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Born in 1946 in New York City, Michael Drosnin is an American journalist and author. He has worked for the Washington Post (1966-1968) and the Wall Street Journal (1969-1970). His first venture as an author was a biography on Howard Hughes called Citizen Hughes (1985). His first two Bible code books hit bestseller status. After repeated delays in being published and a name change from Bible Code III: The Quest to Bible Code III: Saving the World, his third Bible code book hit the market in October 2010.

The Bible Code (1997)

Most people first heard about Bible codes because of Drosnin's book. Although it is deeply flawed, it is almost a requirement for anyone interested in Bible codes.

After reading The Bible Code, BCD's Director Ed Sherman set out to disprove the codes, only to be astonished by what he found. In Bible Code Bombshell, Sherman examines two massive clusters of codes and discusses the trivial nature of the code matrices that Drosnin presents.

In the article What Sets BCD Apart, BCD examines some key matrices in The Bible Code for lengthy extensions and demonstrates the difference between Drosnin's matrices and the work that BCD does with lengthy ELSs.

Bible Code II: The Countdown (2002)

The second Drosnin book starts with 9/11 and counts down to Armageddon. Do we really have only years to survive?

Read reviews of Bible Code II written by our Director, Ed Sherman, and our former Editor, Dave Swaney.

  • "New Michael Drosnin Book Likely to Revive Code Controversy" by R. Edwin Sherman.
  • "Another Point of Review on Bible Code II: The Countdown" By Dave Swaney.

Bible Code III: Saving the World (2010)

The long-awaited third Bible code book by Drosnin is finally available. Will Obama be assassinated or save the world from certain nuclear annihilation? These are some of the questions Drosnin claims can be answered in the Bible codes.

Read BCD's review of Bible Code III, Drosnin's Third Book: When Will He Ever Learn?.

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