Gilad Shalit Released
October 18, 2011

In 2006, at the age of 19, Israeli Defense Forces soldier Gilad Shalit was captured in Gaza and taken prisoner by Hamas militants. October 18, 2011, he was released in exchange for 1,027 Palestinians.

Photo from AP on HaAretz.

In the article, The Gaza Crisis: The Israeli Soldier, Gilad Shalit, Held as a Hostage, a matrix found by researcher Moshe Aharon Shak was presented with codes such as:
  • Shalit
  • And in the year 5766 (2006), however, I shall fight.
  • Kidnapped
  • Toward Gaza he shall move.
  • The Hamas is for him and we (are).
  • A prisoner because a present to be captured.
  • Where is the national army? Carry a spade and touch my life. Extortion/oppression. And my life it will touch!

With the news of Shalit's impending release, Shak did additional searches leading to a new matrix in Genesis. He sent this matrix to BCD on October 17, 2011, the day before Shalit's release.

The code with the highest R Factor is:

From G-d Shalit will see the light (will be enlightened).

Here are the complete findings for this matrix. Also available is a 3:45 video slide show (no audio), with additional commentary, posted by Moshe Aharon Shak on YouTube.

To read more about Shalit's release in the press, visit Washington Post, L.A. Times, and HaAretz in English.

[Moshe Shak bases his matrices on strict rules as outlined in his book Bible Codes Breakthrough. He only uses statistically significant terms, and many other strict rules to minimize the chance of presenting bogus "codes." Contact Moshe at]

Moshe Aharon Shak is a frequent contributor to BCD. If you are interested in reading more articles by Shak, be sure to visit the Directory of Moshe Aharon Shak's Articles for links to his other articles posted on BCD's site.

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