Crisis Clusters III:
Success and Failure in Leadership

In this article, we present the final three clusters on the topics of Barack Obama, the Global Financial Crisis, the Swine Flu, Global Crisis and Famine, and a variety of America-related search terms. In addition, new Obama codes are presented that have not been previously published.

Regarding the Obama codes, they may refer to anyone named Obama, but for the purposes of commenting in this article, we will be speaking about them as though they are about Barack Obama.

Nathan Jacobi, Ph.D., parsed and translated the codes.

Location, Location, Location

These clusters are all found in 2 Chronicles, the last book in the Tanakh (Hebrew Old Testament), and the common theme in the surface text centers around success and failure in leadership.

Repeated in Scripture are the lives of the various kings of Israel and Judah and whether or not they followed after God or allowed pride to dictate their actions. In the chart below, the kings are listed that are described in the passages these clusters are in.

Cluster Seven

2 Chronicles 18:11-22:5; Numbers Span: 1,164,997-1,171,203; Number of Letters: 6,206

Note: In the Tanakh (Hebrew Old Testament), 2 Chronicles is the last book.

In this section of Scripture, contrasts are drawn between the lives of Ahab (King of Israel) and Jehoshaphat (King of Judah). When Ahab asks Jehoshaphat to join him in battle, Jehoshaphat requests that he inquire for the word of the Lord. Ahab doesn't want to because he says the prophet "never prophecies anything good concerning me, but always evil." (18:7, NIV) The prophet proceeds to tell him that God "has declared disaster against you." (18:22, NKJV) Ahab decides to disguise himself and go into battle after all. He is wounded and dies. Jehoshaphat lives and prospers proclaiming God's rule over all the nations. (20:6)

The main code in this cluster is B. Obama (2.8)

He will illuminate their expectation from a state of chaos.
With whom is he exploring, and was Obama the father charged?

Though this code was an Obama code, in light of the cluster of crisis codes, the phrase illuminate their expectation from a state of chaos would seem to say that a state of chaos can shine a light on people's expectations, and as God kept Jehoshaphat safe in the midst of the battle, so God can keep his servants safe in the midst of the chaos of a crisis, financial or otherwise.

The following table lists the codes in this cluster.

*This cluster is dominated by the B. Obama (2.8) code, with the other codes interspersed throughout it.

Cluster Seven Obama Codes

Additional Obama codes found in Cluster Seven, but not previously published are:

Obama, Cluster Seven (A.1)

My flame, Obama, is in the Lord.

A flame can symbolize purification. This code could be from a Christian point of view.

Obama, Cluster Seven (A.4)

Thus also Obama is from the people.

This code could be from a Democratic point of view, as in a campaign slogan saying, "Obama is from the people." Or, conversely, it may be a statement from the Washington elite, as in he is from the people and is not one of us.

Obama, Cluster Seven (A.5)

The hot naïve person of might has dreamt:
Let us have something of Obama.

The hot naïve person of might is a curious phrase. It could mean that someone with power became very passionate about Obama, but had some naiveté about him or who he is. Let us have something of Obama may mean that they wanted to enjoy the spotlight with him.

Obama, Cluster Seven (A.7)

The Lord is asking about you,
shabby lofty Obama.

When we inquired of Jacobi, asking if shabby lofty was an oxymoron in the Hebrew, he noted, "Today it looks like a contradiction, but in the time of the prophets the two were fully consistent, as it is among some Indian gurus to this day."

Obama, Cluster Seven (B.1)

And he got sick and died from the water of Aram.
The people of the water wondered, studied her,
and Obama was found guilty.

Aram is a region mentioned in the Bible, somewhere between contemporary Syria and Iraq. This code seems to imply that Obama may suffer a political or personal setback because of events or decisions made about the Middle East.

Obama, Cluster Seven (B.9)

The Levite has locked B. Obama, their heart?
Who is like the exalted one, like the Lord?

The first sentence is mysterious with its reference to the Levite. The second sentence reads like a Scripture. Consider the following Scriptures:
    The LORD is high above all nations,
    His glory above the heavens.

    Who is like the LORD our God,
    Who dwells on high,

    Who humbles Himself to behold
    The things that are in the heavens and in the earth? (Psalm 113:4-6, NKJV)

Obama, Cluster Seven (B.10)

The gift of my fire is Obama.

