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On February 27, 2010, just six weeks after the 7.0 earthquake in Haiti, an 8.8 earthquake lasting 90 seconds hit Chile. This earthquake was so powerful that it moved the entire City of Concepción 10 feet (3.04 meters), and seismologists estimate that it may have shortened the length of a day on Earth by microseconds.

In the list of the most severe earthquakes on record, it is tied for seventh place with the 1906 Ecuador-Colombia and 1833 Sumatra earthquakes. It was 500 times more forceful that the Haitian quake.

Chile has experienced 13 deadly earthquakes with a magnitude of 7.0 or higher since 1973, and previously, in 1960, Chile experienced the 9.5 Valdivia earthquake, the largest quake on record. Because of its history with earthquakes, Chile instituted strict building codes, which accounts for the fact that they had fewer casualties than in Haiti.

Map from USGS.

Figures derived from 2010 Chile Earthquake and 2010 Haiti Earthquake entries at Wikipedia.

So, in the midst of running searches on Haiti, we shifted gears to include looking for codes on the Chilean earthquake. We searched for two spellings of Concepción and for Chilean Quake. We also ran searches for more generic terms: Earthquake (three spellings), The Earth Shook, Wounded by the Quake, Injured by the Quake, Quake Survivors, and Quake Orphans.

Four of the 11 searches resulted in lengthy extensions at a 50% to 80% return rate.

As we mentioned in the Haitian Earthquake II article, the return rate expected by chance is 35-45%. These results clearly exceed that number.

The Chilean earthquake codes may refer to events other than the 2010 earthquake. For the purposes of this article, we may comment on them as though they do. Some of the lengthy ELSs derived from the generic terms we searched for may refer to events other than the Chilean earthquake, such as the earthquakes in Haiti or China.

Nathan Jacobi, Ph.D., parsed and translated the codes.

The City of Concepción

Chilean President Michelle Bachelet called the quake, "one of the worst tragedies in the last 50 years." (New York Times) "The Forces of nature have hurt our country greatly. We are now having to face adversity and stand again." (CNN)

The City of Concepción, approximately 70 miles from the epicenter of the earthquake, and Chile's second-largest metropolitan area, was the hardest hit in the earthquake.

Concepción (B.1)

The sea rushed to her and to our home,
and all of Concepción ran bitterly.

In 1960, Chile experienced the 9.5 Validivia quake, the largest quake on record. The resulting tsunami caused widespread damage to Chile, Hawaii, and Japan.

In this code, Concepción is being subjected to a tsunami or other event causing the sea to rush over the city and prompting the population to run from their homes. This bleak code may describe devastation caused by the 1960 tsunami.

Photo and text from USGS.

Chilean Quake

Since Chile has a history of numerous earthquakes, these codes could refer to any one of those events, or to a future event.

Chilean Quake (2)

The Chilean quake died with me within me.

This code may express the despair of someone living through the horror of a Chilean quake.

Chilean Quake (3)

It was felt that the Lord within me
was the Chilean quake for her.

This code would appear to compare the experience of someone living through a Chilean Quake with the religious experience of a believer.

Chilean Quake (10)

Chilean quake – the impoverished that felt the Lord,
thus the Sabbath dwelt in the holiday,
for he was drawn to the master.

The Chilean quake hit at 3:34 a.m. on Saturday, February 27, during the Jewish Sabbath that started sunset on Friday night and ran until sunset on Saturday. At sunset on Saturday began the celebration of Purim. Purim commemorates when the Jewish people living in Persia were saved from extermination, as described in the Book of Esther. To read more, visit:

Chilean quake – the impoverished that felt the Lord, thus the Sabbath dwelt in the holiday may be describing this convergence of the quake with the Sabbath, and the following celebration of Purim.

Earthquake (B)

Earthquake (B.2)

For my days wished for her as a singer.
Is your sight from God even though
the earthquake weakened?

Sight may be literal as in to see, or it may mean a mental perception or judgment. If it means mental perception, then this code appears to be part of a conversation where the person speaking is wishing for the type of perception or understanding from God that the person referred to has.

Earthquake (B.6)

The earthquake circumcised the Evil and mixed it up,
as well as Job existing in the island.

Job suffered because Satan wished to prove to God that Job only loved Him because God had blessed him with wealth, a family, and his health. God allowed Satan to afflict Job with the loss of his family, possessions, and eventually his health, but Job did not turn from loving God. Eventually, God blessed Job with even more than He had before. (Job 1)

This code may be describing a similar attack by Satan upon the inhabitants of an island. This may be an island off the coast of Chile, or another island.

Earthquake (B.8)

The earth will shake for us,
as well as for his children and himself.

This curious code sounds like someone, possibly God or Satan, is saying that the earth will do as it is told and shake for us and for his children and himself. It is not clear who is speaking or who is being referred to.

