Libya and Egypt
in Ezekiel 29 and 30

After searching for Egypt and Mubarak in Isaiah 19 (see Hosni Mubarak: A Skeleton? A Scared Turtle?, we decided to run five searches each for Egypt, Mubarak, Libya and Gaddafi first in Ezekiel 30, and then to expand to another five searches in Ezekiel 29. These chapters were selected because they specifically describe God's proclamation against Egypt and the surrounding region, which includes Libya. Of the 40 searches we conducted, 16 resulted in lengthy extensions. Those 16 range in length from 14 to 35 letters long.

Libya and Gaddafi

In the February 2002 digest, we introduced a 53-letter-long code, which was the longest code discovered at that point in time.

The island was restful, elevated, and it happened.
Where is Libya? And you have disrupted the nation.
She changed a word, he answered them with combat.
Why the navy and the smell of the bottom of the sea?

We were not looking for the word Libya when we turned up this ELS. Actually, the word we began our search with was combat.

We also noted at that time that the transliteration into English and Hebrew of Gaddafi was a dilemma.
    . . . transliterating Gadhafi’s name into English is very comparable to the difficulty of transliterating English names into Hebrew. Apparently, Qadhafi, Qaddafi, Khadafy, Qhadafi, al-Qaddafi and Gadhafi are all in use, as well as Muammar, Moammer, Mu’ammer and others. But the American media seems to prefer Moammar Gadhafi, so we’ll go with that. The whole issue is a great parallel to show how arbitrary Hebrew renderings of English names can be.

Today the media continues to use a variety of spellings. For this current article, we settled on Gaddafi.


Because Libya in only three letters long in Hebrew, we looked for all 10 searches of Libya in a single verse, Ezekiel 30:5, where Libya is mentioned literally.
    Cush and Put, Lydia and all Arabia, Libya and the people of the covenant land will fall by the sword along with Egypt. (NIV)

Out of the 10 searches, the result was six lengthy codes, and a 60% return rate.

Libya (1)
When is he at home?
The shadow from God is
for the speaker and for Libya.

If the he in this code refers to Gaddafi, then this code might refer to those who wanted him removed from power. The shadow from God may refer to God's protection for the coalition forces, and for the speaker and for Libya may be the rallying cry.

All three letters of Libya in this code are found in Ezekiel 30:5 at a skip of 5.

Libya (3)
The sea is the mouth of Libya,
the sea and the glory of the secret
that came from the unknown.

Libya lies on the Mediterranean Sea between Egypt on the east and Algeria and Tunisia on the West. Chad and Niger are to the south, with the Sudan to the southeast. This code may refer to < href="" Target="_blank">Libya's extensive coastline, 1,100 miles, which is the longest of any African nation bordering the Mediterranean.
Libya is primarily an oil producing nation. Libya's Bouri Field "is considered the largest producing oilfield in the Mediterranean."
The glory of the secret may refer to the offshore oil deposits.

This code touches down in Ezekiel 30:4-5 at a skip of -24.
    A sword will come against Egypt, and anguish will come upon Cush. When the slain fall in Egypt, her wealth will be carried away and her foundations torn down.

    Cush and Put, Lydia and all Arabia, Libya and the people of the covenant land will fall by the sword along with Egypt. (NIV)

Libya (7)
Libya, the breast in her is dead
and the dead is alive.

This curious code sounds like a riddle. The breast could symbolize motherhood, female sexuality, or the heart of the people of Libya. This code could refer to the people losing heart and then regaining it.

Libya (8)
The surveyor has leased the woman
in you, and that in Libya.

This code may have a political slant. The surveyor might refer to any country who has its eyes on the woman, possibly Libya's wealth in oil.

Libya (9)
The cell has been lost, for the passion
as a Libya expert has turned sour.
I have had enough with everything,
provide the command of the evil island.

This lengthy 34-letter code, the second longest in this article, almost sounds like a dialogue between someone reporting to their superior about a failed mission, and the commander giving new orders.

Libya (10)
I will finish off the destruction.
Become a twosome, Libya.

This code might refer to another nation or group of nations invading and dividing up Libya into two nations, or it could refer to the civil war between the two main forces in Libya, loyalists to Gaddafi and the rebel forces.

It does not seem coincidental that several of these codes seem to have a destructive bent to them, as each touch down in Ezekiel 30:5, which says that the countries in that region will fall by the sword.
    Cush and Put, Lydia and all Arabia, Libya and the people of the covenant land will fall by the sword along with Egypt. (NIV)


Gaddafi (Ez30-1)
The arrow is discharging
due to the pillows of Gaddafi.

The pillows of Gaddafi may refer to his wealth, and the arrow is discharging to the protests against him and his regime.

This code touches down in Ezekiel 30:17, "The young men of Heliopolis and Bubastis will fall by the sword, and the cities themselves will go into captivity."

Gaddafi (Ez29-3)
My heart is evil, my echo is
in the ram's heart, know Gaddafi!