As we had the word flame in Obama, Cluster Seven (A.1), here we have the word fire. The gift of my fire may refer to a gift of purification, or the word fire in this case could mean something different, as fire can be a destructive force. The meaning of this code would depend on its point of view, which is not explained in the code.

Cluster Eight

2 Chronicles 26:7-32:15; Numbers Span: 1,177,721-1,188,129; Number of Letters: 10,408

In Scripture, it is repeatedly illustrated that belief in God, seeking after God, and doing what is pleasing to God brings about God's blessing. In this section, the various king's lives are clearly defined as either following after God and being blessed, or being unfaithful and paying the consequences.

Uzziah's pride is punished when he is stricken with leprosy. (26:19) Ahaz "became increasingly unfaithful to the Lord" (28:22, NKJV), and dies, but Hezekiah "did what was good and right and true before the Lord his God" and is blessed. (31:20-21, NKJV)

Given the cluster of Obama and Crisis codes, with its context describing the successes and failures of the various kings, can we then consider the context of the codes as a call to Barack Obama to lead our country in a manner pleasing to God?

In this cluster, the Global Crisis codes dominate, with the other codes interspersed throughout.

The following table lists the codes in this cluster.

Cluster Eight Obama Codes

Additional Obama codes found in Cluster Eight, but not previously published are:

Disclaimer: Some of the following codes are quite negative regarding Obama. We would remind our readers that BCD reports what we observe in the codes. We are not responsible for the content of the codes found. In our opinion, codes typically express well-known opinions or different points of view, which may or may not have a basis in fact.

Obama, Cluster Eight (A.1)

Let Obama's knowledge end
like the city of moth and salt.

Jacobi notes, "In my opinion, the code may reflect the difficulties Obama has right now about moving from style to substance."

Obama, Cluster Eight (A.2)

You see that Obama has moved from there.
It is time that he dies.

We found this code quite disturbing at first. Then we realized that we were making an assumption that it was some sort of a threat. It may refer to a very elderly Obama at death's door, such as Barack Obama's father.

Obama, Cluster Eight (A.4)

For Obama is at your side.

This code might be from a Democratic point of view, such as a reference to Obama coming alongside Americans with his health care plan.

Obama, Cluster Eight (A.5)

Watch Obama threshing, and God is in her,
and they are from them and like them.
The Lord God is rushing. Where is the cell they were wishing for me?
And the sea of those weakening the heart of the blood sect
will wish for woes. Their sword is exhausted.

This 72-letter code utilizes words like cell, blood sect, and sword. It could be referring to the wars and rumors of wars in the Middle East, or of terrorist activity throughout the world.

Obama, Cluster Eight (A.6)

Reign in me, and outline your bravery in B. Obama.

This codes reads like a prayer to the Lord to reign in me, and to instill your bravery in B. Obama, perhaps with a view to doing the right thing in God's eyes.

Obama, Cluster Eight (A.9)

Obama, strike my set and the hand of my life for her.
And is this one of them the heir of God's hand?

The heir of God's hand may refer to Jesus or to a believer.
    The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God, and if children, then heirs—heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ, if indeed we suffer with Him, that we may also be glorified together. (Romans 8:16-17, NKJV)

Obama, Cluster Eight (A.10)

My friend the flame of the congregation
that was Obama.

Again we find the word flame in one of these codes. Normally, we would conjecture that a phrase like my friend the flame of the congregation would refer to the Holy Spirit, but in this code, it seems to refer to Obama. It may be from his proponent's point of view. They may be referring to him as the flame or the one who ignites their excitement or passion in the political arena, the one they can rally around.

Obama, Cluster Eight (B.4)

His heart is some handle. God's gift is a stage dreamt
by Obama's monument, the monument of his glory
with the sea as his mark.

This 41-letter long code might be saying that a monument will be built regarding some accomplishment Obama makes at sea during his administration. In the Bible, the sea often symbolizes masses of people.

Obama, Cluster Eight (B.6)

Walk away from fire with the Lord
in Obama's groan.

This code would seem to be a warning to walk away from fire or something destructive. Obama's groan would be an expression of pain, grief, or disapproval.