Earthquake (B.9)

The earthquake is loud
as the fondness of my death to the impoverished.
The time of its dirt is for you.
Where is the burden?

The first part of this 34-letter code is quite direct, The earthquake is loud. But when it is expanded to the earthquake is loud as the fondness of my death to the impoverished, it raises the question, "Why would the poor be fond of someone's death?" Perhaps a dictator's death or perhaps if they were poor because someone had stolen from them, they might be fond of that person's death.

The second part of the code, The time of its dirt is for you. Where is the burden? may be describing the tremendous physical effort to dig through the rubble and debris following the quake.

Earthquake (C)

Earthquake (C.1)

Endure with me, for in her and for in us
was a thick earthquake, and the little ones have burnt.

Tragically, this code sounds as though people are grieving following the death of some children who have been killed in a fire resulting from a thick (powerful) earthquake.

Earthquakes, as they destroy structures and break up gas and electricity lines, frequently result in fires, which can cause widespread damage and loss of life. The 1906 San Francisco fires are a prime example of this. Fires were reported in the City of Concepción following the 2010 earthquake.

Earthquake (C.2)

Lord, and who will agree with an earthquake
and its bitterness?

The Chinese have an expression Chi Ku, which means to eat bitter or eating bitterness. Victims of earthquakes in China use that expression to describe enduring the devastation and loss of the quakes. (CNN, New York Times) Even in day to day life, Chinese use the expression and live by its maxim.

According to the USGS, China has a long history of earthquakes dating back to 1290 A.D. In 1556, Shensi experienced an 8.0 quake with 830,000 fatalities, and in 1976, Tangshan experienced a 7.5 quake with 255,000 fatalities. In 2008, the 7.9 Eastern Sichuan quake caused 87,587 fatalities.

Earthquake (C.4)

My island died in you and in them –
for the power of the species is like a lamb for the mother,
like a sailor's echo. Did she describe the earthquake
moving within her toward me?

It is possible that this 45-letter long code may refer to the Haitian quake. My island died in you may describe the deforestation of Haiti, which has caused severe environmental damage to the island, or it may describe the destruction caused by the quake.

Earthquake (C.6)

The masons were slumbering during the earthquake.

The masons were slumbering may refer to shoddy workmanship in buildings that often lead to their collapse during an earthquake. In Haiti, poor construction standards combined with rapid population growth in Port-au-Prince contributed to the loss of life. Similar devastation happened in China's Sichuan province in 2008. A 7.9 quake caused public buildings, schools, and hospitals to collapse resulting in over 87,000 deaths of which approximately 5,000 were children who were attending school. (LA Times)

Earthquake (C.7)

He will hit the rubble and the smell of fire of the earthquake.

This code is descriptive of someone living through an earthquake in a collapsed building while smelling a fire breaking out. As we noted in Earthquake (C.1), fires are a frequent result of earthquakes, and can cause widespread damage to buildings and loss of life.

Earthquake (C.8)

I will provide an earthquake.
The singing and blood of malice
will disappear from its exterior.

From one woman being pulled from the rubble singing, to people singing in the streets following the Haiti quake, music and song can be very healing force. The remainder of the code is somewhat mysterious.

Earthquake (C.9)

They hated the impoverished,
or then (happened) the earthquake, my mother,
and be a measure friendly to mother.

This code may be from the point of view of someone asking for assistance for their mother, who is impoverished.

The Earth Shook

The Earth Shook (1)

Strike where he lusted for the earth that shook.
You should like the oak.

This code may refer to the widespread deforestation of Haiti, and the devastation of the quake.

The Earth Shook (2)

The earth shook and they sang for them.

As we noted earlier in Earthquake (C.8) singing and music can be a very healing force.

The Earth Shook (3)

Will it be for evil that the people will express
beautiful youth from the earth that shook.

This code may refer to the attempts to remove orphaned children from Haiti by possible child traffickers. In addition, there are concerns that even legitimate groups may have removed children from Haiti before all efforts were made to find their families.

The Earth Shook (6)

His period and his barn
are in it to be hit by you,
and the earth shook.

His barn may refer to a specific barn being destroyed by a quake. In addition, it might symbolize the national product of a nation being destroyed or the inability to conduct commerce following a quake.

The Earth Shook (10)

I will testify that the earth shook,
he annihilated them as the impoverished moaned,
and he collected for himself.

He annihilated them as the impoverished moaned, and he collected for himself may refer to looting and stealing following an earthquake. In a March 4, 2010, Miami Herald article, Mayor Jorge Venegas of Lota, Chile, called the looting that followed the Chilean quake, "a human earthquake." He went on to say:
    All material things will be replaced. But what happened with the looting will not be easily forgotten. Here, people of all social sectors, rich and poor, raided the businesses in the center of town and surrounding area. It will be difficult for trust to be restored after that. And it happened in many places, not just in Lota.

