Drosnin's Third Book:
When Will He Ever Learn?

If a random guy came up to you on the street and asked you for $20, claiming that he was on-line with the encoder of the Bible code and that using the code could save the world from certain annihilation, you'd keep on walking. But, if a publisher wraps it up in a dust jacket with Michael Drosnin's name on it, it could hit the New York Times bestseller list. Frightening, isn't it?

Many people have awaited Drosnin's third book with anticipation, but Bible Codes III: Saving the World does nothing to advance the science of researching Bible codes. It is just more of the same—statistically insignificant short word findings in matrices with the author presuming that they mean something when taken as a whole.

We must acknowledge that his first book brought the subject of Bible codes to the general public's awareness, but at the same time, his shoddy science and sensationalism of the subject have rendered it a mockery to many people.

The general thrust of this book is that we will inevitably face World War III, unless we believe the Bible code and use it to ferret out terrorists and weapons of mass destruction before they are used.

Drosnin's politics are blatant. He is anti-Bush and pro-Obama. With statements like Obama was elected "in the aftermath of the collapse of the Bush Presidency,"1 and Barack Obama was destined to be president,2 he can prevent nuclear terror,3 and can save the world by conducting a "just war" and preventing Armageddon,4 he touts a somewhat hawkish, twisted liberal agenda.

Repeatedly, he contradicts himself by saying he's just a reporter, telling us what he found, and then calls himself a "reluctant fortune-teller,"5 and launches off onto the value of predictions, with moments of vivid, sensational imaginings of the nuclear destruction of major cities and World War III.6 Oddly, he claims to have no belief in God, but absolute belief in the Bible code and that we are in the End of Days.7

Drosnin describes his meetings with many generals and high ranking officials and scientists (U.S. and Israeli) about the codes he has found.8 His musings about these meetings and meeting with the officials of the U.S. "invisible government"9 verge on megalomania.

In addition, he lists matrices regarding the global economic crisis,10 and matrices covering the people and natural disasters in the news.11 These include Saddam Hussein, Benazir Bhutto's assassination, the 2004 Asian tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, the earthquake in Haiti, the eruption of the volcano in Iceland, the Gulf oil spill, climate change, Al Gore, the war in Afghanistan, and terrorist attacks in the New York (9/11), Madrid, London, and Bombay.

Drosnin's typical matrix consists of a single, very unimpressive ELS that is five to eight letters long (short enough that odds are very good it will pop up somewhere in the Bible at some skip), and a portion of literal text (that is not a code, even though he presents it as if it is one). And maybe there is one more very short ELS floating somewhere nearby. How trivial! How unworthy of publication.

The longest code listed in the book at 18 letters is a code attributed to Professor Eliyahu Rips.12 Drosnin claims an ongoing relationship with Rips, and describes their meetings and conversations. This surprises us given Rips's public statement regarding Drosnin's first book.

Claiming he has pinpointed the location in Yemen where Al Queda will stage a nuclear attack on Israel and the U.S., and that the Israelis have confirmed this location as an Al Queda base, Drosnin does not publish the matrix or location, stating it "would help the terrorists."13

Saving the world? Someone needs to save Drosnin from himself.


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