Republican Primary
Candidates 2012

Moshe Aharon Shak has researched the Republican primary candidates in the Bible code and has presented them in a YouTube video. We present this information to our readers with the following caveat.

Because of his belief that the Bible code carries the same validity as the Word of G-d, he presents the codes as G-d's divine revelation regarding who will be elected.

Although he claims that the search is done by established methodology guided by scientific principles, there are two critical caveats that must be understood.
  • Interpretation of the codes can be faulty.
  • Undiscovered codes can shed more light on the intent of a matrix.

BCD believes that codes present well-known viewpoints, which may or may not be true.

He does however present the codes based on the criteria from his book Bible Codes Breakthrough. Below is an edited excerpt from the video on the significance of this matrix on the candidates.

In a second video, based on a single matrix of codes that he has found, Shak explains why he believes Romney will be president. The video examines Mitt Romney in the Bible at the smallest matrix of 70 letters, and it contains his first name, last name, day, month of birth, and the term president.

Lastly, a third video focuses on codes in a single matrix about Romney vs. Obama for the presidency.

In an open letter to code researchers and skeptics, Shak encourages feedback in the form of new codes found in the matrices and on the interpretations presented in the videos (to contact Shak directly, e-mail

Photo of the four leading candidates as of January 21, 2012, top row: Mitt Romney and Ron Paul, and bottom row: Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum.

Republican Elections
for a USA President

Shak YouTube video: Republican Elections for a USA President (19.26)

Copyright © January 2012 by Moshe Aharon Shak

In order to appreciate the significance of the presentation, we must understand how difficult it is to "fix" the result of such a search. [It would be impossible to somehow "fix" or "create" all of the following circumstances in a single matrix.]

1. All the Candidates: All the original candidates are in the matrix.

2. The Methodology: All the methodology used was documented years ago in the book Bible Codes Breakthrough.

3. Proper Name Spelling: A recognized and accepted spelling was used for all the names. The most significant name was looked for first [full name], while the least significant name [first name only] was used as a last resort.

4. Strict Criteria to Eliminate Biased Name Selection: Only the first acceptable names were considered. The name had to have a positive R-value before an extension was searched to get a message. In addition, the name used had to be at its minimum skip(s) in the matrix. Selecting the skips that we want because they give what we want to see is not acceptable.

5. Each Candidate is Labeled as a Loser or Winner: All the candidates at their minimum skip appearance have a valid message about the elections. At times there are several statements that validate one another.

6. Only One Winner Is Selected: Only one clear winner is identified by the matrix. This is the reason for elections and the subject of the matrix.

7. Stunningly Accurate Descriptions: Herman Cain's terms accurately describe his dismay and fear of the accusations against him being "on stage" on TV and all other media: Herman was afraid of a stage. And the advice he received from the codes: Woe . . . Where to Herman? Obviously exit! Also . . . Jonathon woe! They sang and I made a mistake. They cheered me on and I made a mistake.

8. Fitting Terms Together: When one finds a name or a term, the extended term at the same skip can not be "fixed". We already saw accurate sentence extensions for names. Other examples are: United States and a nation . . . [of all its people—a democracy] seeks / explores and a convention [to seek out a winner] from the sign/symbol of and an elephant [the Republican Party], followed by a third word that could be the title of the video: From the sign of the elephant and who? Who from the Republican Party will be the president?

9. Confirming the Messages: In many cases the message was repeated to the candidate that the bid to win is doomed. The term president appears twice in connection to Romney, and the clues to his success repeat several times. Another suggestion by the codes that is repeated is that Romney's success is directed from above.

10. Biblical References for Confirmation: In several places the Bible repeats the idea that confirmation is required as is shown in: Deuteronomy 19:15 ". . . at the mouth of two witnesses, or at the mouth of three witnesses, shall a matter be establishment." The Bible also gives examples for us to follow:

G-d confirms his CODES by bringing "two witnesses" for confirmation.

Joseph solved many codes that appeared to him and others in dreams. Twice in a two different type of dreams (codes) Joseph understood that his brothers would bow to him. (Genesis 37:7-9) Similarly Joseph interpreted Pharaoh's two dreams about the seven bad and seven good years. (Genesis 41:25-26)

Meet Mitt the USA President 2012

Shak YouTube Video on Mitt Romney: Meet Mitt the USA President 2012 (15:04)

Copyright © February 2012 by Moshe Aharon Shak

In the YouTube video Republican Elections for a USA President in 2012, a matrix was developed to introduce all the key candidates of the Republican Party and illustrate how they will be viewed on the final day of the Republican convention on August 30, 2012. Some of the candidates that have dropped out of the race are indicated in that video. More important is that the video clearly picks Mitt Romney as the winner of the convention, and the one that Barack Obama will fear.

In the current video, the codes examine Mitt Romney, the person, with no specific time frame in mind other than his birth date. The birthdate is in the matrix only to confirm that this is the one and only Mitt Romney (that was born on a specific date).

The matrix is very small at 70 letters, contains many terms—some of which can be interpreted in more than one way. The skips of the terms are naturally very small given the terms high statistical significance. Because of the high density of the terms, many of them share letters. Therefore, terms can be combined with different terms by the virtue of sharing letters to give additional insight to the matrix subject. The actual letters used as codes, by far exceed the letters in the matrix giving the matrix an additional measure of power.

One has to follow the logic of the video to appreciate why the codes suggest that Mitt Romney is on the way to the While House, no matter what the poles are saying at this time.

Mitt Romney vs. Barack Obama
for President

Shak YouTube Video on Romney vs. Obama:
Mitt Romney vs. Barack Obama for President (28:13)

Copyright © February 2012 by Moshe Aharon Shak

This video explores the final confrontation in November 2012 for the position of U.S. president. It elaborates on the presentation in the video Meet Mitt the USA President 2012. The first video's matrix of 70 letters now becomes the center of a 484-letter matrix. The additional terms are longer and give additional information. In the second portion of the video, the 484 matrix becomes the center of a matrix ten times larger. The additional terms are much longer including a fascinating a 40-letter term. The wording is similar in content and sequence to an expression used by a famous prophet. In the video, gradually more detail is given specifying the candidate that will become the president-elect in the general timeframe of November–December. Among other features, the matrix includes terms about the winner, and several of the losers.

[Moshe Shak bases his matrices on strict rules as outlined in his book Bible Codes Breakthrough. He only uses statistically significant terms, and many other strict rules to minimize the chance of presenting bogus "codes." Contact Moshe at]

Moshe Aharon Shak is a frequent contributor to BCD. If you are interested in reading more articles by Shak, be sure to visit the Directory of Moshe Aharon Shak's Articles for links to his other articles posted on BCD's site.

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