Obama, Cluster Eight (B.8)

The exalted one will illuminate over there.
Be mine and let Obama be mine.

Obama was frequently called "the one" during his campaign. This code might be from the point of view of someone who wanted Obama to be elected, or this code could be from the point of view of Satan, saying God or Jesus is the exalted one, and asking for Obama to be his, much like Satan's request to God to be allowed to torment Job.

Obama, Cluster Eight (B.10)

Obama is the grave for the sheep,
and let it be the backing of the scoundrel.

The term sheep could refer to either Israel or to Christians. Let it be the backing of the scoundrel might mean someone unscrupulous is backing Obama's rise to power. Regardless of the interpretation, this appears to be a very dark code.

Cluster Nine

2 Chronicles 35:6-35:23; Numbers Span: 1,193,801-1,195,085; Number of Letters: 1,284

In Josiah's life, he had success and God's blessing in his early years, but become proud later on. In this context, Josiah instructs the Levites to slaughter the animals for Passover. No Passover like that had been kept in Israel since the days of Samuel. Josiah decided to go against Necho, King of Egypt, and is wounded and dies. Again this passage seems like a warning, an admonition on how to avoid catastrophe: Obey God; seek God; worship God. When you don't, punishment and death comes. When you do, God blesses you.

The following table lists the codes in this cluster.

Global Crisis (2b) bookends this cluster with the other codes appearing in between. Here is the order of the codes in this cluster. B. Obama (2.9) passes through the cluster twice.

Cluster Nine Obama Codes

Additional Obama codes found in Cluster Nine, but not previously published are:

Obama, Cluster Nine (A.2)

Obama hesitated, he appeared
elegantly but weak.

It is generally accepted that Obama is elegant in his public speaking skills and appearance. In fact, if you type the words Obama and elegant into Google, you will come up with 2,850,000 results. In contrast, if you type in Obama and weak, you will come up with 6,210,000 results. This combination of elegance and weakness or ineffectiveness is echoed in this code and would be from the point of view of a detractor of Obama's.

Obama, Cluster Nine (A.3)

Watch the defect in Obama!

This code also has a negative point of view and reads like a warning.

Obama, Cluster Nine (A.4)

And during the night you hallucinated, Obama.

In this code, night could be literal or it might mean a dark, difficult time. This code could be from the point of view of someone disagreeing with Obama's point of view on something, or it could mean that he suffered a literal hallucination, actually seeing something that was not there.

Obama, Cluster Nine (A.9)

Give me what is his inside him,
as wondered the brother and master.
This Obama was consoled in her.
Draw mercy from my death, and provide for us.

This code may be describing people wanting access to health care and prescription medications that do not have access to them. Give me what is his inside him might be a reference to someone wanting a particular type of prescription medication that someone else has access to. Draw mercy from my death, and provide for us could be describing a plea for access to health care in general.

Obama, Cluster Nine (B.3)

His day is in you, Obama,
and it is time for her mouth.

This code may be referring to other people in Obama's administration. Her mouth might be referring to someone who will be a voice for Obama, such as Hillary Rodham Clinton is as Secretary of State, or Nancy Pelosi is as the Democratic Speaker of the House.

Concluding Remarks

These three clusters all reside in 2 Chronicles, and the content of the Scriptures outlines the lives of the various kings of Israel and Judah and whether or not they followed after God or allowed pride and rebelliousness to dictate their actions.

Regarding all three Crisis Clusters articles, we find it striking that in examining the nine clusters, the overall message of the context is unmistakable and falls into three categories:
    Crisis Clusters I: Serve God, not yourself or any false idol (especially gold, i.e., money).
    Crisis Clusters II: Everything has its time and God is sovereign over all.
    Crisis Clusters III: The success and failure of leadership depends on whether they follow after God or rely on their own pride and devices.

As a possible tool for dealing with the economic crisis, we would encourage our readers to consider meditating on these three messages. Regarding the third point, consider that this is true for everyone, not just for those in leadership.

Scripture References

Scripture quotations marked "NKJV"TM are taken from the New King James Version®. Copyright ©1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

Scripture quotations marked "NIV" are taken from the HOLY BIBLE, NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION®. NIV® Copyright ©1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society. Used by permission of Zondervan. All rights reserved.

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