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The 187-Letter-Long Mel Gibson Code
Echoes Current Headlines

Gibson in the Headlines

Mel Gibson is again in the news following the release of an unsubstantiated recording made by Oksana Grigorieva, his estranged girlfriend and mother of his 8-month-old daughter. In the midst of a custody battle over their daughter, Grigorieva has accused Gibson of domestic abuse, and it is believed that this recording may play a role in the legal battle.

The alleged recording of Gibson paints the picture of an angry, violent, foul-mouthed, racist, misogynistic man. Gibson has a documented history of problems with drinking. In 1984, he rear-ended a car in Toronto, while intoxicated, and in 2006, while being arrested for drunk driving, he made anti-Semitic remarks.

Gibson has admitted that he started drinking at the age of 13 and is an alcoholic. He went through a recovery program following the 2006 incident, and twice he has had his driver's license suspended or restricted. He has also stated that he suffers from manic-depression (bi-polar disorder).

Gibson in the Codes

In the April/May 2004 Digest, Moshe Aharon Shak presented a 147-letter-long code about Mel Gibson. Further research led to looking at wrapped extensions resulting in an extended 187-letter code. This code, on our Top 10 list of longest codes, was controversial at the time, but given recent events may take on new meaning.
    The ones that made me, the mob, was blackened by me (one hundred are his Gods). The one who fixed outside, tell it right! Please cut off 60! Comes an honest, a wholehearted person to Gibson: "Guilty one! Are the nation and God a joke? Does a heap of ruins a place to permanently place water? No!" (That is) His line! It is their anger! The story of creation the guilty one will negate! He placed permanently, and he insulted from a record. Ah, you are in a heap of ruins. It is a beautiful hotel that is a heap of ruins (that is Kosher). Hashem: "Mel is rotten." It has to be said, "God is one." My God! Hashem is the one that kills. He killed; or, another interpretation: "because Hashem is God."

    Alert, he felt in me something horrible. A rounded end . . . what is in the rest of him? And he inherited film (cinema). In him is their anger, at the time he loved me.

In the 147-letter-long code article, Shak discussed this code in light of Gibson's anti-Semitic remarks and his making of the 2004 film The Passion of the Christ.

Taking a fresh look at the 187-letter code, some of the phrases may refer to recent events.

Gibson's alleged racial remarks may be attacking the very people that have made him a success: the ones that made me. And his attacks injure them: the mob, was blackened by me.

Comes an honest, a wholehearted person to Gibson: "Guilty one! Are the nation and God a joke?" This portion of the code may express the indictment of Gibson in the arena of public opinion, and raise questions about his faith in light of his behavior and remarks.

This portion, he insulted from a record, may be a very apt description of his insults being preserved in a recording.

Ah, you are in a heap of ruins, and Mel is rotten, parallels the negative media attention and echoes whether Gibson's career will be ruined by this alleged display of his faults and abusive behavior. Will these allegations, true or not, ruin his career and make him anathema in Hollywood?

If indeed the recording is legitimate, and given the damning nature of the recording, a concern is what else he might say that would be recorded? He has had a very successful career in film, but will these incidents enrage his audience such that any future projects he would be involved in would fail? And though he is known for his professionalism on the set, will studios, directors, producers, and actors want to work with him? Will he be bankable as an actor and director? These thoughts are expressed in the final portion of the extended code: . . . what is in the rest of him? And he inherited film (cinema). In him is their anger . . .

We featured the lengthiest Gibson code in this article. To read more about this and other Mel Gibson codes, visit our Mel Gibson Articles (links page).

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