may imply that it is a given there will be quakes on the island.

Island Quake (B.6)

Then the eagle rose in them,
the island quake was insolent,
and Lord was the mover

The Bald Eagle is the symbol of the U.S. Then the eagle rose in them may refer to the U.S. involvement in Haiti's recovery. The Lord was the mover may imply that God motivated people to undertake relief efforts.

Photo from Wikipedia.

Island Quake (A.10)

My island quake has congratulated my flaw.

Island Quake (B.9)

And dry up the sea as a fault in my intestines,
with the island quake being as a hot blade.

Island Quake (A.10) and (B.9) both talk about a flaw or fault. While flaw has several meanings, in this case it probably means either a defect or crack. Fault carries a similar meaning of defect, imperfection, or error. It can also mean a misdeed or transgression. Both codes may imply that the flaw or fault is the cause of the quake. And dry up the sea as a fault in my intestines may refer to a fault in the earth under the sea.

In addition, Island Quake (B.9) may be likening the quake to surgery on one's intestines with a hot blade, which would be an excruciating proposition. This is highly descriptive of the destruction of the quake and its effect on the population of Haiti.

Haiti Quake (2)

He got up and drugged them
at the tent toward the mountain,
as the Haiti quake was for her.

In conjunction with Haitian Vodou, Hoodoo (folk magic) or potions may be used. So, he got up and drugged them could be referring to this practice.

Haiti Quake (6)

A returning survivor or a cloud
is God's stone, the Haiti quake.

Stoning is a method of judgment and execution described in the Bible. Instances of it are found in Numbers 15:36, Joshua 7:25, and 1 Kings 21:13. In this code, God's stone may be describing the quake as a punishment.

Island Quake (A.4)

Bear the island quake
illuminated by the Lord.

The Island Shook (A.7)

My illumination of my torture
is the island that shook.

Island Quake (A.4) and The Island Shook (A.7) may be indicating a lifting up or illumination of Haiti's already existing impoverished plight with the devastation of the quake.

The Island Shook (A.6)

He was fearful of her innocence.
I have seen the cells of a quake,
but he would shake my mother.

This code might be referring to the mass escape of over 5,000 prisoners from Haiti's prisons due to the quake. A CBS report outlines the appalling living conditions in the prisons, and the failing judicial system, which imprisons detainees for years without being charged or seeing a judge.

The Island Shook—a second look

The most prolific search results came from the second spelling of The Island Shook. Seven out of the 10 shortest skips resulted in extensions.

The Island Shook (B.1)

Know from whom, God,
the island shook, and his essence.

This code seems to be saying, know the one and his essence that caused the island to shake implying that God caused the quake. This code could be from a priest's or pastor's point of view calling for his congregation to know God.

Or, as in the Book of Job, it could be saying Satan caused the quake, just as Satan caused all of Job's woes. The code may be a warning to know that Satan caused it and knowing how evil and destructive he is, his ways are to be avoided.

The Island Shook (B.4)

Where did God sit away from the oppressed,
and the island shook?

Where did God sit away from the oppressed? sounds like someone asking the question, "Where was God during this catastrophe?" The oppressed may refer to the Haitians, oppressed by poverty and the devastation of the quake.

The Island Shook (B.5)

The island shook, and who
will I have testify for me?

As in The Island Shook (A.6), this code may be referring to the prisoners that escaped during the earthquake, and in light of the earthquake and international scrutiny of Haiti's judicial system, the hoped for correction of that system. Those who have been arrested again, might ask, Who will I have testify for me?.

The Island Shook (B.6)

For the island shook for the impoverished
of all islands, causing her strong trembling.

The impoverished of all islands would seem to be an apt description of Haiti. Even though it shares the island of Española (Hispaniola) with the Dominican Republic, due to the location of the quake, years of deforestation, numerous natural disasters, and poverty, Haiti was hardest hit by the quake.

The Island Shook (B.7)

The island shook for him, Lord, his innocence being
the discharge of rubble for him.

Jacobi notes that the word discharge also means mucus or saliva. With that understanding, this code may be saying that the destruction of the earthquake is like someone spewing the rubble out of their mouth.

The Island Shook (B.9)

The oil that is in her is for you.
The island shook as if wedded,
a memorial to those days
of mine occurred to us.

In this 33-letter code, the sentence, the oil that is in her is for you might be implying that there is oil under Haiti. If that were true, it would be a tremendous source of income for a country that desperately needs it. Another meaning for oil might be an anointing. It could be an anointing for good or for evil. The remainder of the code is somewhat mysterious.

The Island Shook (B.10)

The Lord, without whom they died,
was not impoverished in them.
The moment of truth has arrived
if the island shook.

As we noted at the beginning of this article, CBS News quoted French President Nicolas Sarkozy on February 17, 2010, "We are living a pivotal moment, a moment of truth for Haiti." This was the first visit by a French President to Haiti, previously a French colony and the world's richest colony, with exports of coffee, sugar, cotton, indigo, and hardwood. The article further states that France is canceling Haiti's debt to Paris of $77 million.

Jacobi notes this 31-letter long code is in excellent Biblical Hebrew.

The Island of Española

Haiti shares the island of Española (Hispaniola) with the Dominican Republic. Due to the skip length, all four findings for Española in the Tanakh (Old Testament) required looking at wrapped letters. Two of the four resulted in extended codes.

Española (Hispaniola) (1)

Where is Española (Hispaniola) hopping to?
It feels hot? Who is stubborn as a buffalo,
and will hit a cloud?

It feels hot? and will hit a cloud may be referring to tropical storms or hurricanes, which are frequent in Haiti. This code has very unusual language in it asking the question, where is Española hopping to? and possibly describing the island or the population being as stubborn as a buffalo. This code is 32 letters long.

Española (Hispaniola) (2)

I will elevate the master who corrected,
and Española (Hispaniola) has bled
for there is hot air in their God.

Generally in English, hot air, as in the phrase full of hot air, means someone who is full of meaningless or pretentious talk. However, in this context, it may mean anger. If so, this code would be from the point of view of someone who believed the devastation is a judgment from God. From that point of view, the code could be rephrased, God has corrected Española. They have suffered, because God was angry. This code is 28 letters long.

Concluding Remarks

The codes presented in this article point to a moment of truth for Haiti, and it would seem that the January 2010 earthquake is such a moment. Coupled with the findings in the previous article on Haiti, this complete collection of 29 extended codes echoes the destruction of the earthquake in Haiti and the hope for rebuilding Haiti into a fragrant garden.

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