The commercial center of Lota was looted, torched, and left in ruins. Maria Elena, an elementary school teacher who preferred to keep her last name confidential, said "The worst thing that happened here was a moral earthquake."

In the neighboring City of Coronel, 15 buildings collapsed and 10 were set on fire intentionally.

Wounded by the Quake

Wounded by the Quake (2)

Who punished the hot ones?
Those wounded by the quake are dying.

The 2010 Haitian earthquake death toll is between 217,000 and 230,000, and it is believed that another 300,000 were injured. Those wounded by the quake are dying echoes the concern that the death toll will rise, and it is comparable in numbers to the loss of life in the 2004 Sumatra-Andaman Island 9.1 quake and tsunami, which resulted in 227,898 deaths. BCD previously published codes on the The Great Tsunami of 2004.

Quake Survivors

Quake Survivors (1)

The lad is mine, and the home of quake survivors is the container.

The lad is mine may describe parents searching for their missing children. The home of quake survivors is the container might refer to the makeshift living conditions quake survivors endure.

Quake Survivors (3)

Quake survivors,
whose light has collapsed to rubble
by those who hit me?

This code may be describing someone trapped in the rubble following an earthquake.

Quake Survivors (4)

What is on top of their daughter?
Carry the quake survivors by the neck.

What is on top of their daughter? may be describing the rubble covering someone in a collapsed building. Carry the quake survivors by the neck sounds like the appeal to rescue a victim of the quake, as a cat would carry her offspring to safety.

Quake Survivors (5)

Rejoice in our daughter.
I am left with remnants of quake survivors.

Rejoice in our daughter might refer to a specific person, or to a country as a whole. I am left with remnants of quake survivors may describe a person who has come to help the quake survivors.

Quake Survivors (6)

For we will indeed exert pressure on them, the quake survivors.
The destination is perhaps the offspring.

As in The Earth Shook (3), this code may refer to the removal of orphans from Haiti.

Quake Survivors (9)

The quake survivors were slightly burned.

As Earthquake (C.1 and C.7) talked about being burnt or smelling fire, this code also describes being burned following an earthquake.

Quake Survivors (10)

Quake survivors, where is
the guarantor for my fall?

This code may refer to requests for aid following the devastation of an earthquake.

Quake Orphans

Quake Orphans (1)

The quake orphans grew
and crushed God's mark.

This bleak code may describe a crushing number of orphaned children in a country following an earthquake, and the affect of that on the orphans themselves and the people of the country as a whole.

Quake Orphans (3)

The distinction of quake orphans?
Bring about my light.

The lives of quake orphans are forever changed by the events of the earthquake. Bring about my light may refer to people who are attempting to help those orphans.

Quake Orphans (4)

The sailor to the sun has returned impoverished.
Is his lamb with him, God's ram, the quake orphans?
For fill gold from my mouth of glorious murder of a demon.

This code reminds us of controversial remarks made by Pat Robertson following the Haitian quake. He commented that the country of Haiti had made a pact with the devil and that was the cause of all their woes.

The event Robertson was referring to was the Vodou ceremony presided over by Dutty Boukman on August 14, 1791. During the ceremony a pig was killed and the blood was "distributed" to everyone present, who then swore to kill all the whites and set the plantations on fire. The French captured and beheaded Boukman and quelled the rebellion.

Quake Orphans (5)

The quake orphans are from the Lord,
a powerful God and a halo, and the grace of gold
is indeed again hers.

ABC news reported that according to UNICEF the orphan population of Haiti was estimated to be 380,000 in 2007. This number was expected to "skyrocket" following the 2010 earthquake. The quake orphans are from the Lord may refer to various religious organizations that are reaching out to help with this growing number.

Quake Orphans (6)

He is walking with his mother and my mother.
Get out, quake orphans!

This code may be from the point of view of someone working at an orphanage calling out, Get out, quake orphans!, as a building is collapsing during an earthquake.

Quake Orphans (8)

Let me answer their sweat.
The objective of quake orphans is for us.

Let me answer their sweat might be describing someone's desire to care for orphans by easing their hardship. The objective of quake orphans is for us might mean they want to take on the full responsibility for them.

Quake Orphans (9)

Forgive the sect and their religion,
quake orphans, and listen!

If this code is referring to Haitian quake orphans, it may be a plea to people of various faiths not to hold the practice of Haitian Vodou against the orphans.

Quake Orphans (10)

The peak of trouble of her light armed them,
the grandfather of quake orphans.

The grandfather of quake orphans may be symbolic and may refer to the history of quake orphans. In a troubled country like Haiti, orphans are a fairly large portion of the population. According to the CIA World Factbook Haiti's current population is approximately 9,035,536. Calculating the percentage of orphans using the number from 2007 would mean that approximately 4% of the population is orphaned. Given the death toll of the earthquake of 217,000 to 230,000 that percentage is expected to grow.

There were no findings for Concepción (A), Earthquake (A), and Injured by Quake.

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