In Daniel 8:3, a ram is the symbol of Persia, which today is Iran. So this code may be a confession by a radical Islamist of the evil in his heart.

In Genesis 22:13, God provided a ram for Abraham to sacrifice instead of sacrificing his son Isaac. This code may be a prayer of contrition, I know I am evil, and the ram is taking my place. It is unclear what know Gaddafi might mean.

Gaddafi (Ez29-4)
Gaddafi's treasure,
the wind that has carried you,
has arrived high.

On March 11, 2011, e-Business Community reported that the U.S. had suspended 30 billion dollars of assets belonging to Gaddafi, his family, and the Libyan government. This "detention of foreign funds" is "the largest in American history." Gaddafi's treasure may refer to this very situation.


Egypt (Ez30-3)
If its property is a hundred,
what did the lamb bark about?
The lines of the portions of Egypt
were extinguished here.

The use of the word lamb in this code may refer to Israel. The lines of the portions of Egypt were extinguished here may refer to the recent gas pipline attack, where a pipeline that supplies gas to Israel and Jordan was blown up in northern Egypt.

This is is the longest code in this article at 35 letters long.

Egypt (Ez30-4)
Egypt, be straight in front of live God
if headed somewhere as a nation.

This code reads like an admonition from a prophet or from the LORD. Ezekiel 30 is filled with chastisements towards Egypt and the region, of which Libya is a part.

This code touches down in Ezekiel 30:9 and 18.
    On that day messengers will go out from me in ships to frighten Cush out of her complacency. Anguish will take hold of them on the day of Egypt’s doom, for it is sure to come.

    Dark will be the day at Tahpanhes when I break the yoke of Egypt; there her proud strength will come to an end. She will be covered with clouds, and her villages will go into captivity. (NIV)

Egypt (Ez30-5)
The religion that was quenched out
will ignite Egypt, and has left a destination.

This code might refer to the Exodus of the Jewish people from Egypt, or it may refer to a future event. Egypt is a Muslim country. Estimates vary as to the Christian population (6%, with other estimates of 5 to 18%), Bahai adherents (less than 2,000 people), and the Jewish population of less than 200 people. This leaves approximately 93.5% percent of the population as Muslim. (See Wikipedia Egypt: Religion and Demographics as of March 16, 2011). This code also touches down in Ezekiel 30:18. (See verse above.)

Perhaps Judaism is the religion that was quenched out, and ignition could refer to Israeli advances into Egypt during one of the previous middle eastern wars.

Egypt (Ez29-4)
Therefore he struck the wine,
stored the liquid bag,
spared his stone,
and got angry from within Egypt.

Wine may refer to the Holy Spirit or to Christ's blood, which He gave on the cross for man's salvation, or it can be a symbol of prosperity. His stone might refer to the building of a pyramid for an Egyptian ruler. This code could be describing that ruler's anger over a loss of prosperity or power. At 33 letters long, this is the third longest code in this article.


Mubarak (Ez30-1)
There is looting in her.
Oh, Lord, Lord, the revolt against
Mubarak is appropriate.

During the protests in January 2011, archaeological looting was prevalent.

As we noted in our previous article, Mubarak is known for his politically and financially. Each letter of the name Mubarak in this code is entirely in Ezekiel 30:1-16.

Mubarak (Ez29-2)
Take away your loaf of bread with Mubarak
while you are for the innocent.

This codes touches down in Ezekiel 29:13.
    Yet this is what the Sovereign LORD says: At the end of forty years I will gather the Egyptians from the nations where they were scattered. (NIV)

This verse appears in the midst of a proclamation against Egypt.

Historically, bread was the staple of the Egyptian diet. And during the time when Egypt was part of the Roman Empire Egypt supplied bread to the empire.

This code might be expressing that one should take support away from Mubarak, if one wants to show support for the innocent of Egypt.

Mubarak (Ez29-3)
I (come) from the lofty Mubarak.
His monument is in God
and his lot is finished.
How will you sum up?

The speaker here appears to be a soldier or government official who served under Mubarak's rule. His lot is finished up may be describing the end of Mubarak's lengthy reign. How will you sum up? may be asking the question, how will you sum up the effects of Mubarak's reign?

Closing Remarks

This collection of codes is compelling because of the content of the codes as well as the location of the codes in the surface text. The final verse of Ezekiel 30 reads:
    I will scatter the Egyptians among the nations and disperse them throughout the countries. Then they shall know that I am the LORD. (Ezekiel 30:26, NKJV)

Are the protests in Egypt and Mubarak's resignation a prelude to the dispersion of the Egyptian people? And since the chapter makes references to the entire area of northern Africa, does this also apply to Libya? Perhaps Egyptians are symbolic of Arabs (Muslims) in general, and the dispersion refers to the spread of Islam to all parts of the world in large numbers.

Scripture References

Scripture quotations marked "NKJV"TM are taken from the New King James Version®. Copyright ©1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

Scripture quotations marked "NIV" are taken from the HOLY BIBLE, NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION®. NIV® Copyright ©1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society. Used by permission of Zondervan. All rights reserved.

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