New Bible Codes on Resurrection and Ascension

The following press release was sent to media on the eve of Passover and Easter:


Easter themes of resurrection and ascension appear many times in newly discovered Bible codes found in the Hebrew Old Testament, according to the on-line newsletter Bible Code Digest (

One of the codes is the longest discovered to date, an English translation of which is longer than the Pledge of Allegiance.

In the middle of this 57 letter code are two sentences, “Who is Jesus? Our master over death.”

The entire code appears in a cluster in Genesis and Exodus. It stretches from the Exodus account of Moses’ encounter with God in the burning bush to the giving of the Ten Commandments.

More than two dozen highly improbable Easter-related codes also appear in other previously announced clusters concerning Christ in three areas of the Bible -- Isaiah 53, Psalm 22 and Proverbs 15.

Given the large number of lengthy codes on this topic that appear in these passages, these equidistant letter sequences (ELSs) defy overwhelming odds against appearing by chance.

“In other words, probability analysis indicates that, for the most part, they were intentionally encoded into the original text,” said Ed Sherman, Director of Bible Code Digest.

Two of the newest codes also appear in Bible Code Digest’s 20 Longest Bible Codes Ever Discovered.

More than 2,750 ELSs concerning Jesus Christ have been discovered in the Genesis-Exodus cluster.

To date, the Isaiah 53 cluster, within a passage many scholars acknowledge to be prophetic of the Messiah, has yielded approximately 1,500 codes concerning the last days of Christ.

The Proverbs 15 Christmas cluster includes 280 codes and the Psalm 22 crucifixion cluster includes 120 codes.

The tables below present details of the new codes:

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